• 75 Hard Challenge: Not For Me. Why I’m going with #65MODIFIED instead!

    Why I said NO to the 75 Hard Challenge.

    A friend of mine challenged me recently to join her on the 75 Hard Challenge. I’ve heard of it and looked it up again and decided– although I was so tempted– I decided not to do the 75 Hard Challenge but to make my own close enough version – #65modified. So for those of you going for it and taking on the 75 Hard Challenge, snaps to you, but here is what I’m doing and I invite you to join my version of the 75 Hard Challenge.

    I’m excited. I was looking for a fun way to amp things up the last part of this year. I’ve had such a great whole body transformation so far with my keto results since June 1st and I’m just 9lbs away from my goal weight. I REALLY NEED TO GET BACK TO MY WORKOUT LIFE. This is the perfect thing to get me rolling again. I love challenges now- I used to think they were cheesy but I do love being on program and having the accountability with others. I invite you to join me! 

    75 Hard Challenge

    The great thing about a challenge is it gives you something to follow. Rather than just randomly showing up at the gym and saying “Hmm what will I do today” and then hopping on the same treadmill to do the same lame workout and get the same results, challenges help you get outside of your comfort zone. This is what I need and I think it’s fun and good to do challenges year-round. Let’s roll!

    Pass on 75 Hard Challenge: Yes toMy #65Modified Challenge


    So here is my “65Modified” Challenge. It’s 65 days obviously. I started on October 18th- you can start whenever you want! The focus is: 

    1) Drink More Water. I have been HORRIBLE about hydration lately and it’s been showing up in headaches. I’m no longer allowing myself to sneak diet soda during the day. So I’m down with the 75 Hard Challenge idea of a Gallon of water per day. 

    2) 1 45-60 minute workout a day, alternating between weights and cardio. 2 workouts a day for me, after having been in a reverse diet for a year with scaled back training would be a recipe for disaster. Nope. Also giving myself 1 day off a week so aiming for 6 workouts weekly. The 75 Hard Challenge is 2 workouts every day, mine is 1 workout a day for 6 days a week.

    3) EAT MEALS not snacks. And more SALADS. I really plan to focus on more salads. Salads are a lower carb way to get in some greens and I want to aim for that.

    4) Stick to my keto diet. Not gonna be a problem.

    5) Take my supplements and vitamins. I’ve been good about my ketones and my liquid collagen etc. but bad about my vitamins/supplements and I’m getting back to that. THEY ARE IMPORTANT. 6) Take a photo every day. I’m down with that. 7) Measure every week like I was.8) Read 10 pages every morning. I needed to get back to this anyway. I’m down. 9) No cheat meals…I don’t really DO cheat meals anymore but I don’t like the rule of saying no cheat meals so I’m making this a thing. In my keto lifestyle there really aren’t diet times and cheat days so this is unnecessary. 10) Fasting: adding in weekly 24 hour fasts REGULARLY and once a month doing the Pruvit 60-hour reboot. 

    That about sums it up. I’m on day 4 now and have been drinking my water every day (headaches are getting less and less!), taking my supplements 2x a day, getting my workouts in (this week will be 5 vs. 6, gotta be honest!) and I’m on point with my meals vs. snacking! Who wants to join me?

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