This is PART 2 of a 3-part episode. If you haven’t listened to part one yet, CLICK HERE.
If you are discouraged about losing weight and feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything but nothing is working for you– I UNDERSTAND. Have no fear, because you CAN bust through any weight loss plateau and starting getting back into  real weight loss mode- if you tune in and listen to some basic but fundamentally important tips. I promise you, you will be so relieved when you listen to this show!
Welcome to another Kelly O Solo show- this was initially a Facebook Live where I talked about why we need to bring the word DIET back into vogue. Why? Because the real truth is, the fitness world has put out a lot of WRONG messaging the past decade or so suggesting that diet is a bad word and we all need to just “eat clean” or intuitively to lose weight. If that were the case, a LOT more of us would be at our goal weight.
Instead, a lot of fitness fanatics are eating all the right healthy foods and yet staying stuck. (I’ve been one of them!) The non-fitness-fanatics (newbies who want to lose weight) are trying to “go keto” to lose weight. Tune in to hear the real truth that I KNOW will change your life- because it’s changing mine. Oh, and it’ll change your waistline if you apply it. PART ONE of 3-parts!

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