• The Commodore Perry Estate in Austin Texas. An Experience That Must Be Repeated Regularly.

    Traveling to Austin? This is your next stop.

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    If you are traveling to Austin TX or already live in the area and are looking for a staycation spot in the Austin area, The Commodore Perry Estate has everything you’ve been looking for. My husband and I got married and spent our first hours together as a couple there and we now regularly go back to visit for long relaxing weekends. If you are researching wedding venues in Austin TX area or simply want to book a luxury hotel for a long weekend, or perhaps you are going to vacation in TX and want a unique resort hotel experience that’s not in the heart of Downtown Austin but close to it……again, The Commodore Perry Estate fits the bill! Clearly I (and my husband) am a big fan and in this post, I’ll share all the details on why I think you should book your next experience at The Commodore Perry Estate immediately. You’ll thank me later, I promise. 

    Falling in Love All Over Again at The Commodore Perry Estate

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    Picture this: You step into The Commodore Perry Estate, and suddenly, you’re not just in Austin—you’re in a whole other era.

    You’ll hear me talk about this a LOT in this post. I feel like I’m in a live version of The Great Gatsby every time I’m there. It’s the most beautiful experience.

    You will feel as if you were whisked away to a time when elegance reigned supreme and every tiny detail was a work of art. This place has a story, a history as fascinating as it is enchanting, and it’s just waiting for you to discover it.

    The backstory of this property is incredible. Back in the 1920s, when Commodore Edgar Perry and his wife Lutie decided they wanted a home that would be the envy of all of Austin, they didn’t mess around. They hired the best architects in town, C. H. Page & Brother, to bring their vision to life. The result? A breathtaking masterpiece that still takes your breath away today. 

    The Commodore Perry Estate isn’t just about fancy architecture—it’s got history. During World War II, it played a whole different role, serving as a haven for war veterans in need of some R&R. Ever since, it’s been everything from a school to a retreat center, each chapter adding a little more depth to its story.

    Fast forward to today, and The Commodore Perry Estate is still turning heads. After a loving restoration in 2017, it’s managed to hold onto its old-world charm while adding some modern flair. Think plush furnishings, gorgeous gardens, and enough Instagram-worthy spots to make your friends green with envy.

    As you wander through The Commodore Perry Estate, you can’t help but feel like you’re part of something special. From the grandeur of the Great Hall to the tranquility of the gardens, every corner tells a story. It’s a place where time stands still, where you can soak up the beauty of the past while making memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

    It’s a place where you feel time stands still and you’ll want it to. 

    Our Wedding Experience At The Commodore Perry Estate

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    I’ve mentioned that we got married in Austin– we actually had our ceremony privately, just Steve and I and our pastor of course, at the Chapel Dulcinea. My husband discovered that, he’s so amazing. Now this was all during the time of the covid-mask-wearing-no-one-can-talk-to-anyone-no-one-can-travel times. So this was November and we decided to “elope” if you will rather than wait until “covid was over”. The photos you see here though are all at The Commodore Perry Estate. It’s like every corner of every room or outdoor spot is a photogenic moment. The photo below shows the main part of the hotel, where you check in– and then our favorite suite, The Cypress Suite— where we stayed the first visit and several after (there is only one of these suites and it is not always available obviously) — it’s all the way to the left end of this photo on the 2nd floor. I have some additional shots of the balcony of that room down below as well. 

    Down below you will see the BACK patio of “The Mansion”- so this is across the street from the main hotel building above. This is where we have breakfast every day (you can have dinner, lunch, cocktails etc. at any time here.)You’ll see the views down below– it’s extraordinary and so peaceful. This is where you really get that Great Gatsby vibe, am I right? 

    Every day after breakfast Steve and I would head out and go for a long walk. It’s so nice because the hotel is nestled in these neighborhoods and you can go for a walk and be walking among other “neighbors” out walking their dogs that day. The hotel also has a SUPERIOR GYM with lots of free weights, plenty of cardio machines, weight machines, water, towels, you name it. So there is really no excuse not to stay active while you are here. Also, what’s nice is that right across the street, literally, is an HEB, so you can hop over there and grab some healthy snacks for your room as well. 

    Dining on Delicious Food at Commodore Perry

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    Words cannot describe how overwhelmingly delicious the food is here. I mean, I am serious. And I don’t mean one restaurant – I mean, this restaurant, room service and Lutie’s restaurant. Everything is DIVINE. Outstanding. Out of this world- insanely delicious. It’s crazy!! I think I had these pancakes for breakfast literally every day of every trip we were here!!! But I did order eggs on the side to make sure I got my protein in so there’s that. The cappuccinos and coffee are also superior and EVERY SINGLE BREAD PRODUCT is made on sight and straight from Jesus. I am serious. 

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    The photo below shows the hallway as you enter into the Mansion from the huge patio out back (where we had breakfast)– and behind those closed doors is the bar area and another restaurant area. See more below!

    As you walk through those beautiful doors at the end of the hallway, this the room you’ll find yourself in. One of my favorite rooms, where we have COCKTAILS! (and you’ll see behind the gated doors, that’s another eating area, I feature some photos of those lovely tables in this post as well. Great spot for breakfast with a view in Austin!

    Below is a peek at the bar area once you enter the doors at the end of the hallway. As I share at the bottom of this post, the craft cocktails are to die for here. I mean, really, just plan ahead to call an Uber wherever you are going because you’ll be in your happy place. 😉

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    "The really important things are said over Cocktails and are never done." Peter Drucker

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    Above: do I look as impatient as I think I do in this photo? That’s what happens when you know how fabulous the craft cocktails are and you have to pose for photos for your instagram husband who is your real-husband. 😉 

    (Dress by AS by DF La Femme.) 


    BELOW: This is one of the tables in the area I mentioned above, off the cocktail/lounge area. We have often been seated here when we ate breakfast insided. All of the tables in this area are topped with this vibrant bright green it’s stunning. I love it! Do you? I might add– the coffee here is stupendous. 

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    The tables in the next room over are topped with marble. So quaint. It’s all the little attention to detail everywhere that makes you feel like you are in another time. It’s not something you experience many places. 

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    Dinner at Lutie's Restaurant is a MUST DO

    We’ve had the pleasure of dining at Lutie’s restaurant every visit to The Commodore Perry and it just keeps getting better. The staff is trained in heaven I think and that’s also where they cook the food. It’s insane how perfect everything is. This video above is showing these homemade sourdough (from a starter batch that I think they shared was like 24 years old or more) english muffins that will make you weep. My husband could not speak he was so beside himself with joy. I’m not joking. You cannot not order them. 

    The dinner was exquisite. The service was perfection. The drinks were outstanding. I just can’t speak…..I can’t wait to go back. Below are some photos of the restaurant inside and the patio (where we were dining) – these photos are from Lutie’s website, please note, they are not my own. 

    Lutie's Bar Austin
    Lutie's Courtyard

    Take a look around...

    A Lobby You'll Want to Lounge In.

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    The lobby in the main hotel of The Commodore Perry is so unique. Check it out. It’s like you are visiting a combination of someone’s home and a museum of cool artifacts. And yet you want to kick back with a cocktail and have the fireplace lit (at least I do I’m always cold LOL) and just hang out and talk with friends or your loved one. It’s not a place you’ll see anywhere else again and I love that. Quite often they’ll have their own versions of happy hours or wine’o-clock as well. (Dress AS by DF La Femme Dress and Shoes by Steve Madden.)

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    Do you not love this vintage phonograph below? Yes it works and yes they’ll often be playing records on it during happy hour. It’s just all part of the vibe and you’ll be digging it. Trust me.

    This is one of the rooms (below) off the bar and restaurant area in The Mansion. How cool is this? You just feel like you’ve so stepped back in time in these rooms. So perfectly preserved. 

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    Many speak of opportunities- “When one door closes, another opens.” Bur rarely about the hallway. The transition. The in-between where you are and where you are headed. The hallway doesn’t have to be a scary, dark, endless confusion- it can be a space of massive transformation, great memories, and peace.

    True Southern Hospitality at The Commodore Perry Estate

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    I have to say one of the things I love as well about The Commodore Perry Estate is the experience of the staff and their true Southern Hospitality. They go BEYOND above and beyond (can I say that!!) to make you feel at home and like a valued and appreciated guest. Every time we’ve been here they have done such SPECIAL THINGS for us at every turn!! They put roses down all over our bed when we got married…all over the floor into the bathroom. They sent up champagne with chocolate covered strawberries. When we came back they had cards with personalized messages written out to us waiting in our suite. As you can see above– this time, they knew we were celebrating our anniversary (long story– although this trip was made actually in April, it was a reschedule of our anniversary celebration trip from November when I became sick and could not travel. They noted that in the account and knew that we were celebrating both my birthday and our anniversary). They somehow found online- a photo of our wedding day, HAD IT FRAMED and waiting for us on our bedside table when we checked in! I MEAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That almost made me cry. They really make us feel like they care about US. You don’t feel like just a number here. You feel special here and that’s huge and that is RARE. It’s extraordinary. 

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    These winding stairs are what you encounter upon entering The Mansion. The door just below the stairs is a charming restroom– photo below. Once you glide up these stairs there is a lobby and lounge area at the top for other special events and happy hours as well. See those photos down below. Are you ready to book your vacation here yet? 

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    Romance is Everywhere at Commodore Perry

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    This is the Cypress Suite Patio I talked about above. One of my favorite things in the world is being outside, on a patio or deck, in the evening or early morning with my coffee. My husband knows this about me, so when he was booking this hotel, this is why he picked this suite, because of the huge patio. The truth is, all of their rooms and suites are wonderful, but this is the one with the biggest patio. 😉 See below. 

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    This view below is looking out the window from the restaurant area in “The Mansion”.  (We are sitting at one of those green topped tables featured above) The building you are seeing is the primary hotel where you would check in. It was actually a pretty rainy bleak day when I took this photo but I loved the view. 

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    Life is much more successfully looked at through from a single window.

    It's Always Happy Hour At The Commodore Perry Estate

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    The Mansion has a fabulous bar area inside and offers an extensive list of craft cocktails and spirits. As you can see here I did my best on this occasion to match my drink to my nails. But seriously, the drinks are AMAZING. They are those kinds of drinks that taste so good you go “oh I could have 10 of these!” and then you realize you have a problem! 😉 And, because you will ask, this fabulous dress came in my most recent Front Door Fashion shipment. It’s so unique and anything in leopard print has ME written all over it! The AS by DF La Femme Dress will have you feeling like a million bucks, trust me. Treat yoself!

    Funny side note. See how I have zero jewelry on in this photo? Steve and I drove to Austin from San Antonio (duh) and left so fast I forgot to pack my perfume and all jewelry. Good Grief. 

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    What you see above is the outdoor courtyard outside the lobby area of the main hotel. It’s usually very quiet and a nice place for a glass of wine (they often have wine in the lobby around 5 or 6pm in the evenings) to chat before dinner. 

    Here I am feeling happy and joyful in the courtyard, as Steve and I sip on some wine provided to us in the lobby happy hour. Because you will ask– the dress I am wearing is by Dress the Population and (lucky you!) it’s just been marked down– snag it while you can. The Dana Dress by Dress the Population is just one of dozens of Dress the Population dresses I am obsessed with. The shoes are Steve Madden and they are no longer available (sorry) but I did find a pair of incredibly sexy high heeled sandals with a bow that would dress up this outfit just like these mules did. Interestingly – my husband noted that one of the other Dress the Population dresses we ordered for this trip- was the exact same one I’d worn a few years ago– only the last time I was wearing a size L and this time, after having lost a total of 40 LBS now, I’m wearing a size S. It sure feels amazing to feel this good in my own body after struggling for so long. If you have been struggling and want to know what I did, you can get started with my FREE Keto Kwik Start Guide where I share all my tips and best practices plus some great recipes. Of course be sure to subscribe here and tune in to the podcast- we are about to RELAUNCH the show and I’ll have a lot of great stuff coming up there you’ll want to tune in to if you want to get into your best shape ever.

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    I hope you enjoyed this post about the lovely Commodore Perry Estate and I do hope you get to book a staycation, a vacation, a wedding or any special event here soon. It’s clearly one of our favorite spots in the US. And, I highly recommend you check out Auberge Resorts the parent company. We plan to work our way through all of their properties (don’t worry, I’ll do a fantastic blog post on each trip with even more photos and video!).  I mean, if you look through all of their properties…of course you will want to visit, but then when you consider what I shared here- their attention to detail, training their staff to be so caring and on top of things, the exceptional cuisine…..the beautiful grounds in addition to every single last detail inside being addressed to make a magical experience….it’s worth investing in – you are worth a trip  and an experience like this. I can’t wait to hear about where you go first!