Interview with Dr. Travis Zigler on

I had a great time being interviewed by Dr. Travis Zigler on his podcast. I had first interviewed him on our show (click here to listen, we’ll be having him back regularly)  and then he invited me on to his show to talk about hormonal balance. CLICK HERE to read more and watch our video interview!

Interview with Eleanor Beaton on the Fierce Feminine Leadership Podcast

This was a fantastic experience being interviewed by the legendary Eleanor Beaton. CLICK HERE to listen

Chevy 2014 Corvette Stingray Biometric Test Drive.

I've worked with Chevy for several initiatives but being one of 6 individuals chosen in the country for this exclusive test-drive of the new Stingray was epic. I was the only female and this commercial ended up airing first in Times Square on the big screen. My mom loved that. 

Corning Gorilla Glass.

Being a part of the Gorilla Glass team with Leticia Barr, Juliana Dever and Beth Santos was a dream. I truly loved learning about Corning Gorilla Glass and thought their brand messaging had such LIFE applications. 

Ford Fiesta Movement.

Lenovo Insiders Group

Gary Vaynerchuk's #CRUSHIT Book Tour