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    Are you looking for a podcast that features interviews with amazing experts and practitioners in the fitness, health, wellness and medical field? Have you been searching for information on how to balance hormones naturally or how to lose fat and keep it off, or how to address autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism)? Are you needing advice on how to manage stress better so you can improve your overall health and well-being? Do you want to discover ways to improve your cortisol levels so you can lose weight again? Do you like hearing fitness tips on weight loss from real women who have created tremendous inner and outer transformation? I bet you’d love to learn about how to cook delicious healthy meals that taste great and don’t leave you and your family feeling like you are in food jail. Am I right? What about financial freedom? Money problems are some of the top sources of STRESS and stress affects our health in a very negative manner. As such, we’ll be covering how to get financially fit- how to reduce debt and start saving money, plus how to make MORE income by moving your way UP in corporate america or better yet, starting your own business or side hustle. We’ll interview successful businesswomen of all backgrounds to share their advice so you can learn how to pursue YOUR dreams and make money in a way that works for you! How does that sound? Pretty nice right? 

    This is what we’ll be covering -and then some- on The Kelly O Show Podcast. It’s official- what was formerly FitFluential Radio is now The Kelly O Show. I’m picking up where we left off with FitFluential Radio and expanding our topic focus, yet narrowing down to serve our FEMALE audience. I truly believe #thefutureisfemale and I aim to deliver a TON of inspiring and educational content on this show to help make that happen. Tune in to this episode where I’ll explain what you can expect on this show and why you should be tuning in on the daily. Let’s ROLL!



    How to get lose weight and get fit after 40. Chris Freytag tells us how it can be done!

    Chris Freytag is the founder of Get Healthy U, a business that caters to the fitness struggles of middle-aged women and older. She has over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry and has helped hundreds of women get their health back together past their prime. She is a certified personal trainer, health coach, and group fitness instructor as well as author of seven books and dozens of fitness DVDs. Her goal is to help women understand that fitness is accessible beyond forty.
    In this episode, Chris shares her experience working with women who think they’re too old to be fit. She explains why programs that promote “quick and easy” ways are not ideal and why being patient with results matters when you’re over forty. She also describes what her fitness programs are like and what makes them unique compared to what the fitness industry is promoting today.
    “Trust the process, go for the small wins, and allow yourself to make mistakes.” Chris Freytag
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • When she first became interested in fitness.
    • The age where you can tell who’s working out and who’s not.
    • Why self-care is important if you want to take care of others.
    • Why she says motion is lotion.
    • How to set your goals realistically when you’re over 40 or 50.
    • The questions you should ask yourself to start being fit.
    • The effects of being stressed out and why it gets worse as you age.
    Key Takeaways:
    • 80% of fitness is what you put into your body.
    • The health journey as we get older is about habits.
    • Fitness is not so much about weight loss, but feeling good.
    • Don’t expect immediate results when you’re over 40.
    Resources Mentioned:
    Connect with Chris:

    About Chris Freytag

    From her online bio:
    Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, founder of Get Healthy U.
    I have been a fitness addict pretty much my whole life. At a young age, I discovered that movement made me feel good and it’s been a part of my mission for the last 25+ years to help others experience what it means to feel good, be happy and love life.
    I have also been studying nutrition and food for most of my life. I not only believe but know that what you eat affects your physical and mental health.
    I’m mildly obsessed with sharing all I know with you and want to help you get healthy and feel beautiful each and every day. To me, this means taking care of yourself for your long-term health, not to fit into a certain dress size or live up to an ideal painted for us by the media. And by the way, there is no such thing as a “perfect” body anyway.
    What qualifies me to help you?
    ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    ACE Certified Health Coach
    ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
    YogaFit Certified
    Pilates Trained Mat and Reformer
    ACE Board of Directors – Emeritus Member
    Board of Visitors, J-School, Mass Communications, UW-Madison
    Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from University of Wisconsin
    Author of 7 books and dozens of fitness DVDs
    But even more important than all that stuff I can put on the wall, a TV reel or bookshelf?
    I’m a realist. I believe you can transform your body and mind… and look incredible at any age. But I’ll never blow smoke and promise you “six pack abs in 10 days” or “A J-Lo butt by June.”
    Being in my 50s, I do know the struggles of fighting against nature. I don’t love the grey hairs, wrinkles and aging skin, but I love and appreciate my body more now than in the past. I am okay with my imperfections and feel good about who I am. I am aware of my strengths and accepting of my weaknesses, and I am always willing to work on them. Age makes people more attractive in so many ways because of how they have developed on the inside and less of what’s on the outside. And I’m here to help you feel great in your own skin and live your most fit life.
    I also know the struggles of limited time. I have three kids, now grown, but when they were little, it wasn’t easy to stay in shape. After spending a couple of decades racing through each day to meet the demands of raising a family, holding down a job and dealing with all of the emotions and energy needed to parent, I am committed helping women of all ages manage their health while reigning in the chaos and dealing with the stress of everyday life.
    I truly understand it’s not always an easy choice, and I love, love, love helping people find a way to make that choice a habitual and natural one.”

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  • Got Kids? Want to FEEL Great and LOOK Outstanding? It is Achievable Gina Aliotti Talks Getting Fit at Home with Your Kids!

    How Moms Can Lose Weight AND Get Fit, Working Out From Home With Minimal Equipment. Gina Aliotti Shares HOW!

    Gina Aliotti is a multi-awarded professional bodybuilder and competitor and is the co-founder of Devotion Nutrition, a company that helps people stay devoted to their fitness lifestyle through high-quality food products and supplements. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and a marathon runner. In between her work as a personal trainer and a business owner, Gina spends her free time with her husband and two children while practicing self-care.
    In this episode, Gina focuses on the subject of getting fit despite a busy lifestyle. She discusses the many ways fitness has elevated the non-fitness aspect of her life and how it enabled her to make smarter and healthier choices. She shares tips on how to incorporate fitness into a busy schedule and explains why consistency trumps intensity no matter what.
    “Fitness does not take much, but what it does take is consistency.” – Gina Aliotti
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • How she became interested in fitness.
    • Her professional career and how it improved other parts of her life.
    • Why being too busy is no longer an excuse to not be fit.
    • The importance of the mental side of fitness?
    • What can being accountable do for you from a fitness viewpoint?
    • The common misunderstandings about getting fit
    • Knowing when fitness becomes a lifestyle.
    • Tips on how to make more time for fitness.
    • Why being part of a fitness community is a must.
    Key Takeaways:
    • You can improve your fitness greatly, even if you start with just five minutes a day.
    • Consistency in fitness over time is what’s going to give you the most incredible results.
    • Learn what your “why” is – what will keep you going – because it makes you feel good.
    Connect with Gina:

    About Gina Aliotti

    From her online bio:
    Gina Aliotti was born and raised in Monterey, Ca, now living in Carlsbad, Ca with her beautiful children David and Nicolette and incredible husband, Michael. She is a renowned fitness and lifestyle expert whose life mission is to inspire and teach others how to stay devoted to living a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way. With ALL NO GYM home workouts, Gina has proven it doesn’t take much and it sure doesn’t require a gym to reach your goals and be in the best shape of your life.
    Gina received her BS in Foods and Nutrition from SDSU. While most of her classmates were going to college parties, Gina was taking the fitness industry by storm. Earning her IFBB pro-card in 2005 and quickly became one of the world’s top figure competitors, winning many titles including Miss Figure International at the prestigious Arnold Classic and being runner up at the Figure Olympia 3 years in a row. Gina is also a certified Personal Trainer, certified Crossfit Instructor, certified Yoga Instructor, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and a marathon runner.
    Throughout her tremendous success, Gina found that her true passion is in helping others reach their fitness goals and simplify their approach. She believes that her most important qualifications are her ability to listen to others and empathize with their unique challenges. She believes that we all wake up with a choice to live in vibration with our purpose or go against it. Gina loves helping others discover their purpose and wake up inspired and ready to keep digging deep.
    As a busy full time working mom of two, Gina has been able to maintain consistency with her fitness by being flexible and utilizing the tools she calls “the foundation” for long term success! Gina teaches these foundational principles in her 101 coaching, online fitness plans, G-FIT APP and her social media platforms.
    It is her proven ability to inspire and create permanent lifestyle changes through a less is more, flexible and inside out approach. Through Gina’s plans, she is able to help thousands of people, all over the world, learn how to dig deep within themselves and create a fit, happy and healthy life with NO GYM Necessary!”

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