Women DO make the best business owners. Learn why– Interview with Jasmine Ivy. PART TWO.

Jasmine Ivy worked in corporate america for years until a life-changing event opened her eyes to something she’d never considered before: her purpose. She left her job, started a coaching business for women, and has since experienced outrageous success.
She’s passionate about helping women do the same- figure out their true calling, what they feel LED or NUDGED to do- and then to start taking ACTION to make that materialize. This is another fantastic interview in our Business Series, sure to make you wake up to a lot more possibilities in YOUR future. This is PART TWO. Be sure to listen to PART ONE if you haven’t heard that yet.

About Jasmine Ivy

From Jasmine’s Online bio–
“I am a Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur for Life”
In 2016, I walked away from my career as a Silicon Valley marketing executive forever. Today, I’m an expert at online business, a certified Law of Attraction teacher, in love with all things marketing, and turned a free Facebook group into a multi-six figure empire in 15 months.
When I’m not wearing my business wizardry hat, I’m chasing after a sassy toddler, snuggling our brand new baby girl, and arguing over where to eat with my husband. I won’t tell you I’ve got the secret to living a perfectly balanced #MOMBOSS life, because frankly, I think that’s a myth, but I’ll tell you this: A few years ago, this life I’m living now was just a pipe dream. The key to your greatest joy is chasing after your purpose, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping women entrepreneurs do exactly that.
Find her online – at her website, JasmineIvy.com or at her personal instagram: click here, or WomenofWoo.com or on instagram: CLICK HERE.

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