No, You Can't Do Crunches and Lose Belly Fat. It doesn't work that way.

Why Spot Reduction Doesn't Work, and How to Lose Fat the RIGHT Way.
If you are listening to this podcast or tuning in to my blog, it’s likely you are a fitness fanatic or just starting a fitness journey or somewhere in between. It’s probable that you are interested in losing weight, but also interested in getting your body looking good– meaning looking lean and not “skinny fat”. That’s where a lot of women get led astray by false claims and workout programs online offering to “tone your arms” or reduce belly fat or other nonsense. It pains me to see this because until you know better, you can fall for some totally inaccurate advice and waste your time.
I recorded this Kelly O Solo show to address the ton of questions I get on a weekly basis- from women thinking they can do crunches to get rid of belly fat, or do arm exercises with 2lb weights to get “toned arms” or they can “lean out their legs by running”. Spot reduction is a myth and so are many approaches to fat loss. Tune in to get the real skinny on losing fat. 
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