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EPISODE 188: Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets From Dr. Manish Shah, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Denver CO, PART 2

The Best Anti-Aging Practices For Looking Younger

What are the best anti-aging practices and products? Welcome to part 1 of this 2-part episode with Dr. Manish Shah. We are talking skincare and anti-aging best practices in this interview, and I promise, you’ll learn a LOT about what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to looking your best. There’s a […] Read more…

EPISODE 186: How to Learn to LOVE Running. Bethany Thompson, Running Coach Shares How! Part Two.

Interview with Running Coach Bethany Thompson

Interview with Running Coach, Bethany Thompson In this 2-part episode, Bethany Thompson shares her journey from ‘I hate running” to “I LOVE Running”. Bethany has learned to love running so much it is now a significant part of her income- she’s become a running coach to hundreds of women and taught them how to prep […] Read more…


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)