Pelvic Floor

  • EPISODE 165: Your body after the baby: dealing with pelvic floor issues and improving your sexual health.

    How to treat those awkward post-pregnancy pelvic-floor issues.

    After Collette Courtion became a mom, her girlfriends told her about some of the unfortunate changes that occur from giving birth and aging that no one likes to talk about. With few treatment options available in women’s intimate health, she learned that quite a lot of women simply just suffer in silence. Collette wasn’t willing to do that. Building on her 15+ years in medical aesthetics working with innovative energy-based technologies, she partnered with a team of OB/GYNs and luminaries in the field of laser/light science to create revolutionary intimate health products. In this interview, you’ll learn about the power of red-light treatment for vaginal wall rejuvenation and how to effectively address pelvic floor issues that occur after pregnancy. 

    About Collette Courtion

    Collette Courtion is the founder of JoyLux. From their “About Us” page:
    “We are a global femtech company creating high-tech intimate health devices and products under the brands Joylux, vSculpt, vFit, and HER Intimate CareTM. Intimate health is a taboo subject that has been overlooked for far too long. We believe that women need access to solutions that help improve confidence when dealing with common female issues as we pass through life’s milestones, like childbirth and menopause.
    We also believe sexual health is vital to overall health. Our small but mighty team of women (and a few men) is committed to finding scientific solutions that are noninvasive, effective, and affordable to help improve all aspects of a woman’s intimate life. Let’s tackle the taboo together.”

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