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Why You Will LOVE Vacation in Park City, UTAH.

vacation in Park City UTAH

You need a BREAK. You need a vacation. Seriously. It matters for your health! Hence, why we’ve launched FitFluential Explorer. This travel series will showcase amazing places to visit all over the U.S. and then globally – why? To encourage all of you to take more VACATIONS and more TIME OFF. You will reduce your […] Read more…

The Best Acai Protein Bowl Recipe EVER.

Best Acai Bowl Recipe

Acai Protein Bowl Recipe Once you’ve had an Acai bowl at a local juice or smoothie bar, you are likely obsessed. Me too. I mean, what can be bad about a bowl of deliciousness like that? The health benefits of the superfood acai are endless and there are so many tasty combinations of flavors…..but, oh […] Read more…

Glowbiotics Giveaway!

The Best Anti-Aging Probiotic Skincare. UPDATE: THIS GIVEAWAY EXTENDED FOR ONE DAY- I WILL CHOOSE WINNERS ON SATURDAY AUGUST 24TH AND ANNOUNCE HERE AND ON INSTAGRAM. If you are at that point in life where you KNOW you need to start taking care of your skin– because you want your skin to match how you […] Read more…