How Weight Training Workouts For Women Over 40 Are The Answer to YOUR Best Body EVER!

Cathe Friedrich

If you are searching for weight training workouts for women, look no further. This podcast interview with Cathe Friedrich will satisfy your need for information and more. Cathe has created hundreds of advanced digital weight training workouts for women and is a legend in the fitness space. In this interview she explains why weight training workouts for women are so important and how they transform your body. We talk about how weight training workouts balance out a cardio regimen and help with aging. Once you learn how important weight training workouts for women are, you’ll want to head on over to Cathe’s website ( and either sign up for her streaming plan or purchase some DVDS. I’ve been working out to her advanced and intermediate weight training workouts for women for 2 decades now and am addicted. I think she is the best in the business.

Cathe Friedrich is a recognized name in the world of workout videos. She has been at the top of this business for over 30 years and has at least 200 DVDs under her belt. She’s known to create the type of workouts even veterans in the field would find advanced but the results are always uncanny. She has legions of followers all over social media especially on YouTube where she makes use of live workout streams so even her audience across the globe can workout with her and the team.
Cathe shares with us her humble beginnings, how she ended up building a career on dance workouts, valuable advice to women when it comes to weight lifting, and some really good tips for moms who want to become fit again or for the very first time. I personally discovered Cathe’s workouts on Collage Video probably 20 years ago!! After I started working out- I did cardio only (Taebo) then moved up to The Firm workouts and then discovered Cathe and became obsessed! She is the BOMB!!! 
“The body, once it starts really showing signs of improvement, it needs recovery just as much it needs a push to workout.” Cathe Friedrich
 In this episode, you’ll learn:
Cathe wouldn’t be here if she didn’t pursue passion over her college degree.
Cathe’s workouts conform and adapt to the times to make sure everyone gets access to her videos.
Women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights. They’re not as genetically capable of bulking as men and even men have a difficult time putting on muscle.
True fitness is achieved by doing more than cardio. You have to challenge your muscles with weight.
Weight training allows you to build lean muscle tissue that protects you from the likes of osteoporosis and other bone diseases while also improving overall quality of life.
When it comes to training, more is definitely not better. Rest makes up a huge part of the training process. Too much will make your body go against you. You’ll end up breaking your body and you’ll hate exercise.

It’s when you recover that your body gets trimmer, leaner, and stronger.
Even busy moms can find a time for fitness. Cathe says even 5 minutes is more than enough if you know what to do.
Key Takeaways:
Small accomplishments are better than no accomplishments at all. That 5-minute workout you’ll do is still 5 minutes more than just sitting around. Let them add up and you’ll be more accountable towards small goals than looking at the big picture that looks intimidating.
Cardio alone will just make you become a smaller version of yourself. Aesthetic changes require weight training.
Make sure you work hard and recover harder.
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About Cathe Friedrich

From her online bio:
Before there was Zumba, Tae Bo, Spinning or even Step Aerobics, fitness video pioneer Cathe Friedrich recognized the need to provide a simple, flexible, affordable and motivating way for Americans to exercise and stay fit. Nearly thirty years and over 300 DVDs later, thousands of people have credited Cathe Friedrich for helping them to transform their bodies and their lives with her videos and TV appearances.
Like going through life with a friend, Cathe’s followers have grown in their workouts as she has learned and expanded her video offerings, staying focused on Cathe’s three guiding principles: Professionalism, Passion, and Quality.
Cathe is often credited with being the first to bring advanced fitness videos to the home exerciser and helped shatter the theory that only celebrities could star in fitness videos. As a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Cathe has taught thousands of classes at her New Jersey health club and has helped to train many of today’s top instructors.
As a leading innovator in the home exercise video industry, in 1988 she founded Step N Motion Videos and in 1989, created one of the first ‘step’ aerobic videos. Cathe continues to produce fun, intense, and challenging workouts for all body types and fitness levels. Her award-winning workouts have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Dallas News, Fox Business News, QVC and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Health and fitness writers have published articles about her in Shape, Oxygen, Self, Health, Fit, Consumer Digest and Fitness magazines.
Cathe continues to stay cutting edge through her Cathe Live streaming channel, OnDemand offerings, and mobile fitness apps. Cathe prides herself on staying true to three guiding principles: professionalism, passion, and quality. Her dedication to her craft and to the fitness industry led to her induction into the Fitness Hall of Fame in 2011.
While appearing on Fox Business News, Cathe told her story of how she got started. When she was 16, she took an aerobics class. Three weeks later, was asked to teach it and she was “hooked.” A few years later, Cathe was teaching a creative movement class at a fitness studio on the top floor of Carnegie Hall, where she used fourteen-inch benches as part of her workout. At the same time, Step Reebok was launching what is now known as “Step Aerobics” to the world. Cathe incorporated step into her philosophy, creating her first video, “Step N Motion One,” which was also one of the first and most influential step aerobic videos of its time. Today, her fitness empire includes all types of workouts and is one of the largest privately owned fitness video libraries in the world.

Always on the cutting edge, Cathe recognized the power of the internet and was the first to sell fitness videos online nearly 20 years ago. Today, is one of the largest and most visited fitness websites and Cathe’s pioneering work in this area has inspired other instructors to market and promote their own fitness videos in a similar fashion. Today, she continues to be a trendsetter with her DVDs, Ripped with HiiT, XTrain, STS Fitness Program, digital downloads, iPhone apps, and fitness tracking software.
Collage Video, a source for exercise videos since 1987, says this about Cathe on their web site: “Since the early 1990s, Cathe Friedrich’s videos have set the standard for ‘challenging workouts’. Cathe Friedrich’s workout video technique is excellent; her cuing style is very direct. These exercise videos will challenge even the elite athlete!” The Dallas Morning News wrote: “To say that Cathe Friedrich workout videos are tough is like saying Everest slopes upward.” Fit TV declared: ” Cathe is one the most popular trainers on our network. She is a power-intense cardio-buster, a punch and crunch trainer.”
To bring her workouts and her message of healthy living directly to her fans, known as “Cathletes”, Cathe offers national road trips which give her a unique opportunity to meet many of her loyal followers in person (something Cathe really loves to do.) She also keeps in touch with her fans by embracing new technology, frequently updating her web page, blogging, Tweeting, posting on Facebook and continually answering questions in her forums.
Since 1986, Cathe has been certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Additional specialty fitness certifications include Indoor Cycling, Body Pump, Body Flow, Kickboxing, Boxing, Silver Sneakers, Prenatal Fitness, Resist-A-Ball, Yoga Fit, Barre, Zumba and more.
Cathe is the mother of two boys, Eric and Kyle.

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