The Best Investments I Made In 2023.

My Top 50 Purchases From 2023

I felt like I had to do this post because there were so many things that I became fully obsessed with in 2023….so many changes I began making for a new chapter in my life– and I felt that y’all would enjoy this as a way to boot up the relaunch of me blogging again. YEA YEA It’s on! So here’s a list of all the things in no particular order that tickled my fancy in 2023 and that I now cannot live without. If you have any questions- hit me up, happy to answer and help you out! 

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My Best Skin Care Recommendations

Farmacy Honey Grail Ultra Hydrating Facial Oil This is Cleopatra approved. 
Headbands for washing face + Putting on makeup I was late to the game getting these headbands and I’m so loving them both for washing your face and for putting on makeup- totally keeps your hair off your face. 
Wristbands for washing face No more water running down your arms while you wash your face! BRILLIANT!
La Roche Posay Wash $17. This is a SIZABLE container of face wash and will last a long time and it’s got like a bajillion positive reviews. I’m loving it. 

My Best Self-Care Recommendations

spa facial

Queen V Bubble Bath Y’all. I am the queen of bubble baths. This is like $7 I think and it’s a maker of BIG bubbles. Stock up. 
OSEA After Shower Body Oil I think Cleopatra invented this.I now use this after my bubble bath and slather it on my body. I was getting horribly dry skin and being very laxe about lotion. No more!!! This stuff is liquid gold!!

My Top Hair and Makeup Recommendations

perfect holiday makeup

Amika Dry Shampoo — makes me never feel bad about not washing my hair, thickens and freshens my hair right up!!
Velvet Lip Tint I saw this on a YouTube review and bought it and ended up getting a case by accident. I love the stuff!
Velvet Lip Liner
Chanel Finishing Powder This is a HUGE container, well worth the investment. 
NARS Concealer Best concealer of all time IMO. 
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer If you have greasy eyelids and think you can’t wear eyeshadow- THINK AGAIN! Just get this stuff, apply — LET IT DRY, add some finishing powder on top and then add your shadow! 

My Best Recommendations For Your Dogs!

Dog Walking For Health

Carpet Deodorizer plant based, clean, smells great!
Best Bully Sticks BEST BULLY STICK BRAND!!!! 
Rachael Ray Roasters Y’all, Rachael Ray has made some fantastic dog treats!! Recommendation; once you open these, roll the bag down and tighten it with a rubber band as I’ve noticed they do dry out fast. 
Pawstruck Collagen Chews These collagen treats are HUGE and our dogs love them and also- -it takes them like 45 minutes to chew them! Mommy and Daddy love that!
DWANTON Dog Crate: VIP Dog Crate (large) We spent more than 2x the amount on our first dog kennel and this one is so deluxe and way better. We have 2 of these and we line them with (don’t laugh) these really furry blankies for our puppies and they love sleeping in them. They are really ROOMY!!

My Favorite Home Decor Recommendations

Comfortable Couch for living room

Valentines Day Couch Pillows Just so cute, but- note, these are just the COVERS. So you need the stuffer pillows below. 
Stuffer Pillows

Random- but had to share– these bug zappers are also life changing. 

Inside Fly Light Trap: Captures Flies & Mosquitoes
Outside Bug Zapper :

The One Thing You MUST Buy For Laundry.

Laundry Tips For Busy Moms

Bounce Pet Dryer Sheets If you have pets and pet hair, these BOUNCE SHEETS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I’m not kidding. 

My Top Must-Have Recommendations For The Kitchen and the Cook In You.

Frother OMG this milk frother for your morning coffee is life-changing!! It’s sooo quiet you won’t believe it and it makes the most lovely frothed milk of all kinds! It’s less than $50 and one of the best spends ever! I’m in love!

Food Scale $11!!

Vegetable Chopper Never worry about dicing onions again!!

Ninja Creami When you experience turning cottage cheese and low-fat milk and some protein powder into the most freaking amazing ICE CREAM, you GET why the Ninja Creami is worth the investment. GET ONE!!

Extra Creami Containers You gotta have extra containers. 

Perfect Size White Bowls For Oats, Salads, Acai Bowls, etc

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer LITERALLY CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH. WE LITERALLY USE IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can reheat french fries from a fast food restaurant in here in 2 minutes using the broiler. You can make wings in here and they are perfection. I don’t know what you can’t make it here that doesn’t turn out perfect. It’s actually the ONLY appliance I’ll let stay on my countertop other than my Nespresso. It’s that nice looking and we use it that much. 

My Recommendations For Must-Take Supplements For OPTIMAL Health.

What Supplements Should I Take For Better Health

Magnesium If you aren’t taking Magnesium yet, you need to get on this train. It’s great for sleep but also great for REGULARITY if you get my drift. My husband and I take this every night before bed. 
LMNT –the BEST way to hydrate, with SALT. Try it, you’ll be obsessed. I now do one of these per day and one ketones drink and that keeps me drinking plenty of water. 
KOS Vegan Protein Powder (I avoid dairy so if I’m working on getting in more protein, I need a good alternative protein powder. This is one of my favorites.)

Fitness Fashion Must-Haves

Best Fitness Apparel For Working Out

Best Sports Bra (Yvette) ($38) This sports bra is soo comfy and supportive, I bought about 5 at one time after trying it on. Highly recommend. 
Yvette Leggings too

Fashion Must Haves.

The best wedge sandals EVER I have a pair in tan and black and these are my GO-TO, wear with sundresses, wear with jean shorts, wear to the beach and pool , I’ve bought like 6 pair over the years and always get compliments on them. 
Calvin Klein Seamless Bra I never thought I’d own a seamless bra but this is now something I have like 10 of for wearing to bed. To die for. Like a 2nd skin. I did that “Try before you buy thing” at Amazon and got hooked. 
Frame Jeans I became obsessed with Frame Jeans from Front Door Fashion (see below). They make incredible jeans. OMG!
Quay Sunglasses I got a pair of Quay from Nordstrom Trunk Club and have never gone back. They are so flattering and don’t fall off your face. 😉

Front Door Fashion  So– I’ve been a big fan of subscription services where you pay to have a personal shopper because I personally don’t like going shopping. I like BUYING. But I don’t like shopping and trying on clothes. I started off with Nordstrom Trunk Club and back in the day they were FANTASTIC!!! They’d send you a HUGE box of clothes based on what you told them you wanted and then you tried on and kept only what you wanted and returned what you didn’t. I loved discovering brands I’d never heard of and the convenience of trying on things in my own place with BETTER LIGHTING! (hello). Well, then I starting trying other services like Wantable and Stitch Fix and Daily Look. Wantable was great — for a while. They had a fitness focus one (I did a review on YouTube) and a fashion focus one. But then they went downhill and started only sending you like 3 things each shipment; that’s a waste of my time! I want a LOT of stuff shipped to me or I might as well shop myself and go to the damn mall ok? Then Nordstrom Trunk Club started to get absolute idiots working there and they would send the dumbest stuff and then they discontinued the service. Le sigh. Daily Look in my opinion is HORRIBLE. I also tried the lingerie one and that was a joke but FRONT DOOR FASHION IS A DREAM!!!! I cannot describe how perfect it is. It is literally having a dedicated personal shopper who GETS YOU– understands not only what you want and your size and style but– will pick out OUTFITS and send like stuff to mix and match with suggestions….it’s insane!!! And– it’s not all like — everything is priced at $5000 or everything is super cheap– it’s a perfect mix!! I’ve bought tops at $138 and some at $77 and some blazers at $577.  There are ranges of prices all over and you can decide how many pieces to keep and what to invest in. You pay $99 up front to get a box- and that goes toward whatever you keep– the more you keep, the more points you earn. It’s a very cool system. You really owe it to yourself to try out Front Door Fashion. I’ll do a post coming up showing some of my absolute favorite purchases from them– would you like that?

How to Keep Your Home CLEAN

I vacuum. A Lot. And I swear by these 2 items more than you can imagine. The Hoover Spot Cleaner is legit the most amazing stain remover situation you can wrap your head around – with us having 2 dogs now, clean up a LOT of stains. This has been worth EVERY PENNY!! And the Shark Vacuum was actually rated one of the top vacuums by Consumer Reports and I was fortunate enough to work with that brand and get to visit their headquarters and see a demo of their vacuum testing area — so cool. Ever since then, this is the only model I bought. NO regrets.

Hoover Spot Cleaner and Stain Remover
Shark Vacuum

Food Favorites

Wickles Pickles
Protein Cookie Dough

La Tortilla Gluten Free or Low Carb Tortillas (THE BEST on the market!!)

Getting Fit and WELL.

The Class Online Yoga Review

One of the things I tried out and soon became obsessed with was the online streaming yoga/meditation/breathwork services provided by The Class. I really cannot recommend this enough– it is so spiritually medicating and that’s probably not even the best adjective. This isn’t just yoga. It’s got the BEST INSTRUCTORS who will take you on that journey– using the best music and just SPEAK TO YOU….I can’t tell you how many times I found myself holding back tears and then I’m like WHY?? This is how you do the work on yourself. This is what yoga is for…..and also– it’s so not like a traditional yoga class– VERY different from your typical yoga classes so if you are looking for that, this is far superior in my opinion. Luckily you can use the trial to dive in and check out all they have to offer. I cannot imagine you not signing up after you check it out- the monthly fee is reasonable– about $39 for a TON of mind and body work. Cannot recommend it enough. 

Use this link to get your first 30-days free and test out The Class– that’s what I did and I was obsessed so fast, I think I didn’t even wait, I upgraded and joined fast. It’s like no other yoga/meditation experience you can think of!!! I cannot recommend it enough! Let me know if you check it out!



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