• How (and why) To Track Macros For Weight Loss.

    Why lasting weight loss depends on tracking your macros effectively.

    If you have been trying to lose weight for a LONG time and have not been seeing results, it’s time to embrace the fact that the missing link could be you tracking your macros. 

    Don’t worry, if this is your first time diving into learning about how to track your macros to lose weight, I’ve got you. I will do my best to explain why you need to track your macros if you want to bust that plateau and lose some weight, and how to start figuring out your best macros for weight loss, and then I’ll share some recommended resources for getting you started. 

    NOTE: I am not a dietitian, a nutritionist, a doctor, a trainer or anything other than a certified fitness fanatic. Everything I’ve learned about fitness and nutrition and such I’ve learned from the experts who I will quote and reference here but I must disclose, I’m NOT that practitioner. I’m just a regular gal like you tryin to get my fit on. 

    How does counting macros help with weight loss?

    I’m NOT writing this post from a scientific standpoint – there’s no need on this to go do research on statistics. I’m sharing with you from my own personal experience in this case because the truth is, I think most of you reading this want to hear from someone who has struggled just like you with losing weight, and came to see success in finally being able to lose weight by counting macros more closely.

    So – here’s the deal. 

    There are plenty of trainers/doctors/dietitians/nutritionists etc. out there who will argue that “calories count” is a line of bull. These folks claim that if you eat clean or eat Paleo or eat organic or simply avoid packaged food, you will naturally be full and eat to satisfaction  — intuitively- and you’ll naturally fall into a state of optimal weight. 

    NEWS FLASH: Winging it with nutrition works for no one.

    YEA I call NO on that one. My doctor, Dr. Lane Sebring, who is known as “The Paleo Doctor” does NOT drink bulletproof coffee. Yea. He’s like MR. Paleo and he doesn’t chug bulletproof coffee for breakfast. He typically eats 1-2 meals a day and practices intermittent fasting. HINT: If you haven’t picked up on it yet, this means he isn’t eating a ton of calories. He eats clean, organic, grass fed, pasture raised, home-grown…you get the idea, but he watches HOW MUCH HE EATS. When I first went to see him and was struggling to lose a pound, and this IDIOT I was being advised by was telling me to consume bulletproof coffee with 2 egg yolks in it plus 4 scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast plus 2 full meals for lunch and dinner and almond butter in between…..(that’s a whole other story I’ll tell you later on the topic of “How to Spot a Lying Gangster Con Artist Before He/She Robs You Blind”)- Dr. Sebring told me “Calories count. The amount of food we eat matters. There IS a tie between energy taken in and energy expended. Period.”

    Conclusion: You have to track your macros if you want to lose weight. Period.

    Ok, so while you will find people out there spouting off about “just eat clean and you’ll be fine!” or “you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want, you don’t have to track that!”– don’t listen. Start listening to reason. Start using common sense. There has to be a balance of how much you eat and how much you burn off. If you eat too much and don’t move enough, you’ll be in a surplus mode. 

    You must start paying attention to your macros and tracking those macros on the daily if you want to see the weight loss happen! TRUST ME!! You can become that person who gets very familiar with nutrition and calorie counts and what foods are good for you and what are “not ideal” for you- and you CAN get too comfortable and you CAN get to the point where you THINK you are eating on point but– you really aren’t. Some of the simplest things could be throwing your macros way off and making you either gain weight or not be able to lose it:

    • Start adding an afternoon Iced Coffee at Starbucks: (Coconut Milk, Venti) – 160 calories 33g carbs — 800 extra calories a week or 3200 extra calories a month, that’s about 1lb possible weight GAIN per month or 12lbs per year. FROM ADDING A STARBUCKS ICED COFFEE. 
    • Add a banana with your morning coffee each morning, because you want to choose something healthy. Then you start having salad at lunch but don’t check the nutrition info for the salad dressing– if you eat out, salad dressing can easily be a LOT higher in FAT than you think- one popular Panera salad has only 650 calories but 33g of FAT. With just adding these two things, you added 80g of carbs and 33g of fat. —> Many macro plans may call for a max of 60-70g of fat a day, so if you use up 33 at lunch, it’s easy to blow it the rest of the day. Same thing with carbs- if you add fruit then a huge salad and maybe your macros are set at 90 on a lower-carb day– after your breakfast coffee with a banana and a Panera salad–you are getting up there. 
    • NOTE: Neither of these examples are BAD – I’m not saying these are bad choices at all. It’s only making the point that if you don’t TRACK your macros, you could think you were “eating healthy” and you are…but you can still be eating too much or too unbalanced- too high in carbs or fat and not enough protein. 
    • Make sense?

    How to get started figuring out your macros for weight loss.

    Now that you understand this concept of needing to count macros daily in order to reach your fat loss goals, let’s get you moving in the right direction. There are SO MANY resources out there to help you in getting started on finding what macros are ideal for you. 

    I will share that I bought this eBook by Sohee Fit YEARS ago and it really taught me the concept of macros– you can find several great eBooks for under $50, many under $25 by CLICKING HERE. She’s fantastic- follow her on instagram she’s a wealth of information. Secondly, let’s be real- MyFitnessPal the app can absolutely spit out some macros for you as a baseline = with your input on age/height/weight and desired weight loss. MyFitnessPal is what I use to track macros on the daily and I love it. The paid version is not expensive and is so worth it.

    You’ve also heard me rave about Chris and Heidi Powell’s Transformation App- now by no means is this strictly an app for food tracking but it does create not only a customized macro program with suggested meals on the daily and/or shopping lists for meal substitutions, it also includes killer weight training workouts that have blown my mind. It’s my new favorite thing ever and at $15/month you cannot go wrong. CLICK HERE to check it out. 

    The bottom line is this- it might sound cumbersome to start the practice of recording all your meals into an app or a handwritten journal. But on the other hand, think about how much you hate not being able to fit into your favorite dress or skinny jeans. Is the few minutes per meal to record your macros so you get on track and get balanced and eat within a reasonable caloric window WORTH IT if you can get to your weight loss goal, finally?? For me the answer is a solid hell yes. 

    Tell me what YOU THINK? What questions didn’t I address about counting macros for weight loss? Let me know in the comments below– and if this post helped you, I’d love it if you shared with your friends who are still confused by macros and stuck with weight loss! 

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  • How to tackle time management for success in fitness AND at work.

    Some people simply suck at time management. Accept that you might be one of those people.

    Is this you?

    • Do you find yourself getting to the end of the work day and you feel BEAT and tired and run-down, and you know you have been working hard all day but you are baffled at all you DIDN’T GET DONE?
    • Do you start the week with big goals for eating right (cooking at home) and working out, and then you get to Friday and look back and realize you did about 50-75% of what you intended to do? 
    • Do you get to Monday and often feel like you had no weekend because you spend all weekend running around doing STUFF and errands and fitting in everything you can’t during the week- and thus, by Monday you are more exhausted than you were heading into the weekend?

    I can relate to ALL OF THE ABOVE. And sadly I can say it’s been my life not just for weeks and not just for months but years. 


    I have read dozens of books and blog posts on time management. I understand all the concepts. I have bought more planners than you can possibly imagine, in addition to Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year, and I have completed maybe 10% of that. 

    Nothing has clicked for me. I have been challenged by (that’s professional speak for “I suck at”) time management for longer than I can remember, and I know it got the most out of hand when I left corporate america to run my first startup. 

    Holy Heck. Talk about being busy and understaffed! 

    I’m writing this blog post to tell you that I feel I may have found the answer to finally conquering time management and productivity problems. Read on.


    What's the missing link in becoming a productive goal-reaching person?

    Based on my own experience and some pretty epic A-HA moments, I believe strongly that the missing link below is what will help all of us make massive change in our unproductive, procrastinating, time-wasting days. 

    The Missing Link is this:

    You have to define your two primary lighthouses. (Watch out here comes a possibly bizarre but hopefully effective analogy). What do I mean by lighthouses — well, lighthouses help ships aim toward a destination when it’s foggy and/or dark out. In other words when they can’t see where they are going. They focus on those lighthouses to guide them.

    The problem with time management and getting the stuff done we need to get done is this- we focus way too much on the tactics vs. the bigger picture

    What do I mean by that? 

    We focus on “should I use an online calendar or a desk calendar?” or, “Sally swears by this program to help her get organized, I should use that….” or, “Everyone says it’s all about getting up at 5am so I should do that…!’


    These are tactics. Any of them might work for you. What you need to figure out are the 3 primary components of the YOUR big picture:

    • What do you ULTIMATELY want? (This is your to die for goal: I want to be a size 6, I want to be at 18% bodyfat, I want to be debt free, I want to start my own business) Far too many people haven’t taken the time to REALLY think about- in specific terms- what they want. They’ll say “I need to lose weight” – that’s great, we ALL say that. But- if you were more specific and said “What matters to me, what would mean so much to me would be to be able to wear whatever I want. I am tired of going in my closet and only being able to wear half of the clothes in there because some of them are too tight. I’m tired of feeling not 100% confident in my clothes. I work out hard and eat right, I want to LOOK the part”– that’s far more specific. And of course, you can take that further by enhancing those statements with only positive ones– what you DO want not just what you DON’T want. So you’d say “I want to be confident in my own skin. I want to rock my bikini, all times of the year, not just after a “diet”. I want to be able to wear any and all clothes in my closet and not feel fidgety in them because they are too tight.” Figure out what you really REALLY WANT in specifics and — you know what is coming- it’s recommended you write this down in a journal or a spot you can see daily. 
    •  What’s been keeping you from getting there? This is also something a lot of us miss. We might say- again, being far too ambiguous (are you picking up on this- that ambiguousness doesn’t help us reach goals…??) “I need to eat better” but hello how do you know when you are doing that? What exactly IS “better”? The other thing a lot of us do is we aren’t honest enough with ourselves to admit where we are really dropping the ball. In my world, I’ll give you 2 examples. I knew I was doing something wrong with getting to my fitness goals- I’d lost a good amount of weight earlier in the year but started to plateau again. I KNEW deep down that my food was off but until just recently, I did not get back on MyFitnessPal and start TRACKING MY FOOD. I just kept saying “I’m sure I’m not getting enough protein and I’m probably at too many carbs”. In my work-life, I kept getting to the end of the day frustrated AF because I’d be working hard all day but I’d always say to myself “what did I actually get DONE today??”_ and I’d look at my list of things to tackle and a lot of them were on my list in January (things like Continuing Education/Training classes I bought a LONG time ago– you know it’s bad when you are on a 6-month payment plan for a course and you are paid in full before you actually start consuming the content…..grrr!!) I knew I was not effectively managing my time but— I just kept doing it, kept working the same way. 
    • What do you need to do differently to make progress and reach your goals? Ok this is a KEY point. You might think this is the same as the above point but it’s not. When you are really honest with yourself and see how you have been dropping the ball, that’s part one. Part two is being VERY SPECIFIC in what you need to do differently to stop the bad trend: — For me, I realized I needed to 1) Schedule my workouts in my calendar and STICK TO THAT COMMITMENT to myself + 2) Religiously track my food in MyFitnessPal and do it in advance each morning so I’m not trying to catch up on macros at the end of the day + (in my business world) 3) I need to get back to writing out my top 6 most important TO-DO’s for each day and start with those, nothing else + 4) I need to SCHEDULE my day in chunks of time and schedule my priorities vs. just winging the day and going from one thing to the next to the next and never really finishing anything. If you don’t do this last part– and ideally announce this as a big commitment to yourself– share it with your partner or your bff or your online accountability partner– I’m telling you, sharing my new challenges/goals/commitments online keeps me going so much- if you don’t identify how you change your bad habits and then implement them while being accountable to someone for it– you will be back at square one shortly. 

    Why you can't 'BACK END' success into your day anymore.

    Watch this video I recorded on instagram live (are you following me on instagram? I’d love to know if this hits home with you and what changes you plan on making for greater success– starting TODAY!! Let me know in the comments below and be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (you can do so in the sidebar) so you don’t miss a thing. Cool things coming up my friends!  It’s so good to be back blogging again! 

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  • The simplest way to GET MOTIVATED and make PROGRESS toward your fitness goals.

    If you are tired of being overweight, stop making excuses.

    Ladies, we spend far too much time whining. Seriously. How often have you complained about not being able to lose weight or not being able to fit in your skinny jeans or not being comfortable in a bikini? 

    Right? The answer is “a LOT” if you are like I’ve been in the past.

    The thing we don’t realize is that all the time spent thinking about how upset we are, all the time spent complaining to our co-workers and friends about our weight– is time not spent DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

    It’s time spent on negative emotions which only serves to likely stress us out more and raise our cortisol levels, thereby contributing to fat storage or even gaining fat. 


    If you are tired of being overweight, stop wasting time on the wrong things.

    Recognizing that — if you are stuck or have been stuck for a while in your fitness journey– that something has to change in order for your body to change (HELLLOOOOOO)- and probably, a LOT of things need to change for your body to change….well then, don’t you think it’s time to take back all the hours you’ve been spending whining and complaining and start doing something??? Something new – something different. Anything. 

    News Flash: You don't have to spend HOURS AND HOURS a day to make a difference in your body.

    Many times, we think that the CHANGE we need to make is an extreme one. We assume that in order to get fit, we’ll need to spend 2 hours a day in the gym or eat nothing but steamed broccoli and plain grilled chicken breast 6x a day. Or both, God Forbid. 

    It’s this kind of thinking that gives us permission to think “oh hell I can’t do that!” and then– we do NOTHING. 

    Watch my video below and let me know what you think about my point– you gotta just DOSE YOURSELF A BIT OF MEDICINE TO START MOVING THINGS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. 😉