How to Cook Clean, Healthy Meals For Weight Loss. Interview with The Clean Eating Couple Founder, Liz Falcigno.

If you want to lose weight, you need to pay close attention to the food you eat. Further, if you want to improve your overall HEALTH and well-being, you’ve got to focus on the quality of your food. As such, cooking your own meals and snacks is the best way to ensure that you are eating clean– foods without 9 billion pesticides and chemical wasteland ingredients– and it’s also the best way to save money and stay on point with your diet. Easier to stay paleo when you make paleo recipes. Easier to be gluten free when you make homemade gluten free recipes vs. buying something with “gluten-free” slapped on the package. A lot of women avoid cooking healthy recipes because they think it’ll be void of taste. NOT!! In this day and age, seriously- eating healthy and clean doesn’t have to mean it’s not amazing tasting. If you follow me you KNOW I love to eat. Eating paleo or gluten free or Whole30 or whatever- it takes effort but once you start cooking and baking more at home- trust me- you’ll get addicted. The possibilities are endless especially with bloggers like Liz out there!
You will learn so much in this 2-part interview with Liz Falcigno, who is the creative genius behind The Clean Eating Couple blog. Her blog and social media content illustrate daily how eating CLEAN can be a delicious endeavor vs. a path of deprivation. We also talk about how Liz turned her passion for this blog into a full time income– and y’all know how much I love to encourage women to pursue their passions for ‘work’! Be sure to listen to BOTH parts of this 2-part episode! This is part one. When you are ready to listen to part 2- click here.

About Liz Falcigno

From her online bio: I’m Liz – the founder of The Clean Eating Couple. I started The Clean Eating Couple in 2013 as a way to chronicle my journey with health and wellness. After being fed up with feeling unhealthy – I decided to make a change in what I was eating.
I made a New Year’s Resolution (yes, I was one of those people!), started working out daily, and making healthier choices when it came to food. I haven’t looked back.
Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two in the kitchen – and I know I can help you learn too!
From Me (Kelly) — Liz is truly one of my FAVVORRRIITTTTEEEE bloggers out there. I always know if I tune into her I will find another recipe or meal idea or grocery shopping tip that helps me get better in the kitchen in some way. LOVE her- follow her and buy all her stuff. 

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