• EPISODE 211: Learn how to beat adrenal fatigue by managing stress and changing your diet. Part One.

    How to Address Adrenal Fatigue Naturally.

    Adrenal Fatigue Interview

    If you have found yourself feeling “burned out” you aren’t alone. Today’s “hustle and grind” culture encourages and almost glorifies workaholism and many women are falling for it and ending up with adrenal fatigue even adrenal burnout. (I was one of them!). 

    In today’s two part episode I talk with Ericka Eller, who is a stress management coach. She learned the hard way the impact that stress and a lack of ability to deal with stress has on our lives and our health. She now works with women to help them combat adrenal fatigue by managing stress better and making lifestyle changes. 

    We talk about the importance of getting to the ROOT of the problem with our health vs medicating the symptoms. You will likely recognize bad practices in your own life and possibly similar symptoms as you tune in- but be encouraged: the good news is, you CAN get past this. Hope you enjoy this 2-part interview with Ericka Eller!

    About Ericka Eller

    Ericka Eller

    From Ericka’s Bio:

    “I went from frumpy to feeling fabulous after 20 years of scrambling for confidence. I’m not perfect but now I’m confident (I have bad days like you, but then I kick those mean girl voices out of my head! …I didn’t want to sit at your table anyway!) The key, sweet sister, is a mind shift change and truly understanding your worth! There are greater things ahead for you!

    I have used my 15+ years of experience in health and wellness, entrepreneurship, management, sales and leadership to help you gain control of your life by adding hours to your day! I spend my days researching the cutting-edge methods of maintaining health so you don’t have to. I have created a wellness program full of grace, education, nutrition, organization, and success in your health!”

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    How Women Can Pay Off Debt and Build Wealth. Discover Financial Freedom! Part TWO.

    Do you worry about money? Have you lost your job recently? Do you live paycheck to paycheck? Do you always spend more than you earn? Do you feel like you can never get ahead financially? Do you think you’ll never be able to save for retirement? Do you carry a lot of credit card debt?
    Does all of this STRESS YOU OUT? 
    You aren’t alone. This is exactly why I’m covering MONEY issues on the podcast. Money problems are one of the top 3 sources of massive STRESS in our lives and the more STRESSED you are, the more health concerns you’ll have. Lower your stress– by fixing your money issues– and improve your health. See how that works?
    You will love this first of many-to-come episodes on the Financially FIT theme– why are we talking about finances? Because stress is one of the #1 contributors to bad health- and what’s one of the #1 causes of stress? MONEY problems. Attack your money problems, attack your stress, improve your health. Tune into this 2-part episode with Amy Schultz and get ready to LEARN A TON about managing your money issues for the better! This is part 2 of the 2 part interview. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, CLICK HERE. Also, if you liked this interview, you’ll probably also like this interview with Krista Dowling Goodrich- CLICK HERE. I also interviewed Barbara Huson on the show- and we talked about women and money- CLICK HERE to listen. A great book to read on money is by Jean Chatkzy- I really enjoyed it. CLICK HERE to check it out.

    About Amy Schultz

    From Amys online bio: “I spent a long time believing that work and money were the ultimate goal. I worshiped Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co. and spent 80 hours a week focusing on my career. I told myself my anxiety and depression were just a chemical imbalance in my brain – my life was perfect, so that was the only explanation that made sense to me.

    In 2017, my first son, Jake, was born in an emergency delivery that resulted in me on life support. I left for the hospital a woman looking forward to returning to her usual perky, driven self after having a baby, and came home from the hospital a new mother whose entire life had been turned upside down.

    When an experience forces you to say “I lived” with a deeper understanding of what that means, you can’t go back to not living. I realized how much had been wrong about my prior life – and felt angry for a very, very long time about how sure I had been that I was on the right path.

    I couldn’t stand being in my house – all the THINGS I had spent money and time and energy on reminded me of how lost I had been. Until I had to rely on the blood and medical care of strangers, I didn’t know how to be a person that connected with other people. Until I came face-to-face with losing everything, I didn’t know how much meaning was missing from my life.

    By the time Jake was a year old, I was a woman on a mission; searching endlessly for answers. If there is so much more to life than work + money, why did I spend so long going after it with everything I had? Why do I feel so horrible about myself for wanting to stay home with my baby? Why didn’t I realize how unhappy I was sooner? 

    The answers to these questions led me to an uncomfortable truth: our society prevents women from choosing meaning over money. It instills the value of work + money in little girls and doesn’t stop until they are spending every dime they have and working long hours to earn it back. It convinces us that it is not financially feasible to live a life full of meaning and purpose… so we settle. And we feel shame and guilt about our spending and our inability to save for a future we don’t even feel belongs to us.

    These are the limiting beliefs women carry about work + money. And it prevents us from living the life we love.

    I was able to break this pattern when I uncovered the specific pieces of my past that led me to limiting money beliefs, discovered what an abundant life looks like for me, and reframed my money behaviors and my obsession with work to make that life possible.

    I’ve made it my life’s mission to help other women do the same.” You can connect with Amy at her website by CLICKING HERE. and you can follow her on instagram by CLICKING HERE.

    Enjoying The Kelly O Show yet?

    Do you love The Kelly O Show yet?

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  • Welcome Back, Kelly

    Hello Friends. Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 

    I get it. I hear you! 

    I stopped my regular blogging back in….geez, probably early 2016. Why? Because I was “so busy” (and I was, don’t get me wrong, but this will be a topic I’ll be covering in future posts, how being “busy” doesn’t count…being focused and organized and driven and deliberate DOES COUNT and makes your life a whole lot better!) — and little did I know that THAT YEAR, 2016 there was a storm coming. 

    There was a storm coming – more like a tsunami- and I was so unprepared for it, it almost wrecked me. Truthfully, it almost wrecked me. Many of you that have been following me online for years have heard me say that 2017-2018 were the two worst years of my life. 2016 was the warm-up. And I’ll tell you all about these years, the bad times, and most importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, what I LEARNED from them, and how I am forever changed and transformed by them and how now, I can genuinely declare….

    I AM THANKFUL for those worst years of my life. 

    I now GET IT. I get why they happened. I wouldn’t wish the experiences on my worst enemy (well….sometimes!!! LOL) but I am now the BEST version of myself. I’ve become a woman of excellence and substance, of tremendous competence and confidence, of experience and extraordinary talent. I am fearless. 

    And I’m just getting started. 

    So, the truth is, as I sat down to write my first blog post after a 3 year hiatus…..I was stumped. Not stumped by “what do I write about”– I’ve got PLENTY to write about and share on video (yes, I will be publishing vlogs again shortly!)- it was more about “What do I start with???”

    The past years have resulted in SO MUCH CHANGE and transformation and evolution — I want to tell you EVERYTHING and yet, I am overwhelmed by how much I have to share and explain. 

    ONE of the very great lessons I’ve learned in the past few years has to do with productivity, procrastination and performance. The three P’s. 

    And I decided to apply this lesson and new behavior to this blog post. 

    What’s the lesson? 

    This Practice Destroyed My Productivity and Limited My Business Results In the WORST Way.

    When I have a To-Do List that is biblical in length (pretty much all the time) or, in this case, when I have a notebook full of blog post topics I want to publish….the natural reaction for me (in the past) was to….freak out a bit, then assume “Well, I’ll never get anywhere on this list” or, “OMG this is just too much to attack right now”….and then, I’d PROCRASTINATE.

    I’d find just about anything to do except the task(s) at hand. I’d clean the house. I’d go on instagram. I’d go on Pinterest. I’d text or call my mom. 

    Self-Sabotage  at its finest. 


    No idea. But this practice has plagued me for years and been a HUGE HUGE HUGE stumbling block for my moving on up in my LIFE and certainly in my BUSINESS. I think I spent more time freaking out about my TO-DOs and then, organizing and reorganizing my TO-DO lists…rather than DOING ANYTHING…for years. 

    Hence, why I’ve always been “swamped” or “sooo busy” but yet, things never got better. I never got ahead. I never got anything DONE. 

    And for years- in fact 10 years, I took no vacation. I just worked all the time, letting all my employees take vacations and long weekends but not me. I was the martyr work-horse that kept thinking if I stopped, the money train would stop and all those people depending on me would be disappointed and angry (that’s a whole OTHER topic I’ll be covering– that People Pleaser Problem that can destroy us.). 

    What’s the solution?

    This One New Practice Improved My Productivity 10x.

    What’s the solution to being stuck and languishing in the land of procrastination and avoidance? 

    Pretty Basic. You just force yourself to do ANY ONE THING. 

    Yes. That’s the magic bullet friends. Just pick ONE DAMN THING on your To-Do list (ideally you’ve moved on to the productivity/focus practice of PRIORITIZING your To-Do list every evening for the next day– I’ll write about that in a future post.) and set a timer– and do that thing without allowing yourself to multi-task and do ANYTHING ELSE until that one thing is done. 

    It doesn’t matter how small it is. It will propel you into a “I did it!!” mindset of success vs. the dreaded “Holy S&&T another day I didn’t get that blog post/laundry/grocery trip/workout/homework done” feeling. 

    Those feelings suck. I get it. I’ve been there. And just like a salesperson launches into a new stratosphere of confidence after closing that first deal, thereby creating a perfect storm of additional closed deals… can YOU propel yourself into massive productivity by simply GETTING ONE THING DONE. 

    For me, when I get ONE THING DONE on my prioritized to-do list, I take one of my 700 Sharpie markers and I CROSS THAT PUPPY OUT. Do you know how much joy that gives me? Crossing out and knowing I’m ON TO THE NEXT ITEM??? 

    Immense amounts of pleasure my friends, immeasurable. 

    Watch the video below where I explain this a little bit more. 😉


    Friends, I have to tell you, there is a lot I’ve got coming up here on this new site….please be sure you are subscribed because this time around guess what? I’ll actually be doing a newsletter and everything that I didn’t do with my old blog! How bout dat?

    Secondly, just to wrap this topic up, I’m covering this productivity hack if you will because — when we are not running our life, and our life is running US and maybe running us over, we are in a state of massive STRESS. And STRESS has such a huge HUGE huge impact on our health and especially on our fitness journey- trust me. I’m learning how to undo all the years of stressing out about my body and stressing out about my workout program and stressing out about my diet. I’m also undoing years of being stressed about my business, my personal relationships and my place in life- because I was not in control of my life. I was not the director my life-movie. I was giving control away every day. And it hurt, a lot.

    Not anymore. I’m passionate about teaching you all the lessons I’ve learned the past several years because– when I learned them and changed my behaviors…..EVERYTHING CHANGED and I EVOLVED and my life began to BLOSSOM. I’ve never EVER been so excited and happy and fulfilled and this is what I want for you!!

    So– stay tuned. Tell me in the comments below what your biggest STRESS challenges are- and how they affect your health. And then what are your biggest productivity issues? Do you feel behind all the time?? Want a way out?

    I’ve got you.