I’ve worked with and learned from Kelly for more than a decade. Heck, she was building blogger networks before Instagram was even invented. She is at the top of the list of people to call when I need an advisor on anything about digital marketing. From understanding the ins/outs of influencer relations to developing podcaster networks to compensation norms within the creator economy…Kelly is my most trusted source. This comes from her long history of working with influencers and being one herself. She’s exactly the kind of forward thinker that  a brand needs to grow.
Rick Wion
Digital Strategy, Content Production, Kellogg Company
"I worked with Kelly and her team on a couple campaigns while leading influencer marketing for a plant-based protein company. Working with Kelly was always a joy, and the campaigns that we worked on together always far exceeded my personal expectations and ROI for the company - helping us grow our awareness in the US by getting our products into the hands of content creators who became authentic ambassadors. Even more significant for me was her ability to deliver exceptional results while also forming the sort of working relationship that made my team and I thrive. She is kind, humble, and committed to getting results that go above and beyond."
Trevor Ellestad
Kelly Olexa has extensive experience with influencer marketing and knows first hand the best ways to find influencers, engage them to show results, and how to foster relationships that matter and last. In addition to her vast functional knowledge, she's an overall great person who is honest, and forthright in what she thinks will or won't work-- which helps expedite plans and business results. Plus, her energy and excitement in this field is contagious. I highly recommend working with Kelly for any of your influencer marketing needs.
Sarah Panus
-Influencer Marketing, Sleep Number Corp.

Working with Kelly is easily one of the best decisions I ever made. Kelly is willing to ask the hard questions and provide clear guidance to help her clients succeed. She is an an industry leader and passionate about helping others around her take their businesses to the next level. I quickly scaled my company using the advice Kelly shared with me and highly recommend working with her.

I come to you for help for your expertise on all things influencer related. You are a subject matter expert and I would always go directly to you for any questions that I have regarding influencers and what it takes to help make an influencer campaign be successful.You have such a deep knowledge base to pull from based on your past experience. You truly have done it all and are a great “generalist” when it comes to knowledge which is really helpful. You’re also a terrific sounding board to chat through things to get to the plan for the next steps. Plus your knowledge about marketing and wanting to understand who the clients audience is means that you’re able to connect the dots from both the side of the client and from your side as well, so that any campaign is strategized and executed as a “win-win” for everyone involved. Clearly understanding that we all succeed or fail together.
Stacey Finkel
CMO, Mr. Owl
Kelly is a passionate, deep thinker and roll-up-her-sleeve person who gets to know your business to provide the best program that will yield results. Always thoughtful and ready for a challenge, I highly recommend Kelly and her drive for impact.
Stephane Bardin, MBA, MPDP
Director of Emerging Markets, BumbleBee Tuna
I’ve been working with Kelly Olexa for close to 10 years professionally. She’s high energy, passionate, intelligent, creative, resourceful, competent and has the ability to wrestle large projects and lead a team. I would recommend her for anything having to do with management, communication, public relations or business.
Kelly Olexa is incredibly passionate about her clients’ businesses. She takes complete ownership of goals and objectives and has the dedication, experience, drive and creativeness to see them through to success.  Kelly doesn’t just work an opportunity, she lives it, she’s all in. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Kelly and I’ve seen very few people with the sheer will and determination to deliver results through thick and thin. If Kelly is on your side, you will win.
Working with Kelly has been a game changer. Her knowledge in the female entrepreneurial world and business space is unmatched. She has helped me think outside of the box and taught me skills to be confident, assertive and fearless in business which has enabled me to take my programs further than I imagined. Kelly is a breath of fresh air with her ability to see things like they are yet guide you in a loving way towards your goal. Her program is a game changer and I would 100% recommend to any woman who wants to step in to her confidence and grow a business!
Jenny Mire
Founder, ThinkFit Method(TM)
I hired Kelly in 2009 to join my business development team at social media marketing firm New Media Strategies, which was acquired by Meredith Corporation and became a part of Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, or MXM.  She was a success in that role -- just as she is in everything she does -- because she knows social media and influencer marketing as well as anyone.  She does not approach her work with theories that she read about or heard about at an industry conference, but instead from the lessons she has learned as one of the original social media influencers.  Kelly generates new ideas almost effortlessly, and is intensely focused on ensuring they drive results.  Kelly is absolutely the real deal, and will be a great hire for anyone looking to turbocharge their marketing efforts.
Jack Macleod
Chief Revenue Officer, Insider Higher Ed
Kelly is the person you want in your corner and on your team: she's resilient, committed to the process, and infinitely positive. For the past ten years, I have looked to Kelly for advice and inspiration as I continue my journey in fitness, entrepreneurship, and life. And you would be well advised to do the same!”
Leslie Bradshaw

Board Member @ Hyper Island

Kelly Olexa is the consummate professional and the one who mentored ME into social media marketing - even though I was the one working with her (in that category) from the corporate side. Her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience are most impressive, but I believe her trail-blazing attitude makes her stand apart from the rest. Working with Kelly is an eye-opening, unforgettable experience. The ideas never stop coming...!
Connie B.
SVP, Automotive Brand

     Kelly and I first met over a decade ago during the very early days of social media when Facebook was still for college students. Since then, she's built both successful programs for clients and successful businesses for herself and her partners. Kelly is one of the most dynamic and committed people I know. She blends her joint passion for both fitness and media in ways that are both creative and compelling. She understands how to cultivate loyal audiences and derive value from community. It's no surprise that Kelly is looked to as both an expert and innovator in her field.

David Armano
Global Strategy Director, Edelman Digital
I was introduced to Kelly in 2012 during my time with GNC to help us build & activate a strategy to connect effectively with fitness pros on social. What has transpired is a multi-year collaboration exploring the connection between big brands and creative & healthy people. As a brand manager and digital professional, it has been critical to understand how to reach this audience and then effectively and efficiently partner. In fact, it's a core competency in marketing. Thanks to Kelly's amazing connections with smart, talented people, and her keen ability to measure the pulse of digital trends, I can keep our brand promise alive and well with our customers. I would recommend her to any brand looking to build a marketing strategy around the most overlooked resource they have: influencers & brand ambassadors.
Chris James
Previously Director of Social Media for GNC
Kelly Olexa is a high energy professional with a passion for helping her clients in every way. I met Kelly many years ago when I went into the space of fitness, health and wellness, as an executive for Sears Fit Studio, a leading fitness equipment retailer in the U.S. Kelly came to the table with very bold ideas on how to engage in social media using influencers. She knew precisely how to use influencers effectively to connect with their loyal audiences and ultimately go beyond just brand awareness, but move toward conversions. I always enjoyed Kelly’s vision and her energy and dedication to getting the job done RIGHT. I am pleased to recommend Kelly to any client interested in securing a true partner who can help them take their game to the next level. Kelly is a true professional with deep expertise and experience in digital marketing, social media and influencer marketing. She’s extremely adept at helping her clients make informed and strategic decisions that will benefit their brand and drive sales.
Jennifer Dominiquini
Chief Marketing and Digital Sales Officer, BBVA
My experiences with Kelly have always been the height of professionalism, but what makes her unique is her remarkable capacity to identify her objective and execute with a no nonsense style.  She's all about results.
Dan Solomon
CEO, Digital Muscle Media
Kelly has been a constant in my life for over 15 years. During that time she never ceased to amaze me, both personally and professionally. She always excels in offering clients the highest in customer service and value. Kelly uses her skill, determination and knowledge to stay in front of new trends and techniques for digital media, within the heavily saturated segment of health and fitness. In a word, I’d say Kelly is an “authority” on what matters most when it comes to authenticity in branding and influencing end users. She is strategic as well and action oriented. I overwhelmingly recommend her creative and business savvy to meet or exceed growth goals for any business.
Kelly Gregorakis
VP Marketing, Care Angel
Kelly Olexa is a natural business strategist and relationship building sales leader in both the health/fitness and digital marketing space.  I have worked with Kelly on multiple projects and she always finds the win/win and out of the box idea that others do not see.  Her intuition is spot on in identifying how to reach people with authenticity and enthusiasm. And her execution always drives significant results, and many that are unexpected but wonderfully positive.  I look to Kelly as a critical voice of feedback in how I am approaching the market to learn and grow.
Amy Burford
General Manager, SmartCare, Syncross Technologies
Kelly was an outstanding sales director for her region at Fidelity. She was a quick learner and adapted to a very stressful situation that needed correcting and that demanded her expertise and perseverance. She had the right formula at the right time for the situation she inherited. Through her hard work and determination she immediately turned a huge client around from experiencing a bad will relationship into having a loyal and satisfied partnership, saving Fidelity's good reputation and thus advancing Fidelity's good name for further client opportunities. This was a very critical maneuver at a crucial time that needed someone of Kelly's stature and "caring" to accomplish this task. If further details or additional information about Kelly are needed, feel free to contact me - Mac McLemore - at mac@mynetstrategy.net or you may speak to me personally at 770-633-4906
Mac McLemore
Real Estate Marketing Consultant
Working with Kelly has been a game changer. Her knowledge in the female entrepreneurial world and business space is unmatched. She has helped me think outside of the box and taught me skills to be confident, assertive and fearless in business which has enabled me to take my programs further than I imagined. Kelly is a breath of fresh air with her ability to see things like they are yet guide you in a loving way towards your goal. Her program is a game changer and I would 100% recommend to any woman who wants to step in to her confidence and grow a business!
Jenny Mire
COO, Founder, Think Fit Method
I worked closely with Kelly when she was at VHT and I was at Orbitz. She was an outstanding sales and business development leader at VHT who was a consummate professional and always worked to structure the best deal and business relationship possible for all parties involved. I would highly recommend her as a key asset to any sales or business development organization looking for a talented, intelligent, enthusiastic leader who knows how to drive growth and revenue.
Brad Jaehn
Director, Management Consulting, CapTech Ventures
I met Kelly while at ConAgra Foods when she cold called my office. Kelly distinguished herself by understanding the needs of our organization and describing how her product could help us. She is talented in effortlessly establishing key contacts in large organizations and more importantly maintaining her carefully knitted network. She is not a sales person who is your best friend when making a deal. She is a professional who cares about the people she interacts with and the company she represents. This is what makes her successful and why people want to buy from her.
Susan Leigh
Corporate Human Resources Director, Conagra
Kelly Olexa is by far, one of the most exceptional business persons I know. I met Kelly in her early years at VHT, when she immediately identified a strategic business partnership with my company, Firetap. From that first meeting, I knew that this was someone I WANTED to do business with long term. Kelly makes an amazing first impression. She has the ability to walk into a crowded event and draw people to her. When you meet her, you sense her overwhelming enthusiasm for life and for her work; you realize that she is incredibly knowledgeable and intelligent, yet humble and down to earth, with an unbeatable sense of humor. I have been fortunate to work with Kelly over the years and have watched her improve and grow as a professional daily. She works tirelessly to learn more and to continually exceed her goals. If Kelly is hired to run a mile, she will run 25. Her ability to think outside the box, to see opportunity before others can even conceptualize it has worked to her advantage. Kelly will see an opportunity and attack it without fear. She has the uncanny ability to get her foot in the door at the highest level and engage top decision makers in strategic conversations. More importantly, Kelly’s genuine personality, sincerity and dedication turn those initial conversations into long-term relationships. If you are looking for the “face” of your company, Kelly Olexa is it. This is the one you want representing your company, selling and evangelizing your services or products or capabilities. She is the one you want managing your relationships, because if so, they will become more fruitful and solid than ever before. I describe Kelly as a tenacious, hardworking, driven, ambitious professional who also has unbelievable sales and business development skills. She is honest and trustworthy, knowledgeable yet coachable, vivacious, energetic and incredibly positive. I would hire Kelly in a second if I were to have the appropriate position available. And if I were fortunate enough to have her on my team, I would do whatever it takes to keep her there.
Richard Boornazian
Assistant Commissioner NJ EPA
Kelly is a vibrant, creative thinking who knows how to make lasting relationships and instantly shows what she knows in a kind an generous way. She's a pleasure to work with. I've built strategies and plans with her, watched her negotiate, and partnered with her on small events. If you have a chance to add Kelly to your team, you'd be a smart one to do so..
Liz Strauss
CEO, Genius Squared
Kelly is a rarity in today's digital marketing world. She commands an extremely popular web presence and a deep knowledge of modern media. But beyond that world, having had a long list of interactions with her, I can tell you that she also (and arguably more importantly) understands the fundamentals of business and sales. As someone who appreciates the Do-ers versus the Talkers, and having seen the amazing list of tangible creations Kelly has been a part of, I can tell you she is an extremely valuable asset to have on your team.
Len Kendall
Executive Director at GOLIN for Nintendo America
Kelly Olexa is a rare find in social media. In a space that is full with agency representatives and consultants, Kelly brings a unique perspective to her work with brands. Kelly has been blogging in the fitness space since 2007 and thus understands the medium and has thousands of personal connections. She "gets" bloggers and blogger relations. Her extensive sales and business development background colors her interactions with brands in a positive manner, as she is always interested in how social engagement will deliver sales results, not just random buzz. Kelly can design strategies and experiences for brands that make sense for their particular objectives and that drive sales. She founded FitFluential as a response to all of the brands that were asking for her social media guidance and blogger relations help. I'm a member of her Board of Advisors because I believe that her business and social acumen will help this organization succeed.

Ekaterina Walter
Marketing Innovator, Best Selling Author, International Speaker
Every once in a while you meet someone that you feel like you've known forever. Cliche, I know, but oh so true when it happens. When I first met, Kelly, I was immediately drawn into her positive, uplifting energy, and personality. Immediately felt connected and away we went! Kelly is a visionary and more than that, a doer! She helps all of us dig deeper into our passions to find the opportunities that are right in front of us! Leader, speaker, entrepreneur and facilitator of growth communities... is there anything she can't do? I don't think so. If you have the opportunity to connect with Kelly, do it! It will change your business and your life.
Dai Manuel
Lifestyle Optimization Mentor
I can't say enough positive things about Kelly. I had the opportunity of working for her at FitFluential and was quickly enamored by her extensive knowledge and work ethic. She's the type of 'boss' that you don't think exists; compassionate, positive, caring and motivating - while still providing the constructive criticism necessary to help you be the best you can be. As a CEO, she's a networking powerhouse with an unmatched ability to create and foster relationships. Her contagious energy is an added bonus to her wealth of experience. Any team or client would be lucky to have Kelly in their corner.
Lauren Fischer
Digital Marketing Strategist
Kelly is like rocket fuel for your business. Her enthusiasm, tenacity, friendly outgoing demeanor and social media know-how can help any company ignite their marketing efforts and get results through the social and new media channels. When you work with Kelly you know that you're going to get honest, clear, actionable advice without the fluff. And while she's all about business, she also uses her charisma to bring brands and organizations to life on the web in a very engaging and human way. I'd recommend Kelly for anyone who needs to kick start their business on the Web.
Morgan Brown
Director of Product Marketing, Facebook
Kelly is a genuine professional, both inside and out. She has an extremely high work ethic, is dedicated and loyal. I have seen her give 200% at everything she does. Her warm and engaging personality is contagious. Her ability to handle multiple tasks at once, combined with her natural ability to deal with clients and maintain positive relationships is a valuable asset to any company. In a sales role, Kelly has demonstrated time and again a patient tenacity that gets her in the door with national and international organizations at the executive management level and above. She has an effortless, natural ability to then develop long-term relationships with these key contacts. Quite simply, Kelly’s personality is one that people respond to, she is the type of professional that one WANTS to call back, WANTS to meet with again. This is a talent that is rare and exceedingly valuable. Kelly has an extraordinary grasp of technology and business trends, and a keen insight on how to marry the two for optimal results. She has dedicated herself to continual self-study and it shows. Her personal motto of “Aim High, Never Settle” is one that she lives daily.
Kevin Hughes
SVP Sales and Business Development, Black Knight
Kelly Olexa has it all: a remarkable personality, top-notch sales skills and a community of 53 million and counting. About three years ago I met @kellyolexa at a Social Media Club Chicago event. Since then, I’ve watched Kelly achieve one impressive milestone after another. Starting out, Kelly leveraged her personal brand into a Fortune 100 ambassadorship and became one the first popular fitness vloggers. As a social media event planner, Kelly brought speakers Mark Victor Hanson and Robert G. Allen to Social Media Club Chicago; we worked together on this project. Soon after, Gary Vaynerchuk came to Chicago at Kelly’s invitation. As a national account sales representative, Kelly attended almost every major social media marketing conference. I looked forward to meeting her there, getting her take on the content and following her work with national brands at conferences like CES and BlogWorld. Watching Kelly launch FitFluential is inspiring and is like seeing the American Dream come true. I recommend health, wellness and fitness brands tap into Kelly’s sales expertise and FitFluential’s network to build relationships that drive revenue. The social media space is crowded with people with mega connections. Kelly is one of the few that knows how to convert casual followers into a community of buyers.
Barbara Rozgonyi
Public Speaker, Author