How I Got This KETO Transformation: Losing 34 Inches and 25 Pounds at Age 52!

my keto transformation

Are you dreaming of a keto transformation for yourself? Are you skeptical that you can ever achieve an actual keto transformation? If you are wondering if the keto diet works, this show is going to be a huge help for you. I’m sharing my experience over the past 6 months where I lost 25lbs and 34 inches on the keto diet. Talk about a keto transformation, right?? I now consider keto to be my lifestyle, not a diet. It’s been truly a very easy thing – I enjoy what I eat and the transformation of my body at age 52 has been REMARKABLE. You see before this, I was STUCK not being able to lose weight for YEARS!! In this podcast, I share all the details about how and why I started the keto diet and the ultimate keto transformation I experienced in the last 6 months of last year. After listening to this podcast, you’ll understand why the keto diet is so perfect for women over 40 with hormonal imbalance who are experiencing problems losing weight. I hope that my keto transformation inspires you- to be honest, it inspires ME every day, it still sometimes SHOCKS me!! But, what I TRULY hope is that my keto transformation motivates you to take the first step to TRY THIS APPROACH if like me, nothing else has worked for you in the past– because I can virtually guarantee you that this can create significant change and transformation for you. Are you ready for a keto transformation now?


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