Metaball Bites

  • How to fuel your workouts and improve energy the right way.

    Looking for a more natural energy source for those tough workouts?

    In today’s show, I am interviewing Susie Abramson, founder of Metaball Energy Bites
    Why am I interviewing her? 
    2 reasons. One- because you runners and gym rats will appreciate what she’s invented- a totally clean, allergan free great tasting snack or pre-workout bite that provides sustainable fuel/energy for your performance. Secondly, because you’ll learn why she started the company- to help her son’s extreme allergy issues and enhance his athletic pursuits. I know so many of you will relate to and love this discovery: I’ve heard from numerous listeners sharing stories of kids with extreme allergies or food sensitivities- and I can relate- when you have to cut out certain foods or ingredients, it’s hard to buy anything packaged!  You’ll love hearing the story behind the business and TRUST ME– I’ve now tried the products (and so has my man, and I did not think he’d be in to this “fitness food”- but he loved it and has kept some in his briefcase for snacks during long trials!) and they are perfection- tiny bite size portions- a whole bag is a serving size- and yet, you can grab just a few bites and have something in your tummy for fuel and energy- and not get crampy or feel too full when working out after eating it! I love it. And the taste- ALL THE FLAVORS are delish I especially love the apple crunch flavor personally. I love the crunch. 😉 Enjoy this interview and stay tuned– we’ll be hosting some giveaways and specials  coming up on The Kelly O Show instagram

    About Susie Abramson

    Our story begins with a severe food allergy — and a mom searching for safe, wholesome snacks for her kids. Healthy, allergy-friendly snacks were hard to find (and even harder to swallow). So Susie Abramson put her PhD in biochemistry to work.
    Rolling up her sleeves, she turned her home into a test kitchen and her family and friends into happy taste testers. Packed with quality nutrition, her busy family finally had a delicious, allergy-friendly snack to power their busy days. And the verdict on flavor? “Yum!” When requests from friends outgrew her kitchen, she knew she was onto something and wanted to make MetaBall® available to everyone. After lots of perfecting, MetaBall® was ready to market.
    Today, MetaBall® is bringing healthy snacking to everyone. With portion flexibility — and easy pop-ability — they’re loved by snackers of all ages (with and without allergies).
    Best of all, we’re just getting started.

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    Disclosure: This post and podcast episode is sponsored by Metaball Energy Bites. All opinions of the products expressed are my own. 


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