How to Address Adrenal Fatigue Naturally.

Adrenal Fatigue Interview

If you have found yourself feeling “burned out” you aren’t alone. Today’s “hustle and grind” culture encourages and almost glorifies workaholism and many women are falling for it and ending up with adrenal fatigue even adrenal burnout. (I was one of them!). 

In today’s two part episode I talk with Ericka Eller, who is a stress management coach. She learned the hard way the impact that stress and a lack of ability to deal with stress has on our lives and our health. She now works with women to help them combat adrenal fatigue by managing stress better and making lifestyle changes. 

We talk about the importance of getting to the ROOT of the problem with our health vs medicating the symptoms. You will likely recognize bad practices in your own life and possibly similar symptoms as you tune in- but be encouraged: the good news is, you CAN get past this. Hope you enjoy this 2-part interview with Ericka Eller!

About Ericka Eller

Ericka Eller

From Ericka’s Bio:

“I went from frumpy to feeling fabulous after 20 years of scrambling for confidence. I’m not perfect but now I’m confident (I have bad days like you, but then I kick those mean girl voices out of my head! …I didn’t want to sit at your table anyway!) The key, sweet sister, is a mind shift change and truly understanding your worth! There are greater things ahead for you!

I have used my 15+ years of experience in health and wellness, entrepreneurship, management, sales and leadership to help you gain control of your life by adding hours to your day! I spend my days researching the cutting-edge methods of maintaining health so you don’t have to. I have created a wellness program full of grace, education, nutrition, organization, and success in your health!”

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