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  • Want a KILLER Cardio + Strength Workout You Can Do At HOME? This Sandbag Session Will Make You SWEAT!

    Try this Killer Sandbag Circuit to Burn Fat and Build Serious Muscle!

    Everyone is worried about gaining weight while at home in this quarantine situation. (P.S. You will likely find some of my recent posts tremendously helpful on these topics. CLICK here to read what I’m doing to lose weight and build muscle while at home during the lockdown.) There are thousands of people who are used to working out only at the gym who are freaking out right now about how to get solid strength training and cardio workouts in while at home under coronavirus stay-in-place orders. Are you wondering how to get your workout groove on while under Coronavirus Quarantine? Do you feel like you can’t get a killer workout in at home like you can at the gym? Or, do you worry that you can only do cardio and not enough strength training?

    I hear you– you might have concerns because — maybe you’ve tried to buy some gym equipment and found yourself hitting the wall because things are on backorder or more expensive than you thought. (Check out my earlier post here on my top 20 home gym equipment recommendations and my top 10 favorite home workouts— with the exception of some of the barbells- most things are still in stock!!)

    As an alternative, or as a COMPLEMENT to the types of workouts and home gym equipment I featured in the above post– you should seriously consider some of this hard core muscle building, fat blasting type of training. By using tools like a SANDBAG (which note- is also incredibly portable and great for travel and vacation) and some battle ropes in addition to a TRX and some kettlebells, you can create HUNDREDS of amazing circuit combos and never be bored, plus get in CRAZY great shape and strong AF!!

    Note: This post was originally published on and created by Marissa DiPietro. I have updated it with some of my own favorites and updated equipment recommendations. You can follow Marissa on instagram by CLICKING HERE.

    The sandbag is an incredibly functional piece of equipment. I’m talking total-body toning + explosive cardio + strength building + speed increasing type stuff. My first go-round with the sandbag was an eye-opener, and I became obsessed with creating new moves and different workouts! For my clients who are used to dumbbells and medicine balls, it became a new favorite for them as well! Sometimes, all it takes is doing the same movement with a different piece of equipment to make a workout seem more new and exciting. Which all workouts should be!

    For this workout, I wanted to hit every body part (no muscle group left behind!) while still building strength. So we’re combining explosive movements with some slower ones, to really hone in on specific muscles, while still getting that heart rate nice and high. Be prepared – this will challenge you! But with your own sandbag, you can adjust the weight to suit your fitness level.

    Get your sandbag here and try this workout for a crazy calorie burn!

    Clean + Alternating Lunge

    This sandbag workout will get your heart rate up, torch calories, and help you develop lean muscle. Try it today!

    Begin in a squat position with the sandbag on the floor. Explode up and throw your hips forward to bring the sandbag up, catching it in a front rack position. At the same time, step one foot forward into a lunge. Return to the starting position then repeat on the other side. Do 12 total reps!

    Thruster Negatives

    This sandbag workout will get your heart rate up, torch calories, and help you develop lean muscle. Try it today!

    With the sandbag in a front rack position, squat allllll the way down at a 4 second tempo. Count to 4 on the way down, then when you reach the bottom, explode up, thrusting the sandbag all the way overhead. Return the sandbag to that front rack position, then slowly lower down into that squat. Do 12 reps!

    Sandbag Leg Raises

    This sandbag workout will get your heart rate up, torch calories, and help you develop lean muscle. Try it today!

    Lying on your back, place the sandbag across your shins by your ankles. Keep your legs fairly straight, with a slight bend in the knee to make sure the sandbag stays in place. Raise your legs up to about a 75 degree angle, then lower down, tapping your heels on the ground. Do 20 reps!

    Weighted Sandbag Run

    This sandbag workout will get your heart rate up, torch calories, and help you develop lean muscle. Try it today!

    Last but not least, hoist that sandbag up over your shoulder and take off! Run 400 meters as quickly as you can. Don’t drop the sandbag!

    That’s your workout! Repeat the entire thing 3-5 times. Make sure you properly warm up and cool down after this workout!

    Below is a video from YouTube showing some other moves. Once you start using it, and you get some good weight in there (just buy sand from Home Depot it’s so cheap!), you’ll be addicted.

    I mentioned above some other equipment like kettlebells and TRX and muscle ropes. I’m using this post to focus on equipment that is awesome to do outdoors for killer circuits. What I strongly recommend you do is WRITE OUT YOUR WORKOUT BEFORE HAND. I’ve learned something the hard way: if you just set out all your equipment without a plan, you’ll spend a lot more time winging it.

    Kelly Olexa Ultimate Sandbag

    Here’s how I design some of my own at-home workout circuits.

    If I am going for a more conditioning/endurance/fat-burning focus, I’ll add in a lot of plyo or cardio in between sets. If I’m focusing on STRENGTH and building muscle I will avoid cardio and incorporate more rest between sets.

    For today let’s focus on more of the former- workouts that will get your heart rate UP and the sweat flowing while working your muscles hard.

    I personally like to have my circuits be UPPER AND LOWER BODY COMBINED. In other words, I don’t typically do a full set of lower body only moves then move on to just a shoulder circuit. Nope. I like to mix it up.

    Start with 3-5 Circuits. If you are like me and tend to overtrain, all the more reason to WRITE OUT YOUR WORKOUT in advance.

    Each circuit I will do x number of upper body moves and x number of lower body moves. I end with cardio/HIIT/Plyo and then core.

    A good idea is to start a notebook with moves you like- because there are virtually thousands of moves you can do….add your favorites by category so you can pick moves easily to put into a circuit.

    Did you try the workout? Did you like it? Don’t worry- we’ll be filming some of these workouts coming up. Be sure you are following me on instagram at my personal account and for The Kelly O Show so you can catch previews and tune in as we launch our IGTV channel too! LOTS OF GREAT STUFF coming up! Be sure to let me know what you want to see and learn more about!



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  • Got Kids? Want to FEEL Great and LOOK Outstanding? It is Achievable Gina Aliotti Talks Getting Fit at Home with Your Kids!

    How Moms Can Lose Weight AND Get Fit, Working Out From Home With Minimal Equipment. Gina Aliotti Shares HOW!

    Gina Aliotti is a multi-awarded professional bodybuilder and competitor and is the co-founder of Devotion Nutrition, a company that helps people stay devoted to their fitness lifestyle through high-quality food products and supplements. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Instructor, Yoga Instructor, and a marathon runner. In between her work as a personal trainer and a business owner, Gina spends her free time with her husband and two children while practicing self-care.
    In this episode, Gina focuses on the subject of getting fit despite a busy lifestyle. She discusses the many ways fitness has elevated the non-fitness aspect of her life and how it enabled her to make smarter and healthier choices. She shares tips on how to incorporate fitness into a busy schedule and explains why consistency trumps intensity no matter what.
    “Fitness does not take much, but what it does take is consistency.” – Gina Aliotti
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • How she became interested in fitness.
    • Her professional career and how it improved other parts of her life.
    • Why being too busy is no longer an excuse to not be fit.
    • The importance of the mental side of fitness?
    • What can being accountable do for you from a fitness viewpoint?
    • The common misunderstandings about getting fit
    • Knowing when fitness becomes a lifestyle.
    • Tips on how to make more time for fitness.
    • Why being part of a fitness community is a must.
    Key Takeaways:
    • You can improve your fitness greatly, even if you start with just five minutes a day.
    • Consistency in fitness over time is what’s going to give you the most incredible results.
    • Learn what your “why” is – what will keep you going – because it makes you feel good.
    Connect with Gina:

    About Gina Aliotti

    From her online bio:
    Gina Aliotti was born and raised in Monterey, Ca, now living in Carlsbad, Ca with her beautiful children David and Nicolette and incredible husband, Michael. She is a renowned fitness and lifestyle expert whose life mission is to inspire and teach others how to stay devoted to living a healthy lifestyle in a realistic way. With ALL NO GYM home workouts, Gina has proven it doesn’t take much and it sure doesn’t require a gym to reach your goals and be in the best shape of your life.
    Gina received her BS in Foods and Nutrition from SDSU. While most of her classmates were going to college parties, Gina was taking the fitness industry by storm. Earning her IFBB pro-card in 2005 and quickly became one of the world’s top figure competitors, winning many titles including Miss Figure International at the prestigious Arnold Classic and being runner up at the Figure Olympia 3 years in a row. Gina is also a certified Personal Trainer, certified Crossfit Instructor, certified Yoga Instructor, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and a marathon runner.
    Throughout her tremendous success, Gina found that her true passion is in helping others reach their fitness goals and simplify their approach. She believes that her most important qualifications are her ability to listen to others and empathize with their unique challenges. She believes that we all wake up with a choice to live in vibration with our purpose or go against it. Gina loves helping others discover their purpose and wake up inspired and ready to keep digging deep.
    As a busy full time working mom of two, Gina has been able to maintain consistency with her fitness by being flexible and utilizing the tools she calls “the foundation” for long term success! Gina teaches these foundational principles in her 101 coaching, online fitness plans, G-FIT APP and her social media platforms.
    It is her proven ability to inspire and create permanent lifestyle changes through a less is more, flexible and inside out approach. Through Gina’s plans, she is able to help thousands of people, all over the world, learn how to dig deep within themselves and create a fit, happy and healthy life with NO GYM Necessary!”

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