It all adds up. Seriously.


Happy Superbowl Sunday people! Of course, those of you that know me know that I could not care less about the Superbowl. I didn't even know who was playing until Thursday. You can see I'm really bothered about that. NOT. ;-)

So I took this photo this morning after my killer sweatfest- went for some old school Insanity-- Plyometric Cardio Circuit. OMG.


I haven't done Insanity in forever but wow, I forgot how fun it is and how badass you feel doing it. I burned a bit over 300 calories, see below:


.....and that brings me to a point I made on Instagram today (you can follow me on Instagram -- KellyOlexa.) -- get yourself a Heart Rate Monitor people. Seriously- y'all know I've been using them for like 5+ years-- you cannot trust what a machine at the gym tells you or what some marketing push for a class is (Burns up to 1000 calories in an hour!!!) People pleez, I workout HARD and I have yet to burn 1000 calories after A TWO HOUR WORKOUT. Get real. Don't kid yourself-- you want to really track results, get a heart rate monitor. Of course, I've used Polar for years and now (Full Disclosure, they are a client of my company, FitFluential-- but clearly these opinions are my own) I'm even more adamant about it when I see how far off the gym machines are. It bothers me to see people relying on that and getting frustrated by their weight loss or lack thereof. They probably eat MORE because they think they are burning more.

IMG_0368.JPG the spirit of catching up on things.....and in the spirit of talking about how people think they've burned more calories so they tend to eat more.....I think we all have a pretty good concept of the fact that how much we eat is -- well it is a BIG predictor of how well we will do in the weight loss area. And you've heard me talking about this new company I discovered last month (late December) called Diet To Go. So-- while those of you that are connected with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have seen all of my yummy photos and discussions about this already-- see below my little video review (Disclosure-- Diet To Go is a client of my company, FitFluential, but as we know, all the opinions expressed here are my own.)

Now the picture above was a typical dinner meal from Diet To Go. They've been kind enough to let me use their meals exclusively for a couple of weeks (with the addition of a protein shake each day to meet my protein/supp goals). 


As you can see, the Chicken Fontina I had was quite delicious looking-- it's REAL FOOD and -- also -- note, I've been using the Lo-Carb plan as recommended for me by Dr. Mike Roussell who you know has been coaching me on my diet plan. I'd say 99% of the meals I've had are under 500-600 calories. I've liked pretty much all of them. The pork meals didn't rock my world but-- here's the thing. I don't like Pork. So I can't fault DTG for that. I also felt a bit biased in that I think MY Turkey Meatloaf is better than theirs. Is that wrong? Go ahead and judge me. I will tell you this-- the breakfasts blow my mind. Many of them under 300 calories-- and how easy is this-- ALL MEALS YOU JUST UNWRAP AND HEAT IN MICROWAVE FOR 2 AND A HALF MINUTES. Brilliant. I can't say enough how much I think this is a valuable service --- for convenience, for portion control and value. No more worrying about going to 7 grocery stores and spending 4 hours prepping meals on Sunday. (Not that I ever actually DID THAT, but I did talk about WANTING TO DO IT....#fail) I'll share more photos in my next posts. I'm a massive fan and am totally addicted and spoiled. Seriously-- check them out-- all meals are under (by my calculations) $8 and hello that's what quite often a fast food drive through meal can cost. HELLO!


Above is a typical breakfast with sausage and a quiche and some peppers. YUM.

Now, I'm about to head out-- but the title of my post is, "It all adds up, seriously" I think you might know what I mean-- I've been babbling on about this but really-- this month of January as I kicked more butt in the FOCUS department and in the CONSISTENCY department and in the STICKING TO THE PLAN department- I am seeing the results. I have never seen such significant changes in my body in such a short amount of time. In fact, I'd suggest I've made more progress just this month than all last year, in fact I know it. I have not had one cheat meal the whole month. I'm eating Diet To Go meals at home, and on the road I pack proactively and order carefully. I feel fantastic. Mentally and physically. I have energy and drive and -- wow it's hard to not be psyched as heck when you get up each day FEELING GREAT and seeing it. I am TRACKING EVERYTHING and will now-- NOW THAT THE BLASTED BLOG IS FINALLY UP AND VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC AND I CAN POST AGAIN-- I will now start sharing more of my training and my eats and all of that. I'm learning so much. 

I'm loving every second. I am so freaking excited and so proud and just amped.

How are YOU FEELING as we head into Month #2 of the year?? Are you crushing it or have you stalled? or did you even start? What's stopping you??


Focus on BETTER.

Hey Peeps!! Happy Saturday! How are you today? I was up at 6:30am today! BOOYA. Yes with all of my technology issues this week I was ......getting to bed later and sleeping in later which just ANNOYS ME to no end.

And yes, I am still sleeping like a baby in that Technogel bed. It's funny- the mattress is so deep my sheets barely fit it but they don't ride up. Maybe that's why I'm sleeping in lately--- LOL I haven't been setting my alarm maybe I'm just sleeping so WELL on that heavenly mattress.........Hmm let's test this out next week. Stay tuned. I don't need more than 7-8 hours sleep a night- what about you? 

Anyway, I've been up and kicking butt since early today. I did cardio -- LES MILLS COMBAT.....Um people. Here's my "review" so far. Disclosure-- I am a serious fan and lover of all things kickboxing. So it would be hard for me to not like this. 

I. Am. In. Love. 

Now- I have at this point only done the intro 30-minute workout and then the 45 minute Power KATA on DVD 1. That 45 Minute Power Kata is SO FUN and -- it's all new punches, new combos and new things I haven't done before. If you really like kickboxing and all of that, I'm sure you are like me, you've bought everything advanced out there......this is nice because there are moves I've never done before-- my ABS were hurting so bad after the first day, what does that tell you? Also, there is something about people with the great Australian or whatever accent they have that is just well COOL.

Um, yes please. I'll have 2. To-Go.

Suffice it to say- Krissa, you were asking me about this, yes you should get it. It is FUN and fast paced, and I cannot wait to move up and do more. WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE CREATE THIS BEFORE?


And if you want to get your own, of course you can order from my BeachBody website by CLICKING HERE.

Now. Here is another thing to share. Wow I have so much to catch you up on but trust me, now that my new office is FINALLY up and running there won't be long spans of no-blog from KO. Watch.

Anyway, I have started to weigh myself EVERY DAY. I faced my fear. How silly is fear of the scale? I've FEARED what the number is just like when I am a clueless moron and don't balance my checking account and then squint my eyes when I check my balance office is a mess and I let things pile up and then it's two weeks later and panic sets in where Kelly goes "Ooh my WHAT THE how is it the 20th of the month?? What month is it?" Yea -- no more of that baloney.

GET ON TOP OF THINGS PEOPLE. In all areas of your life. Face your doubts and your fears. It's empowering. I am now really looking at myself like a fun science experiment. I am tracking EVERYTHING and when you track yourself-- I don't know somehow you take more ownership of your actions because you know your actions determine your RESULTS.

Here is what's funny about the scale and why I am glad I am hopping on that bad boy every morning. This is the pattern from this week.


  1. Sunday-- this was my first weighing myself since like November. So based on my last memory, I was down 4lbs since November.
  2. Monday -- UP .6 POUNDS. I did not panic. Pissed me off but I didn't panic.
  3. Tuesday ---DOWN 1 pound from Monday's weight.
  4. Wednesday ---Down 1/2 pound from Tuesday.
  5. Thursday --- Down 1 pound from Wednesday.
  6. Friday ----Down .8 pound from Thursday.
  7. Saturday --- UP ONE POUND from Friday. 


Yea, I was a little like this -

But then I calmed down. Did I do anything crazy yesterday to really GAIN A POUND? nope. I'm on track. And overall-- from the weight I was on Sunday, I am down a total of 1.6 pounds. 

Doing this, weighing myself every day, it's helping me to see patterns and to see how the scale can fluctuate. Will be interesting to see what happens when Aunt Flo arrives.


Here is my Ramble-On-A-Thon from Thursday:

And I have another video I'm going to shoot this weekend to tell you all about the new very cool Diet-To-Go food I've been eating. You'll see in the left sidebar in my Flickr photos feed some of the snapshots of the food. But y'all know my #1 issue has been MAKING TIME TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE(S) AND PREP MY FOOD. I'm working with the folks at Diet To Go and using their Lo-Carb meal plan (it's 1200-1300 calories but I do add a shake/protein meal for my specific plan monitored by Dr. Mike based on my workout intensity)

Here is this morning's breakfast, by the way:

Western Omelet with sausage. I honestly can't get over how ridiculously convenient this service is-- it's fresh real food, portioned out for you and all you do is heat in microwave for 2-3 minutes. All of the meals. That's it. I have had my mom and dad try them too and they were like "um Kelly do you have any more?". It's great tasting stuff. I've had a LOT of people express concern about the high levels of sodium, and I will quote Dr. Mike here on my next blog and what he said (because he is wayyyy smarter on the scientific explanation) but--- in MY OPINION-- hello!!!!! It's a packaged food! If you package food - fresh food-- and you don't want it to go bad and spoil, you have to PRESERVE THE FOOD and that calls for sodium. I just can't get over how people think you can have it all. They complain that McDonald's doesn't serve Grass-Fed Organic Free Range Beef with Gluten-Free Buns. WAKE UP PEOPLE if they did, you'd wait 9 hours in the drive through and pay $25 a burger. You can't have it all!

Rant over. ;-) 

I will share more about Diet-To-Go but I find it to be an INCREDIBLY valuable service-- portion control, great tasting REAL FOOD and wow time-saving. All meals based on my calculations end up being under $8 or so- for fresh pre-made meals delivered to your door, I find that a tremendous value. 

What do you think??

That was Chicken Something. Delicious. ;-)

I'd say most meals are 250-600 calories. The breakfasts are amazing as are the lunches, the only one I've had so far that is "meh" is the Turkey Meatloaf. Very MEH. But I'm spoiled with the one I make. So there's that. ;-)

Gotta run y'all. I'm off to help my parents with some stuff (mom had her fourth chemo treatment this week!! We're more than 1/2 way there!! yayaya) and then will be back later tonight.


Disclosure: Technogel and Diet-To-Go are both clients of my company, FitFluential and have sent me products at no-charge. All of my opinions are CLEARLY my own.