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Does the idea of Influencer Marketing make your head spin? We've got you.

We help businesses leverage the power of influencer marketing to drive exponential growth in revenue.

It’s 2023. If you don’t have a robust influencer marketing program in place, your brand is missing out on a MASSIVE opportunity to drive new sales. Digital advertising works, but did you know that digital advertising using video/photo content from influencers typically converts 3-4x higher than traditional brand content? Think about it. Influencer Marketing has come of age and this is the time for your brand to LEVEL UP and invest in a solid influencer strategy designed to generate thousands upon thousands of new customers. Read on to learn more about the areas where we can help your company grow, like a BOSS.

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Influencer Recruiting & Management

Whether you have a brand ambassador program in place, a thriving affiliate program, or are just starting out using influencers to promote your products/services, we can help you find the best influencers. We specialize in 1) fitness/health/wellness influencers 2) Female Age 40+ influencers 3) lifestyle/foodie/home decor bloggers/influencers 4) beauty/anti-aging influencers.

Investment starts at $5500

Who it’s for:
If you’ve tried to do influencer outreach on your own, or you’ve signed up with any of the hundreds of influencer databases out there- you’ve found yourself STUCK. Brands trying to do influencer outreach are swimming in unfamiliar waters: they don’t know how to communicate with influencers, what questions to ask, what deliverables to offer, and how to negotiate payment and terms. We hear from brands all the time who complain that they’ve sent out hundreds of packages of product only to receive 2-3 postings from influencers and — no actual ROI! All of this stems from not knowing the market and how to engage effectively with influencers for an ultimate win-win-win situation. The problem with using an influencer database is – you simply get a LIST of POSSIBLE influencers and- quite often- the rates shown in these databases are highly inaccurate leading to awkward initial conversations. You are paying for step 1, when this is really a 4-5 step process. 

What’s included:
Based on your needs, our team manually reaches out to dozens of influencers who are ideal for your brand, every day. We provide you a curated list of vetted, interested parties ready to work with you. This list includes not only all the influencer profiles and reach, but their pre-negotiated rates and preferred/pitched deliverables. You can review this list, choose the influencers you like whose vibe works for your brand and whose price works for your budget. 

*Influencer Management is not included and is priced separately. Please inquire within.

Podcast Placement and PR.

We help your brand capitalize on the ever-exploding power of podcasts to build massive brand awareness and drive new sales.

Investment starts at $5500

Who it’s for:
If you’ve been listening to podcasts and reading about this exploding business category– you recognize that getting your brand AD on a diverse group of podcasts and securing an interview spot for your founder/CEO/company on a diverse group of influential podcasts is a promising business strategy. The problem? How to do that??? Engaging with podcasters is just like engaging with influencers- they are essentially influencers themselves. You need to understand their business and how to speak their language. We do. (PS. I’m a podcaster myself!) We specialize in female hosted podcasts with savvy social media marketing offers.

What’s included:
After identifying your needs, ideal target audience, and budget, we’ll begin outreach to our network of podcasters. We will secure ad placements, interviews and social media marketing pitches from podcasters for your team to consider. You’ll get a curated list of pre-vetted, interested podcasters with their show information, reach (total social reach), ad rates, social media marketing pitches and interview opportunities to review. 

*Podcaster/Ad Management is not included but is available. Priced separately. Please inquire within.

Content Marketing

We help brands leverage the power of influencer-generated-content (and even fan-generated content!) in a strategic content marketing plan designed to drive traffic to your site, and ultimately CONVERT new customers.

Investment starts at $5000

Who it’s for:
If you are a brand with a website that hasn’t been updated in years, you need a content marketing plan. If you have an affiliate program in place or are starting to work with influencers, but are not yet utilizing that dreamy content for your digital advertising purposes, let alone for an SEO-rich blog experience and for social media, you need us. 

What’s included:
First, we’ll analyze your online footprint and develop an initial blueprint/plan for what’s needed to 1) build massive brand awareness and 2) generate new customers and 3) grow revenues. Each brand is different- some will benefit from a blog, some might do well with a podcast or a YouTube channel. Everyone will benefit from a strong influencer ad focus, and influencer/affiliate content will be a primary component of any plan. Furthermore, Pinterest is a monster opportunity and worthy of significant attention. There are many ways to attack Pinterest to drive conversions for your brand and we’ll discuss the options together. We’ll work with you to design a comprehensive plan of attack and then help you launch successfully. Our goal is to teach you and your team how to manage this in-house- so most clients retain us for 90-days, then take over. We do offer ongoing management services, priced separately. 

USER GENERATED CONTENT. We can deliver for you in a big way.

When you consider that over 90% of today’s consumer rely on recommendations from PEOPLE THEY KNOW for referrals (source: Tap Influence) and that more than 84% of consumers say they TRUST peer recommendations over ALL OTHER FORMS of advertising (source: Nielsen) and that close to 80% of today’s consumers indicate that UGC (user generated content) highly impacts their online purchase decisions…..don’t you think it’s time YOU started incorporating a solid USER GENERATED CONTENT strategy? We can help. We are bloggers, influencers and YouTubers/Podcasters ourselves and linked to tens of thousands more. Whatever your brand’s niche is, we can help you with video content, photography, social media content, memes, gifs, reels, Tiktoks, you name it. Inquire today about a customized UGC package. User generated content packages are customized per client and pricing varies based on type of media and timeline in addition to length of use. 

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