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    What are my best daily habits for weight loss?

    Top 10 New Habits For Weight Loss

    Are you in the process of trying to lose weight? If you want to discover the best habits for weight loss, I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’m sharing my top 10 best daily habits for weight loss. Many of these habits for weight loss are NEW habits that I’ve incorporated over the past 11 months while losing 36 inches and 30lbs going keto. So, as you can imagine, these habits for weight loss that I’m recommending…well they work. Test them out yourself and see if these habits for weight loss work in your life as well. I believe they will. Remember, you are just ONE change away from a better tomorrow and an even better future. START NOW!

    My Top 10 New Daily Habits For Weight Loss

    These new habits for weight loss are in no particular order, but I’m going to start with one I do think is very important. 1) STOP OBSESSING over details that don’t matter. For years I like the woman in the photo above, obsessed over DUMB IRRELEVANT details….like “Does this extra tablespoon of almond milk in my coffee break my fast?”– doesn’t matter. Or “OMG my trainer said he thinks diet soda is bad…does that mean all this time I’ve been ruining my efforts because I’ve been drinking soda???”– stop worrying about EVERY DETAIL… your instinct more. Common sense quite often is a far better gauge than all the conflicting information online trust me. I still recall how one time a follower recently on instagram started somewhat arguing with me about how bad green tea was for me because of flouride in it…..because HER nutritionist said she shouldn’t take it…so therefore it must be bad for everyone. Me, 2 years ago, would have freaked out and stopped drinking green tea. Not anymore. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The STRESS you give your brain far outweighs the actual damage from most things I have learned. 2) Supplements: I am now religious about taking my vitamins and supplements. You may want to watch this video where I talk about what supplements I take daily but I have learned over time that — supplements WORK – in a big way– if you take them regularly. They are worth the money if you can budget for it and they can change your health. Don’t be stupid and think everything is “snake oil”. Nothing is a miracle in a bottle but – supplements work. 3) Exogenous Ketones: I just recorded a video review on this today, will link it up tomorrow for you but taking exogenous ketones have CHANGED MY LIFE– they have improved my energy in an astonishing manner: previously I was having to take a nap every day at 2pm like clockwork. Not anymore. Further and more importantly- they curb my appetite and quash my cravings like you cannot imagine!! My whole eating style has changed because of them. You can order ketones from me directly and I PROMISE YOU–your health and weight loss and life will be forever changed. Happy to answer questions for you as well. 4) Going Keto: Without question, I recommend the keto lifestyle for women over 40 with any kind of hormonal issues/insulin resistance like me. It’s game changing. CLICK HERE to learn more. 5) BHRT/Hormone balance: If you are 40+ and not getting bloodwork done and getting your hormones balanced, you are fighting an uphill battle my friend. Get a functional medicine doctor and start with some comprehensive blood-work at Ulta Lab Tests. Happy to help you with some recommendations. 6) Water. I know this sounds soooo typical but –  I have been SO BAD about hydration and recently I ended up with a UTI. OMG who wants one of those!?! It made me see how bad I have been about hydration. Hydration is sooo key to everything…..I’m now more focused on it than ever……with my ketones + green tea plus plain water consumption. It’s a priority! 7) No Snacking: This is a weight loss gamechanger. Ever since adding in ketones….I don’t snack, or VERY RARELY. I eat 2 meals a day that’s it and it makes it easy to stay in a reasonable calorie window. 8)  Diversity in diet: I’m guilty in the past in a big way of having zero diversity in my diet- eating the same dang thing every day for lunch– you’ll see in my new keto cookbook a TON of diversity– I’ll be updating this one soon– and I am making diversity in my meals a primary focus– the more you can vary what you eat the better, just like varying your workouts– it does a body good and keeps your palate interested as well! I truly believe one of the #1 reasons people quit diets is because of lack of diversity in what they are eating. Get creative! 9) Eating out: when Steve and I eat out, we RARELY both will order a meal. We share meals all the time– it’s crazy how huge the portion sizes are– even the side orders! Start doing this– you’ll save money too! 10) Fasting/Intermittent Fasting: I do intermittent fasting daily and just started adding 1 -2 24 hour fasts into my week. Intermittent fasting plus keto is a dream weight loss combo and it’s what I recommend for all my clients who I coach– it works, every woman I have coached who uses it has lost 25LBS or more so far. Adding in a 24 hour fast is even more beneficial for resetting your body and helping encourage it to better lose fat in the future. 



    Did you enjoy this post? I hope it was helpful. I think you might find these posts below helpful as well. VIDEO: Why you aren’t losing weight on the Keto Diet: CLICK HERE.  VIDEO: Does Keto Work For Women Over 40? CLICK HERE. What Can I Eat On KETO? CLICK HERE. Download my FREE Keto Kwik Start Guide– CLICK HERE. And while you are here, check out my BRAND NEW KETO COOKBOOK filled with 50+ low-carb recipes that helped me lose 36 inches and 30lbs!! CLICK HERE to learn more and snag a copy for just $27! 


  • Top 10 Tips For a New Puppy!

    My Best Tips For Your New Puppy!

    Tips for a New Puppy

    If you are a new puppy owner or thinking about getting a puppy, you are probably looking for helpful tips for a new puppy– and trust me, you’ll NEED them! Even though I grew up with dogs in our home, as an adult, I never raised a dog myself, I always was a cat mom. Let me just share with you that cats/kittens are 1000000000000x easier to raise than dogs. Oh wow. You don’t need any helpful kitten tips other than to buy a litter box. But for sure, you need tips for a new puppy and lots of them, believe me. I thought I was prepared for having a new puppy in the house- I wasn’t. I thought I had my expectations set– I did not. But, thanks to many friends and followers and neighbors and their recommendations, I can share a lot of helpful tips for a new puppy with YOU that will serve to make your life with a new puppy a lot more enjoyable! Read on and learn!

    Please note that a lot of these tips I’m going to share are NOT in any particular order of importance. Just know that in my experience, these are all EQUALLY EFFECTIVE, and thus, equally important, so — I’d recommend you do them all! LOL. The picture above shows a dog with a pretty light leash on and there is this thing I learned from a GREAT training lady online (You’ll want to subscribe to this channel on YouTube– CLICK HERE this woman is amazing!) that you use a “training leash” indoors. Essentially you put a long leash on your puppy indoors and then, when you need to “catch” your puppy (like to put him in the crate for bed for example) — or– catch him when he brings something god-awful in the house and won’t put it down and he wants to play hide and seek with you LOL– you can step on the leash and he won’t be able to run away. OH WOW HOW I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS!!! Our puppy was notorious for both behaviours — CLICK HERE to buy one of these training leashes– very reasonable, you can pick up several because the puppy may pee on one and then you can alternate. When we got our puppy a collar, we had heard about the air tag from Apple, so we got him the Air Tag Collar: CLICK HERE. It works! When I drop him at Doggy Day Care- my phone will notify me that I’ve “left him behind”. Very cool. On that note– DOGGY DAY CARE. If you haven’t heard of this, look it up now. Doggy Day Care is the best thing you’ve never heard of — OMG!! Dogs and Puppies LOVE IT!! It’s extremely reasonable from a cost perspective and it will tire your puppy out like you cannot imagine. When we first got our puppy– suffice it to say, my home-work life was disrupted in a HUGE WAY. Even after he was fully potty trained, we had the issue of him getting into trouble in our backyard eating sticks and sharp objects all the time……crazy!! So being able to put him in Doggy Day Care is a wonderful thing for both of us. Look up doggy day care places by you and check them out- most even offer webcam access so you can see your dog playing all day: it’s addicting! Next up is food and treats: for food we noticed that Bijan became very fond of Farmer’s Dog all natural food very quickly. We mix this with some dry kibble for each meal and he LOVES IT. For treats, my friend Michelle sent us some of these gluten free, soy free treats from Cloud Star and Bijan LOVES THEM!!! The price is fantastic too! Great flavor options as well, no wonder!! Next up are BONES — you will want to invest in some good bones because what we learned is that you do NOT want to let your puppy/dog chew on STICKS or branches from outside– that’s bad for their digestion and can ruin their teeth! The first bones we bought for him are these bad boys; CLICK HERE. The Dream Bone brand has soooo many options to choose from– your dog will love them. Then a follower of mine told me about Bully Sticks and wow I’m sooo glad I bought these: CLICK HERE. Why are the Bully Sticks so wonderful? They will keep your puppy/dog chewing on them for like 30-40 minutes!! Best yet, they are safe for their teeth! We give Bijan one of them when Steve and I want to eat dinner and not be disturbed LOL! 

    WALKS. Take your puppy for walks as much as you can. I made the mistake of not knowing this key point early on and then Bijan would have so much adrenaline at 8:30pm at night. CLICK HERE to get this dorky looking fanny pack thing– what you’ll realize is that it can be used for when you go on walks but also for when you are doing training with your puppy around the house. (Watch those YouTube videos I’m telling you, I have been able to make a lot of progress with Bijan based on what I’ve learned there it’s amazing!) Don’t laugh but I’m glad that during quarantine I bought these surgical gloves CLICK HERE BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOUR PUPPY WILL POOP A BIG POOPY MESS that trust me will not fit in the bag you have and it will get on your hands and gross you out. I make sure when I am picking up my dog’s poop it is with gloves on– judge me if you want.  CRATE: This is the Diggs crate we ordered (strongly recommend ordering from Amazon vs. Diggs directly). And this is the soft blanket we put inside: CLICK HERE. Oh and everything they say about a Snuggle Pup is true- Bijan thinks his is his best friend, you gotta get one for your dog! These are the dog tags we got customized for his collar: CLICK HERE.  And this is the dog shampoo a friend recommended and I gotta say, it really made him smell GOOD after his first shower LOL: CLICK HERE



    I hope you enjoyed this post– it’s the first time I’ve written about a more lifestyle-topic vs. a strictly health-topic focus. If you are interested in checking out some of my more recent health-focused posts- consider these: 1) The Best Makeup for Women Over 50 CLICK HERE  2) The Top 10 Keto Myths Debunked CLICK HERE 3) Healthy Gut Diet Plan CLICK HERE 4) Benefits of Magnesium for Women CLICK HERE 5) Buy my Brand New Keto Cookbook with 50+ Recipes that helped me lose 35 inches and 30lbs CLICK HERE!



  • Healthy Gut Diet Plan: The Basic Foundations For Your Healthy Gut.

    How to Implement Your Healthy Gut Diet Plan

    Healthy Gut Diet Plan

    Are you looking for a healthy gut diet plan? A lot of people are familiar with the phrase “healthy gut” but not as many people are actually doing anything about GETTING a healthy gut! And a healthy gut diet plan is really the first step in the right direction,,,it’s the foundation toward better health. If you know anything about the GUT, you know that “everything begins in the gut”. What does that mean? To paraphrase– all of our health, our wellness, our well-being, originates in our gut: it’s like the epicenter of our BODY, literally and virtually speaking. It’s up to us to make sure it is functioning the way it should be because when our gut is working and functioning properly, EVERYTHING ELSE should be working and functioning properly– same thing as when the gut is backed up or not working well. Things start to BACK UP and NOT WORK — most of our bodily functions can all be traced back to the GUT — hence why we say “it all starts with the gut. So, let’s get ourselves moving in a healthier and more fit direction by getting a healthy gut diet plan in place shall we? What does that look like?

    What is a good healthy gut diet plan anyway?

    This blog post is written from MY perspective and MY history. So– there are a lot of different ways of going about getting a healthy gut and many differing opinions. I’m going to share my experience and it is based on my history- which I think will be helpful to many of you who share a fitness fanatic type history like mine. If you, like me, have tended to. in the past– NOT be very picky about the types of foods you put in your stomach- and your primary goal was all about weight loss at all costs, you probably found yourself walking around with a stomach ache or gas and bloating A LOT. This is very common in the fitness space. Why? People are consuming a lot of protein powders, protein bars/shakes, and buying (sometimes) cheap foods for mass meal prep (again, I’m referring to my past when I used to follow the “bro diet” of 6 meals a day chicken/broccoli/rice etc.). LOTS of young people when they start to focus on weight training and dieting are NOT paying attention to QUALITY foods and QUALITY supplements– they are pouring in a lot of crap to their body and that stuff can add up. Then if your life also consists of things like antibiotics- which sadly can be very common in this day and age– antibiotics are prescribed for EVERYTHING — that affects your gut. OTC drugs– those affect your gut. (think pain meds of any kind). And then, even if you are NOT a fitness fanatic, if you are a typical American you are eating processed food of all kinds and that is destroying your gut with all kinds of chemicals! So– all of the above leads to a VERY UNHEALTHY GUT — easily. A healthy gut diet plan is designed to — very simply– counteract that. We want to remove the bad stuff and add in good stuff. 

    Healthy Gut Diet Plan: Food & Supplements

    So some of this is like DUH no brainer but yet, if it’s no brainer, why are most Americans obese and not eating this way? It’s obviously a no brainer philosophy that most people are not choosing to follow yet. So– first thing is, let’s focus on 1) cutting out as much fake/processed food as possible. Not forever! But while we heal the gut — for sure– let’s cut out the fake crap. Eat real whole foods, ideally ORGANIC– it matters. TRUST ME. That’s another blog post coming up where I’ll talk about that topic. (I used to doubt that it mattered too) 2) drink more water : hydration is key — I’m HORRIBLE at this if it makes you feel any better. I mean, I’m really bad and it’s a major goal of mine to be better at this the rest of this year. Let’s do it. 3) Add in healthy gut supplementation – let’s start with the basics: FIBER (SEE ABOVE) EVERY DAY-– I have been putting a scoop of this in our coffee every morning for 2 years (you don’t even taste it!)- then digestive enzymes and probiotics– these 3 basics for your gut are the FOUNDATION that you should be incorporating EVERY DAY. Head over to Healthy Origins website and use my code ‘kellyolexa’ to get 25% off your entire order. You’re welcome. CLICK HERE FOR THE DIGESTIVE PAGE. 

    If you think about this– it’s really SIMPLE. We treat our gut as an afterthought. We treat our gut like it’s a garbage disposal– we expect it to grind up all this junk we throw down there and it doesn’t work that way. We have to understand that our gut is CONNECTED to the rest of our body and our bodily functions- and we need to treat it like we are treating a very expensive car- like we are only going to put in the VERY BEST FUEL for that VERY EXPENSIVE CAR if we want that car to run efficiently. 

    HMMMM. That’s actually a very good analogy — we need to run at maximum capacity don’t we? Why not fuel ourselves for maximum capability? Maxes a lot of sense doesn’t it? 

    Let’s stop DUMPING crap into our gut. Let’s start re-thinking everything we put into our bodies, because we should have been doing that since the beginning. And if we start doing that now- the future US will be remarkably different than the past US. I’m certainly seeing that myself– now that I am eating COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY than I was a year ago– my body is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than it was a year ago, 5 years ago etc. I’ll never go back. Do I sometimes think about a big bagel and cream cheese? Maybe. For a second or two. But that’s about it. What I think about longer is how amazing it feels to look and FEEL this wonderful at age 53– better than I’ve looked in decades…..amazing what happens when you change your DIET.

    Disclosure: This post was sponsored by our friends at Healthy Origins, where I have been buying my supplements for 2+ years! All opinions expressed here are solely my own.