Here they are: My KETO DIET RESULTS 8 Weeks IN! I still can't believe the SUCCESS!

Losing weight can be an EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING process. If you’re anything like me, you have probably considered the KETO DIET but hesitated, because you wanted to see someone’s keto diet results first before YOU took the leap. As someone who has been on the keto diet for over 8 weeks, I am sharing with you my keto diet results 8 weeks in with tips to help YOU get started.

You are going to learn all about my personal keto diet experience and my keto diet results over the past 8 weeks (spoiler alert: they’ve been TRANSFORMATIONAL!!)  This post will give you all the Keto Motivation you need trust me, plus keto tips and tricks, my keto guidelines for success, and keto mistakes to avoid. 

After learning about my keto diet results, I’m certain you are going to be ready to dive in and go for it and join me on your own keto diet journey! 


How and WHY I Got Started on the KETO DIET

keto tips and tricks

I know you are excited to hear about my ultimate KETO DIET results, but let’s start at the beginning. I am currently working with a new functional medicine doctor- Dr. Ruthie Harper in Austin TX who is exceptional. I was not at all pleased with the progress my last doctor was making with me (with regards to fat loss) and so in October 2020, I hired Dr. Harper. Prior to that, in June of 2020, I hired Alex Mazzurco of Level Ten Coaching to work with me as my online trainer- because — the bottom line was– I was getting NOWHERE in my fitness journey. I was paying all this money to balance my hormones. I was working out 6x a week and dieting in a caloric deficit and I could not lose an inch. In fact, I constantly felt that I was getting bigger, more THICK around the middle. I was miserable and uncomfortable in my body. I felt broken and EMBARRASSED all the time. 

Alex put me in a REVERSE DIET. I wrote a post and did a podcast about that — you can listen read by CLICKING HERE. That reverse diet situation was the HARDEST THING I’ve done. Here I was, dying to lose weight and reach my goal and I had to 1) cut out cardio 2) scale back my working out 3) eat about 1000 more calories a day 4) accept that I was not going to lose weight for that time period. But thank you Alex because it was so good for me. It woke me up to how long I’d been never-ending dieting and overtraining. When I had my first consult with Dr. Harper, she affirmed that Alex was right and that it would be a while before we’d start to DIET. Gulp

Well, I decided (this was end of last year 2020) that I’d simply take a BREAK. 

I was about to marry the love of my life and I decided to lean into it- get married, take a break from a lot of the work things I was focused on (hello Ms. Spread Too Thin) and just enjoy the holidays.

After the new year- and after some drama in Texas (remember us getting those snowstorms? well, our apartment that we were living in at the time got flooded totally due to a water main burst…..we ended up having to move within a week, and then my mother in law passed away a week later and shortly thereafter I resigned my job due to the single most toxic boss I’ve ever had in my entire career: lots of stress. LOTS of it…..just for background.), and after settling into our new home, my doctor told me in April I was finally ready to DIET. I’ve never been so excited. Crazy right? It had been almost a full year!

I anxiously awaited her email with my macros. And then it came. I saw something about 60g of protein and 50g of carbs and I was like…….WAIT, WHAT?? I’m like “IS THIS KETO??” with a horrified look on my face.

 You see, I’ve been so insanely skeptical about keto for as long as I can remember. For the next few weeks my doc and I went back and forth about the macros and the why…..she had me read The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo which explains why women over age 40 do NOT need to have so much protein and why it can cause us to STORE FAT. (wake up call). She then sent me several podcasts to listen to talking about why extended fasting (not just intermittent fasting, this is anything past 24 hour fasting) combined with a ketosis state (which is what happens when you go past 24 hours fasting) essentially resets your fat cells (bear with me I am paraphrasing) so your body remembers how to release fat again. It’s like resetting your phone– suddenly everything works again. 
I was convinced. Kind of. The truth is I was still hesitant, and it was watching my friend Lisa’s videos on YouTube about her experience going carnivore then keto (I had watched her keto diet results and seen her lose weight over the past 9 months and wow she looks AMAZING- she’s 50 and looks smoking– watching her videos it was like hearing myself talk!!! She was what pushed me over the edge to do it.) 

The bottom line is— if you are reading this and are a female past the age of 35 and are experiencing major issues losing weight and you SUSPECT you have hormone/insulin/thyroid issues or you already know you have them— learn from my experience and my doctor and the data that’s out there that I’m referring to: The Keto Diet + Fasting (plus some extra tools I refer to below that can speed things along to a degree) is your BEST friend. Stop guessing. If I would have known years ago about this…..oh man, I would have embraced the keto diet with all I had in me. Consider this your wake up call. 

keto results before and after 30 days

Everything I did in my first 2 months on KETO DIET to get those amazing KETO DIET RESULTS

Once I decided to go for it…..I was all in. My husband was like “Baby, I say you go for it and go BIG. Don’t just share part of your journey- share it all. Start weighing yourself and share your weight from day one: so many women follow you and are watching you!!“– he was so right. I committed to doing that from my Day One “Hard Core Start Date” of June 1, 2021. I had actually started the KETO DIET the month prior but a bit more “sloppy” and I was not weighing myself nor counting macros as strictly etc After Steve and I went for our staycation in Austin over Memorial Week/Weekend, I started hard-core on June 1st. I was ready for some major keto diet results and I was determined to make it happen. 

I’m going to share with you everything I did and do– what my day looks like, what supplements I take, how I work out, what cookbooks I recommend (where I’m finding some great recipes in addition to Pinterest of course)– all the things I’m doing now and of course I’ll share my weight and measurements below too. My keto diet results have sooooo inspired me and motivated me, I’m becoming a certified KETO COACH so I can coach women and help them on their weight loss journey. Now that I know that THIS is the secret key for women aged 40+ with insulin/hormone issues who can’t lose weight, I want to be able to help as many women as possible. Having that official certification will make me feel better about being a coach and giving advice. 😉


keto mistakes

It’s really important to know what NOT to do to get great KETO DIET RESULTS. Let me share with you my best “what not to do” tips.

  • Don’t go out and buy a bunch of packaged KETO foods. In fact I’d recommend buying as few packaged KETO foods as possible in the beginning and challenge yourself to eat real organic foods.

  • Don’t think you can “just go KETO and eat all you want” — you have to count calories. YOU MUST or you could actually gain weight.

  • Don’t think you don’t need to exercise. 

  • Don’t go KETO just because you can eat cheeseburgers. If that’s your motivation, you are doing this for the wrong reason.

  • If you have not been eating “healthy” (eating a lot of fast food, eating a lot of bread, rice/pasta, cookies/candy, chips, sugar, alcohol etc. on a regular basis) prior to starting the KETO’s a wise decision to plan a 60-90 day transition where you slowly wean off some of those unhealthy foods. 

  • Don’t estimate what you eat. Weigh your food. Measure your food. Track your food. 

  • Don’t avoid tracking your body: weight, measurements, photos etc.

  • Don’t avoid vitamins and supplements, they are hugely helpful (see below.)

My Keto Diet Experience: A Typical Day in My KETO LIFE: What I Eat, How I Work Out Etc.

keto motivation

Here is how my days go in my new keto diet life. I’ll be honest. When I started I did not necessarily read any books I simply followed the macros my doctor gave me (50g carbs per day, no I do NOT do “net carbs”) and 60-70g protein per day — I do 1600 calories for the caloric deficit and thus I’m at 125g fat. I am currently starting to do a lot of reading about the science behind keto to learn more about the WHY IT WORKS so stay tuned, but for now I’m simply sharing what I’ve done and do.

I wake up each morning and have a cup of coffee. When I began I was still having my regular coffee but I have now switched to the Pruvit Keto Kreme. I have noticed that a cup of this makes me considerably more “full” than a cup of my other coffee although they are both delicious. I am a Pruvit Promoter now because my husband and I use all the products and are obsessed so you can order from me– here is the link for the Keto Kreme product (obsessed I am). If you have any questions just fill out the contact me form. After I have a cup of coffee (I used to have 2 cups of coffee each morning now I have just one)- I do some work then I have my Greens + Reds + L-Glutamine combo. (I get mine from 1st Phorm, you can also order from me because I am a walking online store). Shortly after that I have my L-Carnitine, my doctor told me to take that every day. I take a powdered version from 1st Phorm that is delish (order online) and I’d much rather do that than a pill. Then mid-morning I pull out my first serving of exogenous ketones from Pruvit

Funny thing about Pruvit. I first heard about Pruvit from my LAST functional medicine doctor probably 3-4 years ago. Back then they had 1 product and were coming out with 1 more; fruit punch. I was not impressed. Then a year and a half ago my dear friend Jenny Lynn asked me to get involved with the company from a business perspective, I politely turned her down (I’m like “I’m not keto dude!!”). Fast forward to when my doctor gives me my macros…I started researching keto people on instagram. Turns out most of the cool healthy keto kats on instagram were drinking ketones and it looked like Pruvit had really GROWN as a company. 

I reconnected with Jenny and visited with the president of the company and signed on immediately as a promoter. I gotta tell you guys– their products– from the bone broth to the keto kreme for the fat fueled coffee to the bio-identical exogenous ketones with AMAZING FLAVORS TO DIE FOR–color me obsessed. I have typically 2 servings of the NAT exogenous ketones a day and so does my husband– and he’s not doing the KETO DIET. You do not have to be on the KETO DIET to benefit from exogenous ketones. These products for SURE have a been a huge contributor to my keto diet results no question.

Once I added in 2 servings a day I noticed: 1) SIGNIFICANT decrease in appetite (which is huge for me a woman obsessed with food and eating) 2) tremendous increase in FOCUS during the work day 3) incredible increase in clean non-jittery ENERGY— whereas before I was experiencing an afternoon crash and often needed to take a 30-60 minute NAP– for real. 

I’m clearly a believer so if you’d like to test some out– I honestly believe everyone I know should do so– we have a 10-day trial pack for $99— gives you 20 servings of our top NAT flavors half of them with caffeine and half decaf so you can try them out 2 a day like I do for 10 days. I firmly believe anyone that tries them out would experience the WOW factor and be like whoa I can do this!!! — LMK if you want info and to get started. 😉

After I have my ketones, I then do my workout usually around 10am or 11am. I do cardio every other day and weights every other day. NO MORE OVERTRAINING. No more working out past one hour. NO more adding on extra workouts. I am back to using a Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer with the Sweet Sweat GOO and I love it. I wrote a blog post about that- CLICK HERE to read why I love this stuff. 

After I do my workout, I have lunch. Lunch– if you know me, is where I need the most improvement. My problem is, I am very excited about my WORK and I work from home and I have a problem pulling myself away from work to MAKE LUNCH. So I often tend to snack vs eat a meal so I’m working on that. That said, here are some lunches I’ve had– old and new:

  • Organic Grass Fed Hot Dogs on a plate with mustard and a BIT of ketchup- and I usually add (measured) white American Cheese in the middle (this is about 400 calories) I’ll have this with a can of green beans. I LOVE canned green beans. Don’t judge.

  • Lettuce with chicken or tuna salad on top– full fat mayo– amazing how much more full you get faster with full fat mayo. I often can only eat half and then eat half later

  • Trader Joe’s Buffalo Chicken Dip– sometimes yes I eat this as a meal, I measure out several servings and have with plantain chips (gotta watch the carbs even on these) or with celery or half and half)

  • Eggs and Bacon

  • Egg Life Tortilla (made with egg whites they rock) with ground beef (grass fed etc.) guac, pico, lettuce, cheddar etc.

  • Salmon on top of lettuce with green beans or another green veggie

  • Plain burger on plate with ketchup mustard and green beans (see a pattern here)

  • If I go out I will get a double Whataburger with cheese and grilled jalapenos OMG so good

Mid Afternoon I have another Pruvit exogenous ketones drink and more water. Sometimes I have some Julie’s Real Nut Butter (the thing is– I noticed that the highest carb things for me are 1) Plantain Chips and 2) Nut Butters so I very much watch it if I have had plantain chips earlier I try to avoid or really limit nut butters later that day– luckily I’m being very transparent if I have my exogenous ketones AM AND AFTERNOON I don’t deal with cravings. It’s just not an issue. But good to be aware) or BHU Foods KETO Cookie Dough. But I don’t usually snack anymore!

For Dinner– Steve and I cook and we make great stuff- he’s not keto but we make air fryer wings to die for- he loves them and they are totally keto. We make chicken gyros and he eats them with NAAN I eat them with the Egg Life wraps. We order from Tiago’s Grille and I get my favorite fish tacos– only deconstructed on LETTUCE then I wrap it up in Egg Life Wraps! Winning! We get sushi and I’ll do a tuna tower and take out all but about 1/4 cup rice. We go out to eat on the weekend and I get a tomato/burrata salad or wedge salad and I have some of his steak……I never order an entree. I’m ok with him having bread in front of me — it doesn’t bother me because my keto diet results have honestly changed my life so much– nothing can tempt me right now. Seriously. 

For alcohol — I stick with a dirty martini or dry white wine– but we also found out we can mix the Pruvit ketones with vodka or tequila or gin!! The flavors are amazing!!!!!!!!! I gotta thank my friend Michelle for that idea! When you go out to eat– it’s very easy for restaurants to make something without the bun or “deconstructed” or “keto friendly”– but also watch out for with ALCOHOL– a “skinny” drink is not necessarily “keto friendly”: I looked up a drink sweetened with agave nectar- that’s going to create an insulin response, no bueno. You won’t get keto diet results you want if you are not informed. So, let’s look at my results from day one to today. I hope this motivates YOU to get going and join me. After literally being STUCK in my weight loss journey, unable to lose weight for most of the past 4-5 years…..I’ve made more progress in the past 8 weeks than in the past decade it seems! How exciting to KNOW I’ll hit my GW before the holiday season is here!!! 


  1. 163.1 (June 1 2021)

  2. 162.0

  3. 162.5

  4. 162.4

  5. 163.1

  6. 161.3

  7. 161.5

  8. 163.1

  9. 161.7

  10. 160.7

  11. 160.0

  12. 159.5

  13. 159.4

  14. 159.5

  15. 160.0

  16. 162.0

  17. 160.1

  18. 159.4

  19. 159.2

  20. 159.3

  21. 159.7

  22. 159.0

  23. 159.1

  24. 159.3

  25. 159.5

  26. 159.4

  27. 159.3

  28. 159.5

  29. 159.8

  30. 159.0

  31. 159.9

  32. skip

  33. 159.2

  34. 159.0

  35. 158.8

  36. 158.0

  37. 158.9

  38. 158.1

  39. 157.8

  40. 156.7

  41. 156.0

  42. 156.0

  43. 156.9

  44. 158.7

  45. 157.5

  46. 157.2

  47. 157.2

  48. 157.2

  49. 157.2

  50. 155.2

  51. 155.8

  52. 155.9

  53. 156.5

  54. 155.7

  55. 155.6

  56. 154.5

  57. 153.6 July 26, 2021 

  58. As for inches I have now lost 12.75 inches! Is it just me or are these some crazy awesome KETO DIET RESULTS after just 8 weeks? So what do YOU THINK? Are you still skeptical like I was? Did this post change your mind? Can I answer any questions for you? Are you ready to join me? 

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