Is it ok to work out when you have adrenal fatigue?

One of the top questions I get on a regular basis is around working out when you have adrenal fatigue or cortisol issues. Understandably, women who suffer from adrenal fatigue wonder if they should avoid working out because they’ve been told or they’ve read that working out will make your adrenal fatigue worse. Some women go the other extreme: they have adrenal fatigue or suspect they have it and they go balls to the wall with working out and they DO end up worse. The key is- none of us is the same and each of our experiences in working out with adrenal fatigue will vary. 
I talk on this show from personal experience about the mistakes I’ve made in the past- the bad advice I’ve followed (and wished I hadn’t) and the good advice I follow now- and how I’ve learned to listen to my gut and become self-aware– that’s key in managing your hormones and sticking to your fitness game even when you have adrenal issues. 


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