Yes, you can eat chocolate every day and not blow your diet.

Today’s interview is with Bonnie, mother of 5 and founder of the DELICIOUS (and crazy clean) chocolate treats, Blissfully Better (trust me they are). I asked her on the show when I read the story of how she developed this product line- because her daughter developed pre-diabetes at a very young age: something that’s becoming more common these days.
In this 2 part interview, you’ll learn about much more than just her fantastic chocolate bars. You’ll learn why it’s so important to read labels on food- for YOURSELF and for your kids’ health. Be sure to tune in to part 2 when you are finished here. CLICK HERE to listen to part 2.

About Bonnie Boroian

Bonnie Boroian is the founder and CEO of Blissfully Better LLC, an innovative confections company that supplies organic, high nutrient, confections sweetened only with coconut nectar. Her line of USDA organic Thins include toffees and caramels made with dairy from grass-fed cows , and two vegan varieties; coconut, and mint. They are all enrobed with Italian 72% dark chocolate made exclusively for Blissfully Better, the taste is super premium and delicious. Prior to forming Blissfully Better, Bonnie was a professional dancer on Broadway, a certified yoga instructor, and an actress who appeared in movies and television commercials. She is also a proud mother of five children, many of whom competed nationally in various athletics, which provided much of her inspiration to create great tasting and high nutrient sweets that did not spike blood sugar levels – and provide sustainable energy and endurance. Bonnie serves on the leadership board at Place of Hope’s Rinker campus and is passionate about serving the children and young adults who call Place of Hope home. Favorite activities are spending time with family, playing with her granddaughter, and practicing yoga daily.

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