Why Self-Care Is So Important For Health and For Weight Loss.

We hear the word “self-care” a lot but many women think they don’t have time for it. What I’ve found is that if you don’t have time for self-care- then you are the one that NEEDS it the most and will benefit from it the most! 
Too many women strive to do too much, too often and to be too many things to too many people. We think we can be Wonder Woman– and we just keep GOING AND GOING AND GOING– and this is why adrenal fatigue and even burnout are becoming more and more common in women of all ages. In this show I talk about how I realized I had STOPPED making my own self-care a priority and how that had a huge negative impact on my health, my work and my life. Now that I’m prioritizing it again, everything is improving. Learn how you can do the same. Some other blogs and podcasts you might be interested in if you are facing adrenal fatigue or burnout- 1) CLICK HERE to learn about whether to work out or not with adrenal fatigue, 2) CLICK HERE to learn about dealing with adrenal fatigue holistically- via lifestyle and eating changes with Ericka Eller. 3) This podcast with Ali Damron talks a great deal about dealing with adrenal fatigue as well. 

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