• How Often Should You Weigh Yourself When Dieting?

    Is it better to weigh yourself daily, weekly, or not at all?

    How often should i weigh myself when dieting

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    How often should you weigh yourself when dieting? This question is often a hotly debated one and I’m not sure why but — it usually stems from this idea of weighing oneself being a bad idea that can lead to obsessive mindset. I disagree. I used to be the person who avoided weighing myself at all costs, avoided looking at the scale at the doctor’s office when they weighed me and had become TERRIFIED of knowing what the # was that I actually weighed– because I knew I was overweight but I didn’t want to know HOW OVERWEIGHT I WAS. I WAS LIVING IN FEAR and that fear grew and grew with each day I didn’t weigh. Here’s the thing- the longer I didn’t weigh, the more my fear grew and the more my anxiety about my weight grew. The more my anxiety grew and my wondering about how MUCH I was over my ideal weight– the more damage I was doing to my hormones– the more I was jacking up my cortisol which was affecting my adrenal situation which was affecting my insulin which was …..making me NOT BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT. Hmmm. Crazy situation right? And I kept making it worse. See what happens when you just AVOID FACING YOUR ISSUES?? It’s like trying to sit on a beach ball in a pool…..that beach ball is gonna pop up and fly into the air……you can’t keep it down! 

    Friends!! I have come to learn that weighing ourselves is a gift to take the emotional nonsense out of dieting. Once I hired a trainer (Alex Mazzurco of Level Ten Coaching) to help me with a Reverse Diet, she had me weighing myself daily for the first time in FOREVER and it was the best thing for me. Suddenly I saw how the scale could fluctuate up and down for no apparent reason– even if I hadn’t changed my eating to cause it. I realized the scale did its own thing and was just a THING to provide ONE data point. I became friends with the scale and still am to this day. Sometimes, yes, sometimes I still get wigged out when it goes up on me. I’m female. It happens. But overall, I have come to see that weighing myself regularly, daily, gives me preventative power over being SURPRISED BY WEIGHT GAIN — who wants to deal with that?? No one. NO ONE!! When you regularly weigh yourself, you prevent unexpected creepy pounds from sneaking their way on your body……you are in control of your temple. For me, that’s the way I like it. 

    how many times a week should I weigh myself

    What Can Cause Fluctuations In Your Weight?

    This question reminds me of when I had my first consultation with a neurologist about my migraine situation. She was going over all the things that could trigger a migraine. Suffice it to say, that list pretty much covered THE WORLD. Seriously, like EVERYTHING in the world can be a migraine trigger!!! It’s crazy! And in the context of things that can cause your weight on the scale to fluctuate– get ready. Some of the basic things that a lot of  people don’t consider but should are– whether or not you are weighing at the same time every day, whether you are weighing on a truly empty stomach (did you pee yet? Have you had a bowel movement yet? Not to be gross but you might be surprised how much your poop can weigh girl!!) Have you had a cup of coffee? I weighed my cup of coffee and discovered it weighed .75-1 LB!! That’s right, it’s a big cup of coffee my friends– and you gotta think about any liquid you might drink like a pre-workout or anything like that– you drink an 8oz glass or more of that– you gotta adjust your weight. So that’s literal– then there are things that can be more vague or “when did this happen exactly??”– like the times it SEEMS you gain 3 lbs overnight. Clearly that didn’t happen but– if you worked out with WEIGHTS vs. cardio, your muscles will likely be inflamed and holding water while they heal– this is very typical. And the more you lift heavy and build muscle — you know what’s coming, you will GAIN MUSCLE AND probably see the scale weight go up, but your body SIZE will come DOWN. This is why you — as I stated above- not only WEIGH YOURSELF but also measure yourself and take progress photos and pay attention to your size and how you feel in your clothes! BIG PICTURE my friends….big picture! You may feel BLOATED- that’s not just a feeling. If you feel bloated, you might have undigested food (think about the question above about bowel movements: have you gone to the bathroom or are you missing some??) If you are backed up– this will show up as weight on the scale. This is why I take fiber every day to make sure I stay regular my friends! It should be your focus not just for weight but for a healthy gut and longevity! The supplements you take might also have an effect on your weight- as can medication. Some meds make you retain water like antibiotics etc. so keep that in mind. 

    how often should I weigh myself

    The Best Approach to Tracking Your Weight

    In my opinion and experience, the best approach to tracking your weight is to make it fun and make it a challenge for yourself. Make it a game of sorts with rewards for participation. It’s even better if your significant other or a friend can co-participate with you of course. I’m lucky that my husband is as committed to fitness as I am– we keep each other accountable. The goal should be to see how fit and HEALTHY you can get your body– and how to treat your body like the temple it is– and keep it that way. We are made as amazing creatures capable of far more than we realize. I’m 53 years old and so far in the best shape of my whole life and I’m just getting started– I challenge you to view your getting fit journey as a gift — an opportunity to carve out the best version of you so that you can have the best future possible. Don’t you want to be active and healthy and able to run the world and do whatever you want whenever you want wherever you want- at whatever age you are–??? I want to be able to take vacations with my husband in the coming decades and walk and take hikes wherever we go and not have to say “oh we are too old to do that”- and the wonderful thing is because of what we all have access to with this information on HEALTH and wellness– and the ability to apply it= we all can lead active and amazing lives far longer than generations before us. That’s amazing. 

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  • Got Perimenopause? Need to Lose Weight?

    Losing Weight In Perimenopause

    losing weight in perimenopause

    Are you in perimenopause and need to lose weight? Or, do you suspect that you are entering into perimenopause and you need to lose weight, and want to know how? I feel you, and I have been there. Although, like most of you, I did not know at the time that I was in perimenopause, and I think this is true of a LOT of women. Many women are entering into perimenopause and need to lose weight but they don’t recognize or even consider the time of life that they are in and so they put their blinders on and only think about the weight loss problem as a fitness/diet problem. Nothing could be more WRONG as far as the approach to take at this time in your life ladies, trust me. The more you ignore your HORMONES and limit your thinking to diet and exercise, the more you set yourself up to fail. In this post, I’ll share with you my experience in figuring out hormonal balance and how I ultimately was able to lose weight during menopause– and hopefully my situation and this post can save you some time and trial and error! 

    perimenopause weight loss success stories

    My body first began to change (I now know it was my hormones changing, but I didn’t at the time) back in 2007 when I was about 38 years old going through a divorce (great timing!). The symptoms I noticed at first were skin bumps- rock hard skin bumps all over my neck, arms, back and chest (I’ll cover this in another post where I talk about Spironolactone and other bad drugs you should never go on and how adult hormonal acne is often misdiagnosed. You can watch this video I recorded here in the mean time to learn more) then I started having problems falling asleep so I had to take Excedrin PM every night to fall asleep then my body temp changed– I’d notice my armpits would be sweaty whereas never before in my life had I had dampness under my arms (eww). Then I gained weight after not changing my diet and still working out. In fact my trainer at time asked if I was pregnant because my boobs got very big and swollen. (estrogen). ALL THESE SYMPTOMS HAPPENED but I only paid attention to the weight gain. Go figure. This is what women do! The common symptoms of hormonal imbalance (which will happen in perimenopause) are (including but not limited to): acne/skin problems, body temperature changes, night sweats, hot flashes, headaches/migraines, mood swings, irritability, vaginal dryness, lack of libido, excessive bleeding with periods (I had this too), weight gain, inability to lose weight without changing diet/exercise, insomnia, brain fog, hair loss, and more. But again, many many many women will experience a LOT or all of these symptoms and still 1) not pursue seeing a specialist and 2) will only focus in on the weight gain and 3) will blame themselves for the weight gain without ever considering hormones’ part in the weight gain. 

    The Part Hormones Play in Weight Gain

    perimenopause sudden weight gain

    Ladies, let me save you some time. Please understand, yes, there are a few unicorns out there who can breeze through perimenopause and menopause unscathed and not gain weight and not get hot flashes and not have anyyyyy issues with hormones. Those unicorns should be banished to another planet in my opinion. Most of us will have hormones go haywire in some way and NEED to have them addressed. I’m also not going to sugar-coat this for you. Getting your hormones balanced is 1) not SIMPLE– it is unique to each one of us. 2) it’s not cheap. Don’t get me wrong — it’s not OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I remember when I started reading all of Suzanne Somers’ books, I guessed that bio-identical hormones would cost thousands of dollars a month. No. I currently pay about $425/month for all my bio-identical hormonal treatment and then I get bloodwork done about 2-3x a year- COMPREHENSIVE bloodwork done and — I can save you a LOT OF MONEY by having you use my friends at ULTA LAB TESTS. You simply pre-order your bloodwork, pre-pay– and trust me, you will save upwards of 75%– and the blood-work is done via Quest Labs anyway– the best bloodwork providers. So my recommendation is that you get bloodwork done via ULTA LABS then take those labs to a qualified FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE DOCTOR (the great thing is you can see a doctor anywhere in the US now due to telemedicine!! I recommend my doctor– Dr. Ruthie Harper– she is amazing and a life changer and is taking new patients currently) and have them interpret the results and prescribe bio-identicals for you. Sadly, insurance won’t cover bio-identicals because big pharma can’t come in and make money off it so there’s that……but who knows what the future holds. For me, it’s worth every dime and if you are financially strapped and want to talk to me about how to earn an extra $500 a month — girl I got you. You know I’m all about helping women make extra streams of money, what could be a better motivation than your future health and longevity– and I’m telling you, bio-identicals will change your body and health FOREVER. 

    perimenopause weight gain belly

    Now, with regard to diet and exercise. The mistakes that most women make are this: they OVER-DIET and OVER-TRAIN. I did both for years. Here is what you need to know. When your hormones are changing, the last thing you need to be doing is treating your body and yourself like a workhorse….and when you over-train and over-diet, that is what you are doing. Your body will inevitably fight back with elevated cortisoladrenal fatiguehypothyroidism, and overall just more extremely unbalanced hormones. THE BEST thing you can be doing is seeing a specialist to address your hormones– ALL OF THEM. (The reason I capitalize all of them– is because what happens to a lot of women is they’ll seek help from their OB/GYN or their Primary Care doc or an endocrinologist and they’ll be prescribed ONLY progesterone or ONLY estrogen or ONLY synthroid (which is a synthetic version of thyroid medicine, not ideal vs. naturethroid which is a non-synthetic) — when you understand hormones, you know that hormonal imbalance needs to address ALL YOUR HORMONES not just one.) The 2nd best thing to know is that if you are struggling to lose weight, and you are dietings and working out- it’s PROBABLE that you are dealing with insulin resistance and as such, a lower-carb/keto approach to eating is going to be beneficial for you. As stated above– I’d be remiss if I told you that just going keto alone will suffice. I strongly recommend getting the hormones checked as a foundation–or you could start keto and then get started with good hormones doctor but just know – you have to have a plan in place to address hormones. I can help yo in all areas– 1) You could start with my Keto Cookbook to start making some lower carb meals to start out dipping your toe in the water. 2) I also have an Online Keto Bootcamp that is a self-paced video taught school that is me teaching you how to do keto the way I did- -and I lost 36 inches and 30lbs last year after being stuck for years (with hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance and not being able to figure out all the things that you are probably frustrated with!)– my school is just $99 and it gets you lifetime access to the videos and the FB Group where you get to ask questions about anything at anytime! CLICK HERE. 3) I did state above that if you desire to get bio-identical treatment and the idea of adding a $500-ish plan each month is not doable with your budget and you’d like to just listen and learn about what the heck I’m referring to with earning an extra $500-$1000 a month in additional income (sure you could earn more if you hustle) reach out to me at and we’ll set up a call– 10-15 minutes and if you like what you hear, cool, if not -no worries. 

    perimenopause weight loss pills

    Let me summarize a few things — and just know I’ll be sharing a lot more posts on these topics and going into more detail so let me know what your questions are. 1) We don’t need to give up on our fitness game just because it’s perimenopause time. HELL NAW. In fact, I’m just so you know — I’m actually past menopause and done with it but I’m just getting started with a new program (I’m doing 30-Day Breakaway with Beachbody right now loving it– it’s running and strength training)– but I’m learning that strength training – heavy training is more important than ever– and cardio is ideal — HIIT is the best!! So it’s all about the KIND Of workouts we do and 2) With food- it’s all about FUELING OUR BODY vs. starving ourselves like we used to think we needed to when we were younger. And understanding insulin resistance and glucose spikes — that is a huge help with deciding how to eat. Get this book: CLICK HERE. 3) You MUST GET YOUR HORMONES BALANCED by a professional! I’d recommend my doctor she can change your life. 4) You have to get comprehensive blood-work done: get ULTA LAB TESTS and if you want to see my lab-work so you can order what I get done every quarter I’m happy to share. Just email me 5) If blood-work and BHRT sounds cost-prohibitive to you, let’s set up a time to talk because YOU CAN easily earn an extra $500 a month or more and pay for that and YOU DESERVE IT- it’s life changing treatment!! What questions do you have about bio-identical hormones or perimenopause or losing weight at this phase of life???

    But Wait, There's MORE!

    But Wait There's More

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  • The Best Insulin Resistance Meal Plan For Weight Loss.

    How I Lost Weight With Insulin Resistance.

    best insulin resistance meal plan for weight loss

    Are you struggling with insulin resistance and looking for the best insulin resistance meal plan for weight loss? I feel your pain. I have insulin resistance, have had it for years, and it’s only recently that I discovered what truly is the best insulin resistance meal plan for weight loss. The best insulin resistance meal plan for weight loss is one that works both in the short term, and also can be managed and tweaked for LIFE, meaning it’s sustainable and manageable as a lifestyle. I have learned so much about insulin resistance– and it’s been in phases. I first learned about it when I started getting bio-identical hormonal replacement treatment and got my bloodwork done and we identified that I had insulin resistance. That’s when I wrote this post and adjusted my diet and experienced some serious weight loss. I have no idea why- after losing that initial weight, I slowly but surely went back to my old ways of eating, back to my hard core fitness fanatic ways of protein shakes, protein bars, overtraining, etc. and eating carbs– not that I was overeating or eating junk– but I definitely added back into my diet the things that NOW as I’m a “keto convert” and have had this fantastic keto weight loss transformation, I no longer eat on a regular basis. Knowing what I know NOW, I wish I could go back and tell myself DON’T DO IT GIRL!!!!  THEN, As I went keto over the past year, I learned a bit more about insulin resistance- initially from my functional medicine doctor explaining to me that this is why my body had been unable to lose fat all these years prior– it was due to insulin resistance. I didn’t understand it at the time so much (I get it now– after doing a lot more reading…!!) but at least I felt better knowing I wasn’t CRAZY. All those years I FELT crazy because I was working out so hard and dieting and NOT LOSING A POUND!! I felt like a big fat loser! NEXT, after hitting my weight loss goal (still shocks me to type that) and starting to do a LOT more reading and research on fasting and insulin resistance- WOW, I learned a LOT MORE than I ever ever EVER thought I would. I mean, I have read some exceptional books and have — based on what I have uncovered in them, made some big changes in my life– changes I plan to share with you, because I’ve learned this: INSULIN RESISTANCE is a burden carried by far more people than we realize (some studies show upwards of 80% of the population in this country!) and…..WITH REGARD TO WEIGHT LOSS– INSULIN RESISTANCE IS TRULY at the core of it for most of us– those of us struggling and unable to lose. In other words, if you are dieting/working out and can’t seem to lose weight, you probably are on this insulin resistance train and need to get with the program of making some lifestyle/diet adjustments (which are so doable– see below!!) and you’ll be surprised how your body will respond. That said, if you don’t — and you follow what most Americans do– eat the “SAD” (Standard American Diet recommendations)– and shove a ton of fake processed food down your throat every week and don’t exercise– get ready for major weight gain and disease. Good times. Let’s talk about what I’ve learned shall we

    insulin resistance foods to avoid

    The 4 primary books that made a huge impact on my brain were The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, followed by Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes (recommended by my functional medicine doctor) followed by Why We Get Sick by Ben Bikman followed by The Glucose Revolution by Jesse Inchauspe. After reading these, all of which– I could not put down….I realized that insulin resistance really is the key as to why so many of us get stuck unable to lose weight and that there really IS something to this whole CARB THING. You see it’s so easy to write it off and for so many fitness/nutrition individuals to make sweeping generalizations and say “oh you can’t get fat eating fruit!!!!” or, “no diet that cuts out a food group is healthy”– but the reality is: the approach you take when going keto or cutting carbs to address insulin resistance is 1) not permanent and not comprehensive. You won’t go your whole life without ever eating carbs or fruit. 2) When you study more of the data and the studies that have been done….you see that there are a lot of people- -A LOT OF PEOPLE– I AM ONE OF THEM– who were doing all the right things and could not lose weight. There is absolutely something to be said about manipulating carbs, it’s not about a “fad diet” trust me. It’s about the insulin response in your body…I am by no means going to use my blog to try to be a scientist and explain– but I will paraphrase. PLEASE — BUY THOSE BOOKS. I read pretty much all of them in a day. They will amaze you!!!! They’ll change your life especially that glucose revolution and you’ll want to follow her on instagram for sure– amazing content she puts out that will wow you and educate you!

    insulin resistance meal plan pdf

    So basically– what I learned is– even more proof that my old lifestyle was indeed constantly creating insulin responses. One of the things Jesse talks about in her book is — and she is a scientist not a doctor or nutritionist/dietitian etc. she is someone who essentially biohacked herself and studied her own insulin/glucose responses to food and tracked it all and then studied food combinations and did research and uncovered amazing stuff…..mind blowing. THE ORDER YOU EAT YOUR FOOD (this is different than “food combining” that you may have heard of) changes the insulin response!!! Essentially– eating your starchy carbs last– eating fibrous/green carbs or a salad first is optimal, then fats/protein then carbs last— it changes everything. She has all these graphs to show the different responses when you eat carbs alone and then what happens if you eat a salad first or if you “dress your carbs” as she calls it with protein and/or fat– AMAZING DIFFERENCE. She also talks about how drinking apple cider vinegar in water 2x a day is monumentally helpful for your gut health and insulin in general- but also if you drink that prior to a carb heavy meal you can lessen the insulin response I think up to 40% (going by memory here). Additionally– something my husband and I started implementing– we now go for a walk immediately after dinner. She shared studies that show if you walk or lift weights within 70 minutes of your dinner– your body will use that glucose vs. sending it to be stored as fat. Why sit and watch Netflix when you can literally USE your dinner? We take our dog for a 20 minute walk now and it helps ensure he sleeps through the night too (he’s a puppy LOL)

    insulin resistance diet for pcos

    I’ve learned some crazy stuff!! Just prior to starting to read these books, I had had my consult with my functional medicine doctor– about what to eat during maintenance. She had told me about increasing my calories and adding in carbs. I guess I was slightly paranoid and wanting to understand more about nutrition- and so all of this was timely. I’m telling you guys—the carbs I had started adding prior to reading these books– primarily; ACAI BOWLS WITH BANANA IN THEM (I now know that is a sugar fest– can be even with the adjustments I had made up to 50-70g carbs!! Think about that!! And I was making them some nights as a “dessert!” damn!!!!) – a lot more oatmeal (was making oatmeal with eggs, but I don’t think that was the culprit….and also having apples with peanut butter. It’s just funny that as I started reading, the one thing that jumped out in several books was how bad acai bowls were. And I was kinda blown away how fast after adding in these carbs– my body responded by gaining some weight. Prior to adding in acai bowls in this very short time window– I was simply doing “higher carb days” by having more rice when we got sushi or having more fries when I had french fries (I’ve always let myself have some potatoes or fries with a meal I’ve just seriously watched my portion). But after my doc said “let’s up the carbs and really add some high carb days”– I gulped and decided I had to do it. As you know, she did tell me to be ready for immediate weight gain, because once you eat carbs they hold more water blah blah blah– but I was pretty amazed by how fast-without increasing the amount of food I was eating, just by adding in those “healthy carbs” (what we think is a healthy treat)– I immediately gained some pounds back. Goes to show you– the counting carbs thing is not a joke!

    low insulin foods

    Both what I have read and my recent experience with incorporating more carbs and having some weight gain (a little too fast too soon for my comfort level) have opened my eyes and taught me sooooo much!!! I’m just in awe of what I’ve learned but it’s also so cool!!! I mean, this Glucose Revolution book– wow! I’ve incorporated so many of her best practices from drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar 2x daily to adding in the after-dinner walk (will be so interesting to see how that affects my body after 30 days and then 60 days etc. — plus I”m also back to wearing my Apple Watch and making sure I get in 10K steps a day…..) and of course I’m no longer doing acai bowls- I make them for my husband and I make an altered (measured version with avocado and only fresh berries vs. frozen- omg frozen berries have so many more carbs/sugar than fresh!!!) version for me- more like a smoothie bowl keto style. Stay tuned to see how the adjustments I make pan out for me over the coming months — I’ll share it all here. Let me know what questions you have! In summary, the best insulin resistance meal plan is one that minimizes carbs and — in my opinion, that would be keto– at least for a while. It worked for me, when nothing else did for years. I suddenly lost 36 inches and 30lbs when I went keto and now — this is my lifestyle– sure, I’m tweaking things and incorporating a little more carby-stuff now, but I am going to be watching/monitoring my carb intake forever based on what I know about insulin resistance. I’d love to help you: check out my links below for my Keto Cookbook and Bootcamp or email me at for questions!



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