How to stop overthinking everything and start living outside of the comfort zone.

how to stop overthinking everything

Do you want to find out how to stop overthinking everything in your life? Are you tired of being stuck in over-analysis paralysis about every decision in your world? I used to be there too and I see far too many women stuck in this same place– limiting themselves in so many ways by overthinking EVERYTHING in their life! If you want to stop overthinking everything in your life, listen to this podcast– and apply these principles because your whole future will change for the better, I assure you. You’ll start trusting your gut and believing in yourself and your decisions and- that you DESERVE MORE. You’ll start GOING FOR IT– whatever that looks like for you- MORE OFTEN– and you should be doing that. That’s how you create a life worth living, not by just being a “yes man” (or woman). After this episode, you have 2 choices…..make sure you choose the right one. 



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