Interview with Danielle Cuccio on the importance of Self-Care for better health.

Danielle Cuccio believes that beauty comes from the inside out not vice versa. After teaching yoga for years, she observed how the practice of yoga not only transformed bodies but seemed to gift women with an inner glow. This glow originates from a combination of inner peace, detoxing the body and a lack of holding in stress, among other things- and these are all common in women who practice yoga regularly. Danielle founded a second business based on encouraging this inner beauty and she shares her secrets with us in this 2-part interview! You can listen to PART ONE if you haven’t done so yet by clicking here

About Danielle Cuccio.

Danielle Cuccio

As a private yoga instructor to celebrities and corporate business clients in one of the world’s busiest cities, Los Angeles, CA, Danielle Cuccio knows a lot about the importance of searching for a calm, clear space amidst a turmoil of ‘busyness’. After graduating from UCLA and being a Licensed Esthetician in the Skincare Industry, Danielle Cuccio chose an alternative path to her initial career in skincare—influenced by her earliest entrepreneurial experiences in her parents’ successful nail manufacturing business—because it failed to ignite her passion for inner as well as outer beauty. Yoga was the key to her future. When she started practicing it, she noticed that her fellow classmates were “walking out of classes with a glow that no facial could ever give”. Danielle Cuccio had found her path. After working towards her teacher’s license, she started teaching, and was soon giving private sessions to top celebrities and corporate clients in LA.

You can follow Danielle on Instagram by clicking here. You can check out her line of wellness products at Cuccio Somatology by CLICKING HERE.

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