How to get rid of chronic headaches and migraines. It’s DOABLE.

Are you suffering from chronic headaches? Do you get migraines regularly? Are you wondering how on earth you can find relief from chronic headache pain or learn how to decrease the amount of migraines you get?
There IS hope!! I remember just about crying when the neurologist I met with told me that in her office. That’s what tends to disappear when your life is overrun by chronic headaches and/or migraines. I encourage you to listen to this 2-part podcast and then- tune into my blog post where I go into more detail and share links to some resources and products you might want to check in to.
This is a 2-part episode where I go into great detail on my personal experience with chronic headaches and migraines- over the last 6 months of 2019 and most of January 2020.
Good news– I am now in a great treatment situation and have been back at work and working out for 6+ weeks!

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