• How to get INSANELY beautiful skin at any age.

    Great skin requires a solid skincare routine.

    Ladies, how many of you love your skin? How many of you wonder how to get better skin? How many of you wonder what anti-aging products are the BEST and actually WORK? How many of you are interested in how to get great looking skin after the age of 40 or 50 or 60? How many of you have experienced your skin and face showing the signs of aging after having kids or experiencing hormonal imbalance- or both? 

    I hear you.

    I haven’t had kids, but I’ve had massive hormonal imbalance issues for YEARS– and about a year and a half ago, I noticed my face wasn’t making me happy when I looked in the mirror. 

    The truth is, for most of my adult life, even though I’ve baked in the sun for hours on end and gone to tanning beds and not worn SPF….I’ve never felt gross about my skin. I’ve never had that thing happen that people warned me about- “Oh if you keep going out in the sun you’ll look like you’re 70 when you are 30…”. 

    NEWSFLASH: I’m 50 now and look better than I ever have- and I have never been mistaken for looking OLDER but rather for looking younger than my age. 

    Still. After 2 of the most stressful years of my life and after some weight gain and weight loss- my face looked WORN and my skin looks bland. Dull. Not happy. 

    Sometimes aging hits you like a ton of bricks. In the face. At close range.

    It was not a happy time when I first started realizing I was seeing AGING. I’d noticed some laxity in my facial skin for several years- in my YouTube videos- and had always planned to get “some work done” but I’d always felt good about myself even with no makeup (half of my YouTube videos in the past were sans makeup after a workout) and never felt like I looked OLD. 

    Then there came those days when I suddenly saw myself in the mirror and I just thought I looked pale and drawn and my skin looked dull and lifeless. Seriously. It reminded me of how my man describes the weather in Chicago; BLEAK.

    SO- even though I had been using some skincare products for years (Arbonne) I decided to level up and get Botox. I made my appointment and – oh boy did I feel revived after getting Botox. Seriously. Injectables and me are now BFFs. But this is when I learned about GLOWBIOTICS- medical grade skincare. I bought a package of several of their best selling products and have been hooked ever since. The truth is I saw my skin improve so much after using it day and night that I stalked them online and got a meeting with the marketing team because I wanted to help them spread the word. And I did and the team at GLOWBIOTICS is an awesome one. Their probiotic-based skincare line is to-die-for! It’s a big part of why I feel so amazing about how I look at age 50!! I’m looking forward to 60 and 70 and beyond! For real. 

    Great skin takes time and effort and money but it's so WORTH IT.

    So- here are my tips based on my experience for how to get great skin at any age.

    • First of all, recognize this does require some time. You gotta wash your face- wash your makeup off at night. So many women don’t do this and OY TO THE VEY come on!! Invest in 5-10 minutes each morning and night for your skincare routine. You’ll notice the results.

    Invest in a Clarisonic device. Seriously. This is exfoliation at its best. Go to YouTube and watch every beauty vlogger recommend it too. JUST BUY it and use it to wash your face and neck and chest every night: CLICK HERE to buy on 

    • Get an “anti-aging pillowcase”. If you would have asked me years ago if I’d fall for this concept I would have laughed but– after I started getting waxed and got my FACE – full face waxed and ended up with breakouts on my chin/neck- my wax lady explained that because I did not listen to her and change my pillowcase, my open pores that day that slept on a not-clean pillowcase got clogged with dirt and bacteria. GULP. I then began looking up anti-aging/healthy skin pillowcases. Get you some. CLICK HERE to buy. 
    • DUH. Stock up on the best skincare on the planet- At GLOWBIOTICS.COM.  Use code KELLY20 to get 20% off all regularly priced items at their website. 
    • Get enough sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well or long enough (8 hours) – you will look haggard and nasty. Get sleep. I love my Sleep Number bed and my man and I thrive and sleep well with that plus COMPHY sheets and room darkening curtains. 
    • Don’t eat crap. What you eat affects your skin.
    • De-stress. Invest in self-care in a big way. Stress will destroy your health and make you look 25 years older. Anti-age from within by de-stressing. 
    • Don’t SMOKE. If you are a smoker I don’t know what to tell you other than you are dumb AF. Stop it. 
    • Watch alcohol intake. 
    • Hydrate hydrate hydrate. 

    You can start improving your skin and your looks at ANY AGE.

    I want to reiterate the notion that you can start getting great skin at any age. I didn’t start til age 37 with any skincare and didn’t get Botox until age 48! I personally feel that the non-invasive cosmetic procedures out there today combined with amazing medical grade skincare like GLOWBIOTICS plus= applying all that we know about health and wellness and stress etc. and- great contouring (YASSS QUEENS) it’s a fabulous time to be a woman– why fear aging? Embrace it by diving into all the options. Why the heck wouldn’t you?

    My review of my favorite GLOWBIOTICS products for amazing skin.

    Some of my favorite products by GLOWBIOTICS-- get you some!!

    As mentioned in my review — these are my favorite products that I use regularly by GLOWBIOTICS:

    Ladies, use my code: KELLY20 to get 20% off at GLOWBIOTICS.COM. I promise, you will be obsessed!!

    What questions do you have about anti-aging, or skincare specifically? Let me know in the comments below and be sure you are subscribed– I’ve got lots more surprises coming up soon- I’M BACK!! 😉 


    Disclosure: This post contains several affiliate links. I also am a part of the GLOWBIOTICS Skinfluencer program and am provided products in exchange for my transparent reviews and recommendations online. I originally started off as a customer of theirs and now am a partner because I love their products so much.