How to deal with HIGH CORTISOL levels or LOW CORTISOL levels.

You’ve probably heard a lot about cortisol, but do you really understand it? Many women have either extremely HIGH cortisol levels or like me- have non-existent cortisol levels due to adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout. Everything is connected and in this 2 part interview, I talk to my doctor, Dr. Lane Sebring about CORTISOL. We talk about how cortisol works in the body, what affects it and causes our cortisol levels to elevate or decline, and how to fix those issues holistically.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Why cortisol is the most important hormone in the body.
How cortisol works with your adrenal glands.
How stress affects cortisol production.
Why addressing the health of your adrenals matters so much to fix your cortisol issues.
How cortisol affects fat loss.
Immediate tips for how to improve your cortisol.

This is part two- be sure to tune in to both parts (click here to listen to part one if you haven’t already)– and if you loved this show- share it with your friends who are probably also wondering about this topic!  Today’s 2-part episode is an in-depth discussion on cortisol with Dr. Lane Sebring. Some of the things I’m using currently for my LOW CORTISOL issues are – Licorice Root and Magnesium.

About Dr. Lane Sebring

Dr. Lane Sebring has practiced medicine in Wimberley, Texas, for more than 18 years.

He is the founding physician of the Sebring Clinic and the developer of Paleo Non – Pharmacy. Both the clinic and pharmacy are located in the middle of 15 wooded acres in Wimberley, Texas, halfway between San Antonio and Austin in the beautiful Texas hill country. His uniquely qualified staff work in harmony at the direction of Dr. Sebring to provide patients with a comprehensive healthcare experience including bioidentical hormone therapy, HCG diet plans, brain health assessments, cardiovascular support programs, IV nutritional therapy and a “natural pharmacy” providing nutritional and herbal remedies he knows works for patients through 16 years of vetting.

Dr. Sebring completed his bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Texas in Austin and obtained his M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; the oldest medical school west of the Mississippi. He then completed his family medicine residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler, Texas. Wishing to work as an independent physician, Dr. Sebring opened his private practice, the Sebring Clinic, in 1996.

While working in private practice, it became apparent to Dr. Sebring that the current medical paradigm was designed to treat the symptoms of the herd and not the causal-based problem of the individual. He began attending  nutritional conferences in an effort to broaden his education and understanding. He soon found that his whole paradigm changed.

Dr. Sebring served as a board examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He has become a recognized expert in Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine and has been called the first physician to base his practice around the Paleo Diet, which he believes is the diet humans are designed to eat.

Dr. Sebring’s organ reserve and total stress load theory of aging not only best explains the unnatural aging pattern of modern humans, but lights up a pathway to avoid that unnatural pattern whereby humans maintain functionality at a high level throughout their life until death.

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