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  • When the Perimenopause Sudden Weight Gain “Myth” Becomes Reality: How to Lose the Weight.

    How to Get Rid of Perimenopause Sudden Weight Gain For Good With the Keto Diet.

    Are you experiencing that perimenopause sudden weight gain thing that everyone warned you about, but that MAYBE you thought was just a myth? Now, you are suddenly carrying a lot of extra fat around your middle and wondering why you can’t lose the weight– is that accurate? I can relate. I too was hit with the perimenopause sudden weight gain phenomenon around age 40, although I didn’t recognize it at the time. This happens to MANY women– their bodies and hormones are changing but they seem to think it’s strictly their fault vs. a perimenopause situation. So instead of considering that it might be that perimenopause sudden weight gain situation – they will diet and exercise harder and harder and harder (like I did for years) trying to force their bodies into submission, when really, what they should be doing is starting to address the changes underneath the skin (their hormones) for maximum success and longevity. Once you do that- oh WOW how the future can change in a beautiful way. In today’s interview, I have Dr. Anna Cabeca back on the show. I interviewed her previously about a year and a half ago. She has a new book coming out and I invited her back on the show because I thought it would be so wonderful to have her back- with me interviewing her this time AFTER I had become a KETO CONVERT. When I last interviewed her, I was a KETO SKEPTIC. So this interview was wonderful to have this new perspective– and I was able to prove all the points in her current and past books to be true. Amazing! Note: This is a 2- part episode and this is PART ONE. Click here to listen to PART TWO!

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    About Dr. Anna Cabeca


    Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally-acclaimed menopause & sexual health expert, global speaker and pioneering promoter of women’s health. She is Emory University-trained and triple board-certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She is the author of best selling book “The Hormone Fix,” a diet and holistic lifestyle program for menopausal women and the new release with the foreword written by Dr. David Perlmutter, “Keto-Green 16” designed for improving energy, hormones, and weight loss. Her new book, “Menupause” will be available on April 12, 2022. Pre-Order now on Amazon by CLICKING HERE.

    Dr. Anna has reached hundreds of thousands of women around the globe, inspiring them to reclaim their optimal health and realize they can journey through menopause and find more purpose and pleasure than they ever dreamed possible.

    You can find more about Dr. Anna at her website by CLICKING HERE. FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM BY CLICKING HERE.

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  • My Keto Transformation: How I lost 34 Inches and 25LBS and Transformed My Body!

    How I Got This KETO Transformation: Losing 34 Inches and 25 Pounds at Age 52!

    my keto transformation

    Are you dreaming of a keto transformation for yourself? Are you skeptical that you can ever achieve an actual keto transformation? If you are wondering if the keto diet works, this show is going to be a huge help for you. I’m sharing my experience over the past 6 months where I lost 25lbs and 34 inches on the keto diet. Talk about a keto transformation, right?? I now consider keto to be my lifestyle, not a diet. It’s been truly a very easy thing – I enjoy what I eat and the transformation of my body at age 52 has been REMARKABLE. You see before this, I was STUCK not being able to lose weight for YEARS!! In this podcast, I share all the details about how and why I started the keto diet and the ultimate keto transformation I experienced in the last 6 months of last year. After listening to this podcast, you’ll understand why the keto diet is so perfect for women over 40 with hormonal imbalance who are experiencing problems losing weight. I hope that my keto transformation inspires you- to be honest, it inspires ME every day, it still sometimes SHOCKS me!! But, what I TRULY hope is that my keto transformation motivates you to take the first step to TRY THIS APPROACH if like me, nothing else has worked for you in the past– because I can virtually guarantee you that this can create significant change and transformation for you. Are you ready for a keto transformation now?


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  • The Top 10 Keto Myths DEBUNKED: How I’ve Lost 24 LBS and 32 Inches and KEPT IT OFF!

    The Keto Diet Advantages You Should Know About

    top 10 keto myths debunked

    If you are thinking about going on the keto diet and wondering about the keto diet advantages, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I’m going to share my personal success story with the keto diet and share a LOT of keto diet advantages for you to consider. Furthermore, I’m going to dispel a lot of the most common MYTHS or misunderstandings about keto that I commonly hear or get asked about on a regular basis. By the time you finish reading this blog post you’ll understand that there are far more keto diet advantages than disadvantages and when you consider my success story I think you’ll be encouraged to get started on YOUR keto journey too. If you’ve been skeptical about the keto diet before now, I was there too~~ trust me! I was the last person that wanted to go keto when my doctor told me to. I did a LOT of research like you are looking for keto diet advantages and real life examples and success stories. I ended up finding a lot of real people with real success stories and inspiration- and I went for it. So thankful I did because I ended up with the greatest weight loss transformation of my adult life! I hope this will be in your future too!

    The Top 10 Keto Misconceptions

    keto dos and donts

    Here are the top 10 things I hear on a regular basis from people about the keto diet that are soooo wrong– and typically keep people from going on the keto diet and experiencing success. Let me know if you’ve fallen for any of these “mythunderstandings” as well. 

    1. 1) I can’t drink on keto: Not true. You definitely need to adjust your alcohol consumption, as a lot of alcoholic drinks have a lot of carbs and sugar, but I drink every week (usually 1-2 nights a week and when we’ve gone on vacation, I typically have wine every night). I have Sauvignon Blanc or Dirty Martinis or I mix my exogenous ketones with hard liquor like tequila or vodka or gin: DIVINE!!! 
    2. 2) I love sushi too much to give it up. Who said you have to give up sushi? I eat sushi regularly. Do I order 3 rolls and eat them like I used to? No. Do I limit rice? Yes. You just get creative. And when you learn how to eat real foods and use ketones- you’ll not waste carbs during the day on dumb stuff and then when you do go out for sushi you can have some rice and enjoy it. 
    3. 3)I heard you get bad breath!! I have never had this “keto breath” thing– I think this happens when people go carnivore and eat like ONLY steak and cheese — who wants to live that way?
    4. 4)I hear you’ll be constipated all the time: NOPE never been. That said, I have always put fiber and inulin in our coffee every morning so that keeps things flowing if you know what I mean. 😉 But I also firmly believe that if you follow my advice and eat a balanced diversified keto diet, you’ll stay regular. 
    5. 5) I hear you’ll get high cholesterol. Again, this COULD Happen if you eat only steak and cheese and hot dogs. Don’t be dumb. I’ve had zero cholesterol problems: diversity is your best friend. 
    6. 6)Keto Flu. I honestly don’t even know what this is and think it’s made up by wimps. 
    7. 7) Supposedly, low-carb diets only work for a time and then they backfire and you plateau and gain the weight back. Um. No. I have continually lost weight at a steady rate of about a pound a week (some weeks I stayed the same for sure). I have not gained weight back. I have only gotten leaner.
    8. 8)I just “can’t” give up bread!!! — well that’s BS. You CAN you just don’t want to. Of course I’d love to be eating bread but you know what I love more, how freaking amazing I look in faux leather leggings at age 52. I love that I look great naked and don’t feel embarrassed in front of my husband anymore. I love that I can wear ANYTHING in my closet now and not worry about camouflaging my body or my midsection. No piece of bread is worth trading that for. 
    9. 9) There’s nothing to eat, I’ll get bored! Are you kidding me? I’ve been on this diet for 6 months now and not cheated once– I never feel like I’m the only person eating “diet food” or that I’m left out…I eat all kinds of foods from Whataburger to sushi to buffalo wings to seafoods to steak to chicken to salads to – thai food- you name it– whatever you want can be customized for keto it just takes some effort. 
    10. 10) I’ll be hungry all the time. I disagree- in fact, this is the ONE time in my life (and I strongly believe that 50% of this is due to using exogenous ketones as a supplement– ask me about it, I’m a distributor now) I have been the least CONTROLLED by hunger and cravings. KETO AND KETONES have conquered my cravings and destroyed my out of control appetite and crushed my binge nature from before. I’m a new woman!

    The Keto Diet Advantages

    keto tips and tricks

    So, as I have shared earlier, I have had a TREMENDOUS experience with the keto diet this past year. I have so far lost 32 inches and 24 pounds. (See below for links to posts where you can read more). Why do I recommend going on the keto diet, now that I’ve been doing it for 6 months? To me, the keto diet advantages are clear. This is a diet that doesn’t FEEL like a diet. It’s so easy to make this a way of eating vs. feeling like you are on a diet. It’s very easy to customize meals even when the rest of your family isn’t keto- – my husband isn’t keto and we cook together all the time and I don’t make separate non-keto meals for him. This way of eating will change your appetite and your cravings (if you follow my guidance and coaching and don’t buy fake foods and fall for the ‘net carbs’ crap– and if you take the right supplements) forever. You can transform your body at ANY AGE. I mean…..I’m 52~~~~I look better now than I did at 22!! This “diet” approach solves issues that hormone imbalance creates…..can I get an amen?? There’s to me almost no downside other than – no Olive Garden breadsticks. Big deal. 😉 

    But wait, THERE'S MORE!


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