Toning Workouts For Women That Work!

The Best Toning Workouts For Women

How to Get Toned and Buff at Home

full body workout plan for females

If you are looking for toning workouts for women, I’ve got you covered. I’ve been working out both at home and at the gym for over 20 years and have LOTS of great recommendations for toning workouts for women. In today’s blog, I’ll be focusing on a lot of new toning workouts for women that I’ve discovered in the past 2 years while I’ve changed my focus in training from being more of a “gym rat” to someone more interested in what I’d call getting lean and toned. So, you’ll discover a nice variety of cool toning workouts for women that all can be done at home, whenever you want! Bonus. I think a lot of us started working out more from home during lockdown and liking that flexibility. I plan to start getting out and taking more boutique classes in the near future, but for now, I LOVE variety of tonight workouts for women available online. Tune in below to learn more and see what you might like to try. I’m really enjoying all of these below and I’m excited to see how they will shape my body this year now that I’m really getting back to working out regularly again! Let’s do this!

We Must Always Include Cathe Friedrich.

I have been working out to Cathe Friedrich for probably 20 years if I count correctly. She is hardcore. If you go to her site, you will find a ton of goodness from workouts to equipment and she has a streaming plan for less than $30 a month. This woman has EVERY kind of workout you can imagine from cardio to weights and they are all intermediate to advanced. The diversity in her workouts is spectacular. I mean I’m still doing her dvds (yes I’m old school) 20 years later and not bored WHATSOEVER. The music is great and her sense of humor is fantastic. I remember meeting her in person years ago and about died. She’s so sweet. I cannot recommend her workouts enough and the great thing is they are easy to customize– for example, I’m just starting to train again after a long time being off the wagon, and I can easily go DOWN in my weights for her workouts and still get my a&& kicked! LOL Same thing for going UP in weights! You will LOVE her workouts.  

Don't JUDGE a Workout By...Anything! Try IT!

Ok so If you are like I was- you are looking at the above video and going OH HELL NO. But let me tell you…..I was the same way, in fact, I made fun of Tracy Anderson workouts for YEARS because I thought no workout could be challenging unless it was heavy weighted. BOY WAS I WRONG. During my Reverse Diet period, I was told to scale my weight training and cardio back and do “lighter workouts” and I chose to pursue barre and “easier workouts” – for some reason I felt pulled to Tracy Anderson. OMG!!! It kicked my ass!! I mean I did the BEGINNER WORKOUT you guys and I was sweating and dying. I now only do intermediate and it’s slaying me. The music is fantastic and — while some of the arm moves at first will make you THINK you are not really “working out”– after a while if you focus, you’ll get it, it adds up. And her lower body stuff is NO JOKE. I dare you to take advantage of her 2 week free trial offers — what do you have to lose? That’s how I got started and got hooked! I LOVE IT! (You’ll want some ankle weights for her workouts, I love these ones — CLICK HERE to buy on Amazon.)

Yoga Does a Body Good.


I have been a yoga addict for a long long time but have often times put my practice to the side because I felt it wasn’t my “real workout” and I felt I didn’t have time to do BOTH yoga and my “other” workout. Well this year I made the commitment to myself to find room for both– why? Because yoga is sooo good for my body and my mind and it’s also so much more about self-care. It’s like chicken soup for the soul. It helps me zen out and I need that in my life, in addition to how much it helps tone up my arms, my back my core my buns my legs, my whole BODY!! If you haven’t tried yoga yet, make this your year!! My favorite portal for yoga classes (gosh there are sooooo many options online it’s hard to recommend just one) is Udaya. I discovered them via Travis Eliot after doing his Ultimate Yogi program which is the BOMB (it’s included in the Udaya Membership. You can stream Udaya and then mirror it to your TV– there are like zillions of classes it’s crazy– all kinds of levels and practices — I’m obsessed. I also JUST signed up for this new thing called THE CLASS and I have to say, I am super impressed- check it out. DOESN’T THIS LOOK TOTALLY ZEN AND way cool? They also offer a 14 day trial to check it out. Go for it!

FORM by Sami Clarke

toning workout plan for females

I chose the photo above because I wanted to show a woman doing moves using fitness bands. Sami Clarke, who I randomly discovered on YouTube, is one of my new obsessions. And she uses a good amount of bands in her typically 30-40 minute workouts on her FORM app. Color me obsessed. One, I like her YouTube videos because, she shares great recipes and meal prep ideas and is not a “I just eat 4 pieces of lettuce and some water” type of fitness people- you know the type. She gives good fitness and health advice and seems accessible as a human. Her app is affordable and the workouts are deceptively TOUGH. What I mean by deceptively is again, you’ll be surprised by how hard you work your muscles with say a set of 10lb weights or some bands, I’m not messing around. She is legit. I encourage you to join and subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

I hope that these new recommendations are enticing enough for you to dip your toe in the water and try something maybe outside of your comfort zone. With the exception of Cathe, all of these workouts are new to me and I now love them! Go for it. See below for product recommendations that will make your home workout experience complete. Let’s do this thing!

The Best Fitness Equipment and Apparel For Working Out At Home

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Here are some of my top recommendations to get you started for working out at home– you don’t need a lot to do these workouts. I recommended these ankle weights by Bala above but I’m linking them here again. If you want to start off with a LIGHT set of dumbbells here is one with 2, 3 and 5LBS. CLICK HERE. To level up and get 10/15/20, CLICK HERE. For a nice yoga mat, CLICK HEREYoga blocks can be hugely helpful as well. These fitness bands are under $20– click here to order. CUTE Workout top that is crazy cheap and bottoms too- trust me the are not too good to be true, I’ve ordered many! Did I miss anything? 



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