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  • EPISODE 216: Why Your Mental Health is One of the MOST Important Keys to Success in Your Fitness Journey. Part 4 of an On-going Series with Jenny Mire

    If you eat your feelings, you need to listen to this podcast.

    Jenny Mire Podcast

    Jenny and I started this “Mental Health” series over a year ago and – yea, I’m just now getting the final installment of that first series live but – it’s still relevant and worth the listen. 

    When we first went live with this series and the corresponding Facebook Lives (I’ll be posting those on my blog here shortly- and more LIVES to come.)– the response from women was overwhelming. Everyone tuning in was saying “OMG yes I do that TOO!!”– they all thought they were alone or weird because of their emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating or whatever-kind-of-bad-eating practices you can think of. News Flash: You aren’t alone, you are in good company. 

    Tune into this episode to learn more about how to deal with these tendencies because — as someone who used to be plagued by emotional eating, I can tell you that I have gotten past it ruling my life- yes, I was able to dramatically reduce the binge eating episodes, and decrease the number of times I’d give in to stress eating impulses. You can get there too! 

    About Jenny Mire

    Jenny Mire interview

    I met Jenny Mire several years ago through a mutual business contact. Since then, we became fast friends and have been a support for each other through many business and life transitions the past several years. 

    Jenny is a successful business owner- from a gym in her hometown to a thriving online business with multiple sources of revenue (smart lady she is)- and she’s also a Christian woman who feels strongly about helping others stay true to their faith while getting healthy and wealthy. I think the world of her and it’s no wonder she’s a rising star in this industry.  

    You can read more about Jenny from her About Me page on her website by clicking here. And you can follow her on instgram by CLICKING HERE.

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