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  • My Keto Transformation: 32 Inches and 22 Pounds GONE. How I Did It– and How YOU CAN TOO!

    This Keto Transformation of Mine Will INSPIRE YOU to Try Keto I Guarantee It!

    keto transformation

    If you are looking for a keto transformation to inspire you, I’ve got you covered. And I have no problem saying that and feeling arrogant AT ALL! I’ve waited too long and worked too hard for this. My keto transformation WILL inspire you and this blog post will share how my keto transformation can be just as much a keto transformation YOU can achieve– TRUST ME on that one. That’s why you’re here right- doing research on the keto diet to see if it really works- to find a REAL PERSON with a REAL KETO TRANSFORMATION right? I did the same thing. I was super skeptical and didn’t want to do keto but it’s changed my life and transformed my body and I’ll never go back. So let’s get started with me sharing my keto transformation story from start to “finish” or – to where I am today (32 inches down and 22 pounds lighter) on December 21, 2021! WOOT!

    Why I Decided to Go on the KETO Diet in the First Place!

    The truth is I did NOT want to go keto at all. It was my new functional medicine doctor who “prescribed” this approach for me and after a lot of back and forth where she explained to me and had me read a lot of articles/books and listen to a lot of podcasts to understand– that the keto diet combined with fasting is essentially the magic bullet solution for women like me with hormonal imbalance and metabolic damage (i.e. the inability to lose fat). I finally took her word for it and just went for it. You see- for the past 5-10 years really…I’d been stuck. I’d been this woman who was just NEVER ABLE TO GET ANYWHERE with my fitness. I was always at different phases of “overweight”. Ever since my hormones had started changing around age 40, it had been an uphill battle for me. I’d started getting things BETTER by getting on bio-identical hormones, but the weight situation was STUBBORN. Most people who knew me probably wouldn’t describe me as overweight. They wouldn’t call me chubby or fat or say “she could lose a few pounds”– most people thought I was fit. I had the blessing or curse of gaining fat in all the right places– I just got curvier. I never got a big gut or looked HUGE. But I felt it. And in the last 2-3 years it seemed to get increasingly HARDER. It seemed that the harder I tried to diet and exercise, the fluffier I felt. So- Last summer I threw my hands in the air and realized that I had give up trying to solve this issue on my own. I hired a trainer and started a Reverse Diet. That was hard to do, trust me. Then I fired my last functional medicine doctor and hired my current doctor who is a miracle worker. She told me I’d need to keep doing the reverse diet for another 6 months before I could start dieting again. And last year at this time, I was getting married and in the depths of SOME SERIOUS ESTROGEN DOMINANCE. Y’all, I was seriously eating humble pie when it came to my body and my health. I had to throw my hands in the air and SURRENDER. I was not in control but I had faith in my new doctor. I really did believe in her. THANK GOD I CHILLED OUT AND DID WHAT SHE SAID. 

    This photo above was taken the week of our wedding in November 2020- in Austin TX. This was at the height of my estrogen dominance. My boobs had gone UP a size from 36D which I’ve been my whole life to 38DD and they were sore AF. You can see how much I’d gained weight in my hips and thighs, I was just THICK and I felt it. I was horrified when I saw this photo but I am so glad I have it now. Because I can tell you without question, my weight gain/boobs situation was not due to me sitting around eating junk food and not working out. You’re looking at the photo of a woman who until a couple months before this – was working out 6 days a week every week and eating 1600 calories a day every day and PUSHING IT in every day. Could not lose weight. At some point your body like not only pushes back but FIGHTS YOU. 

    Embracing the Keto Way of Life

    By May 2021 my doctor told me I was eligible to diet again. That’s when keto came up and my resistance came up. But I finally went for it. Now at first, I was sloppy keto big time. What do I mean by that? Well, the truth is, I kind of lived on keto fat bombs (this one recipe I made that satisfied my sweet tooth big time) and spinach dip. Like THAT IS ALL I ATE for the first few weeks. Y’ALL– THAT IS DUMB. But-  can you lose some weight that way? Sure. You can also lose weight doing a lot of dumb s**t but– don’t do it. It’s not healthy or sustainable. My own husband was like “babe you can’t live on spinach dip”. So that’s when I started doing some instagram stalking– looking at other keto people and I wanted to find HEALTHY people and see what they ate and how they worked out and so on. I found a lot of cool fit healthy people and that’s when I discovered how many people were down with the exogenous ketones— and that’s when I got reconnected with Pruvit and ordered like 75 boxes of ketones (thank God I did they have changed my appetite and cravings FOREVER!!!) I followed a bunch of people, ordered some cookbooks and started shopping at Trader Joe’s for some keto staples– I got creative with my meals- I diversified. Pinterest is your savior here– all you gotta do is go to Pinterest and type whatever it is you want to make and add the word keto to it, there is a keto version of every recipe out there it’s crazy! With each week, this keto life became easier. Here’s how it went. I did that sloppy keto in May- wasn’t taking it seriously but started to see/feel leaner. Decided to do this for real, and do it right and measure/weigh myself when we got back from our vacation, starting June 1st – I placed my first ketones order and was ready to get serious and level up. After I started drinking the ketones 2x a day, I noticed a massive difference in my energy during the day (which is significant because I have had adrenal fatigue problems for years and just prior to taking ketones I was having to take a nap every day at 2pm for like an HOUR– not anymore) and my CRAVINGS and APPETITE are forever changed. I am simply not ruled by food anymore. I never snack! Seriously. It is LIFE CHANGING. I believe so strongly in these ketones — of course I became a distributor. So– see me to get you and your loved ones started-  your life will never be the same. I’m telling you. Also- I never had “the keto flu” or “keto breath” or constipation. None of that. But– Steve and I have always put fiber in our coffee and inulin so maybe the fact that we had already been doing that, prevented the constipation situation. I also focus on food diversity– making sure to eat salads and TRYING TO eat more green vegetables (but you gotta watch it, you’d be SURPRISED how many green veggies have carbs!!!) So- again, each week, eating this way — 50g of carbs or less, 50-60g of protein and the rest healthy fats (1600 calories) became SO EASY. I can still drink (I do ketones with hard alcohol or drink Sauvignon Blanc) and I eat amazing food and never feel like my life sucks simply because I’m not eating bread. I have steadily lost weight at about a pound a week– with a few weeks where I was at the same weight but losing inches. Then I added in these TRIM supplements I take now (yea, you’ll want to ask me about them and yea you’ll want to get on them and yea I’m a distributor too, you knew that was coming!) and I was surprised how that jump started the weight loss again- within the next week I was down 2 pounds and 3 inches. It’s legit. Here we are in December- I am walking around feeling more confident in clothes (and out of them) than I ever have in my entire adult life. I’m 2-3 pounds away from my first goal weight and all of this happened with me BARELY WORKING OUT (that was not the plan by the way– was dealing with migraines).

    Who Am I?

    keto before and after transformation

    Y’all- the photo above is one I shot very quickly, because I wanted to have one shot of me in workout clothes similarly posed, to show the difference in my body today vs that photo of me last year at the height of estrogen dominance and while I was in the weight loss waiting room. So forgive the informality of these photos but they make the point- and I am also LOL-ing at the instagram one below– my eyes are bugging out!! You know why– probably because I was in shock. Y’all I’m not lying. The past 5 years or so I have AVOIDED FULL LENGTH MIRRORS at all costs. I hated how I looked and didn’t want to face it. So when I was on this trip and had this full length mirror in my cottage and saw myself I about died! The difference is remarkable, my whole body shape is changing! This is what happens when your hormones get corrected — the areas where fat was deposited previously – release the fat. LADIES— I AM TELLING YOU. If you are like I was– struggling, and doing excessive cardio and dieting and killing yourself and wondering WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT— trust me that I have learned what the fix is. You gotta get your hormones addressed (and I have just the doctor for you, she takes telemedicine appointments!!) but you owe it to yourself to do this keto + fasting + ketones + supplementation thing I’m doing. I’m getting certified as a keto coach I’m so passionate about it– who is ready to take that first step and be in a keto challenge with me in January? Leave a comment if you want information because this can be your year. Look at me- I started off this year feeling UGGGGHHH and I’m ending this year feeling like a supermodel! you can SO DO THIS. What questions can I answer about the keto diet? Happy to help!

    keto diet before and after 3 months

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  • Losing Weight After 50: It’s NOT Impossible.

    Is Losing Weight After 50 Possible?

    If you are struggling with losing weight after 50, you aren’t alone. Heck, most women are struggling to lose weight after 40, and it can just get harder after that. Losing weight after 50 is not impossible, I assure you. In this blog post I will share my recent success in losing weight after 50 (I’m age 52! and have lost 24 1/2 inches and 18 lbs with the supervision of my doctor) and explain how I know you can too. Don’t be concerned about losing weight after 50, that’s it’s not possible for you simply because you’ve been at a plateau for a long time. I was stuck at 20-25 lbs over my ideal weight for the past DECADE! I can feel your pain! After you read this blog post and hear my story, you’ll understand that losing weight after 50 IS doable and I’m happy to be your guide. Let’s get started.

    trouble losing weight after 50

    How to Start Losing Weight After 50

    Those of you that have been following me for a while know what I’m going to say here. BEFORE YOU START getting serious about losing weight after 50- you have to understand how important one thing is: your HORMONES. If you have not yet had comprehensive bloodwork done yet and seen a functional medicine doctor to get on bio-identical hormonal treatment yet– most diet approaches will be a short term fix at best. Your body will ultimately end up fighting back and you’ll gain weight. I’ve seen this happen with me. That’s a sad but real truth. You can get comprehensive blood-work done via Ulta Lab Tests nationwide- CLICK HERE. They will save you soooo much money and then you’ll have bloodwork you can take to any functional medicine doctor which will save you time. GET IT DONE, TRUST ME. 

    fat loss after 50

    What I know is the secret to losing weight after 50

    Here is what I know to be true about losing weight after 50- and it’s the same as losing weight after 40. The first most important thing is to have that foundational focus on getting your HORMONES checked out. Once you are this age (and truthfully, it’s no longer even about being in your 40’s or 50’s or older, women are presenting with hormonal imbalances as early as in their twenties now– go listen to my interviews with Laurie Christine King and Alex Mazzurco if you want real life examples!) your hormones are 50% of the equation when it comes to your body’s ability to lose weight — in my opinion. Ignoring your hormones means you’ll be facing an uphill battle to get in shape. Further– I won’t get off topic here but — YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND FUTURE CAN CHANGE when your hormones are balanced– WHY NOT PURSUE THAT? I look and feel better at age 52 than I did at age 32…..if that’s not an argument for anti-aging I don’t know what is. So- to summarize my history- as briefly as possible, my body started changing around age 40. At that time I began to gain weight while not changing anything with my diet and exercise. I was training with a trainer and he thought I might be pregnant because my boobs got so big. Still, it took years for me to even THINK of hormones. I just kept pushing and pushing, dieting harder and working out harder. (one of the major mistakes most women make) I sought out every secret diet that might work. I never stopped dieting. For the past 10 years I kept pushing and going and going…..harder and harder. 

    I never really made progress. 

    Aside from a few windows of success: after doing a round of the HCG Diet- and following that up with some ill-advised direction to dive right in to Faster Way to Fat Loss without any reverse dieting out of HCG …followed by a HORRIBLE experience with a horrible dietitian who helped me gain a bunch of weight…..let’s just say the most recent 5 years or so have been the most miserable for me. I’ve lived in black baggy clothes, I’ve dieted my A&& off and….nothing worked. 

    UNTIL THIS YEAR. Actually – it was last summer that I took the first steps toward my new future, but I did not know it at the time. 


    I do think it’s important to mention here. After 10+ years of nonstop dieting and overtraining I listened to Alex Mazzurco, hired her as my trainer and committed to doing a reverse diet to heal myself. I did a reverse diet for almost a year. I fired my last functional medicine doctor who was not getting me results. In October I hired a female functional medicine doctor– Dr. Ruthie Harper in Austin TX- and started working with her. From our first consult I KNEW she’d heal me. She told me I had to work MOST on my insulin resistance, not my hypothyroid issues. That was an eye opener: I think far too many women focus way too much on hypothyroid issues as the reason why we can’t lose weight. Dr. Harper said the primary reason I wasn’t losing fat was insulin not thyroid. When April/May of this year hit and she told me I was finally well enough to diet again and she gave me my macros– and it was basically keto….I freaked out a bit. Well, a lot. I was the most skeptical person on the planet about the keto diet. SPOILER ALERT: The secret to losing weight after 50 for most women is keto. That’s right. Keto + Fasting + Exogenous Ketones is the magical combination that has transformed my body and helped me shed 24 inches and 18lbs since June 1st. I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in YEARS. I am 8lbs from my goal weight. I do a double take in the mirror about every day!!! I walk with a strut now! I haven’t looked this good in over a decade. AND I FEEL GREAT. And guess what else: this is a lifestyle. I don’t feel deprived at all. I drink. I eat food I love. My cravings are virtually gone and I never binge anymore! This has transformed my LIFE!! I never ever would have expected all of this from just going keto but heck if I knew this I would have done it 3 years ago!!!! I’m so passionate about sharing this — I’m becoming a certified keto coach — so I can help more women aged 40+ with hormone issues lose the weight-  THIS IS THE SOLUTION. I’m telling you. Keto + Fasting + Exogenous Ketones will change your life– it changed mine. My husband stops me at least once a day somewhere in our house and will remark about how much my body has transformed. I have to buy new clothes all the time because I’m losing pounds/inches….it’s amazing. 

    Who would have thought something so simple was the answer— but when you think about it— if INSULIN RESISTANCE is the key- then keto really is the thing that automatically removes all the foods that cause insulin response. It removes what causes cravings. It removes what causes binges. It’s transformative more than you know. I’d love to know what this post did for you– what questions you have and how I can help? Are you ready to take the leap?? 

    But WAIT, There's MORE!


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