How to Get Better Gut Health

how to have good gut health

If you are wondering how to have good gut health, you aren’t alone. Gut health is definitely a hot topic lately, and it’s certainly something I’m sure we are all familiar with  –but that doesn’t mean we are actually paying attention to how to have good gut health. It also doesn’t necessarily mean we are pursuing changing our daily habits and activities to achieve good gut health. I have been experiencing some stomach and gut issues the past couple months, ever since adding some carbs back into my diet, and this is MY personal reason for doing research into how to have good gut health- and why I want to make this a serious priority. I’m happy to be a leader for you and share what I’m learning along the way. Consider this post our introduction and get started chat. So — let’s do that, let’s talk about how to have good gut health, shall we?

As I shared above, the primary reason I am making GUT HEALTH a priority in my life going forward is that ever since I added carbs back into my diet (over the past couple months, at the direction of my functional medicine doctor. I asked her what to do since I”d reached my weight loss goal and wanted to start working out hard again and build muscle. She said I should not be 100% keto forever and would need carbs to fuel my training. I added carbs and 1) gained weight- which was predicted/expected but 2) also got BLOATING/GASSY FEELING AND TUMMY ACHES — UGH!!

Life is too short. So I cut back on the carbs I added…..the weight came back off and I felt better in my body again, but the symptoms in the tummy  DID NOT GO AWAY. Don’t laugh, not trying to be punny but I just felt it in my gut that I needed to look into gut health. I had this overwhelming feeling or pull to start researching it and I did and then I discovered all these amazing women very similar to me who had made some significant changes in their lives and healed their guts and were now feeling a billion times better– and it was motivating as hell!

I immediately took out the book Eat Dirt by Dr. Axe. I had read it a year or so ago but truthfully I think I more skimmed it back then. This time I just gobbled up every sentence and learned so much! I found myself underlining the book it seemed. I have already ordered some sauerkraut and kimchi — because fermented food is very good for the gut– and I’ll be picking up some Ezekiel bread products and sourdough (the real kind, not imitation) per his suggestion. 

I’d already made some changes based on what I read in The Glucose Revolution— getting in 10-12K steps a day– taking a walk after dinner every night, taking Apple Cider Vinegar before dinner and every meal with carbs in it, and I feel that these 2 habits alone have made a huge impact. I realized after reading Eat Dirt again, embarrassingly, that I hadn’t been taking PROBIOTICS in over a year!! OMG!! I ordered some immediately. I’m also adding back in taking L-Glutamine (tip: I learned it is important not to mix this into any HOT DRINKS or to mix with PROTEIN!) and am researching all these superfoods/mushrooms because I’m realizing/learning that they are crazy good for the gut– so stay tuned on what I discover there. Right now I have started with this superfoods drink and am adding it to my morning keto coffee and loving it: COCOTROPICS Nootropic Superfood Powder. And I’m also getting back to making sure I take 1-2 digestive enzymes before every meal- I had gotten out of that habit! 

I’ll also be incorporating a LOT more bone broth on a daily basis to heal my gut. He talks a lot about that in the book and then I took his online quiz about what kind of leaky gut “type” I am and it said that cold beverages are not as ideal for my gut but warm soups/beverages are. We have an AMAZING instant bone broth from Pruvit (You can order from me by CLICKING HERE) so I plan to use that but also supplement it with some home-made– where I can make some like actual SOUP using bone broth elixir and add cooked veggies to it. 😉 

I’m literally just at the beginning of this gut-health journey my friends, but I feel strongly it’s going to turn out fantastically. I’m excited to try new recipes using new healthy foods and superfoods…and expand my horizons. Stay tuned for more and let me know what questions you have about Gut Health that I can answer in future posts in this series!

But Wait, There's More!

But Wait There's More

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