Leanne Vogel is a passionate nutrition and food blogger who learned how to lose weight with keto and started writing programs, recipes, and books around it. She is also a nutrition educator who offers a friendly approach to the often misunderstood fat-fueled lifestyle. Before this, Leanne was always searching for the right kind of diet: a vegan who switched to Paleo who then settled in with the ketogenic diet. She also credits her issue with amenorrhea as to why she decided to not just try the ketogenic diet, but stay with it.


Today, Leanne talks about how she transitioned and settled with the ketogenic lifestyle, her book, and her opinion on diet and lifestyle elitism in the fitness world.


“If what you’re doing isn’t working, change it.” Leanne Vogel


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Her life before she found the ketogenic diet.
  • How amenorrhea affected her health and fitness routines.
  • Leanne’s ADHD was dramatically improved with the Keto Diet.
  • Her opinion on being elitist around a specific lifestyle today versus a few year ago.
  • How would she describe the keto diet to someone new to the concept?
  • The amazing first time experience of feeding your brain ketones.
  • What happened when she went rogue and ate something that wasn’t keto.
  • Why the keto diet is not just a 90-day diet.
  • Examples of food you can eat from Leanne’s book.


Key Takeaways:


  • Understanding what you ate and how it affects your thoughts and feelings is mind-blowing.
  • The Keto diet is actually a lifestyle and not a quick weight loss program.


Mentioned in this episode:


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About Leanne Vogel

From her online bio:

I’m an ultra passionate Nutrition Educator, host of The Keto Diet Podcast (ranked #3 in fitness & nutrition and #10 in all health podcasts on iTunes in the US and Canada), creator of one of the largest keto resources on YouTube, and the founder of Happy Keto Body. My first paperback, The Keto Diet, was an international bestseller and the first ketogenic book to debut at Costco… ever. I am also releasing new paperbacks in 2019 including, The Keto Diet Cookbook (April, 2019), and Keto for Women (June, 2019)

My goal is to help you do away with feeling overpowered and controlled by food by giving you the tools you need to inject your life with happiness, healthfulness, and a whole lot of dietary fat.

I’ve spent over a decade revolutionizing my perception of food and wellness by creating a life of kindness and acceptance toward myself. I bounced from diet to diet trying to find an approach that worked best for me. And, it all came together when I found the ketogenic diet in 2014. When I realized the power of a customized keto approach to nutrition was possible, the game changed.

I found keto during my personal struggles with health and weight loss. It transformed my life ending my 8-year struggle with amenorrhea (missing period), hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and ultra-low hormones. I immediately set out on a path to help others find the same success. My first online nutrition program The Keto Beginning launched in October 2014, Fat Fueled in November 2015 and Happy Keto Body in April 2018, in addition to my 3 paperback books.”

Head on over to Leanne’s website by CLICKING HERE.

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