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  • How do celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Cindy Crawford get fit and LEAN? Valerie Waters shares how — and tips for YOU!

    Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters Shares Tips For Losing Fat and Getting LEAN!

    Valerie Waters is a personal trainer in Hollywood and has been sculpting celebrity bodies for over 20 years. She is most known for training Jennifer Garner to get in crazy lean shape for “Alias” (one of my favorite shows of all time!) She started getting into fitness when she was still in high school and trained for track & field. She fell in love with strength training as she found weight lifting as a form of stress relief, which she said really helped when she was stressed over high school issues.
    Her first job was as a gym membership sales agent, but she barely got anything out of it. It wasn’t until she got hired as a personal trainer did her career start to flourish. Even though her experience mostly came from working with people for thousands of hours, she was known to get people into shape. She would eventually land a gig with Cindy Crawford, the first of her long list of celebrity clients.
    Today, Valerie shares with us how she got to where she is right now, the difference between celebrities and average clients, her thoughts on how to motivate people to achieve their goals, and why she thinks it’s okay to not be as hardcore as most people are.
    All of us can change, it just depends on what your level of commitment is.” Valerie Waters
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    • Celebrities are like us except they get more motivated when they get a movie offer.
    • She figures out the strategy for busy people. Even if people were pressed with time, so long as the motivation is there it will work.
    • People have to be taught the lifestyle. Food is to be enjoyed and it’s okay to be not so hardcore. You just have to be alright with only having a certain level of fitness versus what you could have if you raised it up a notch or two.
    • To get to the next level, doing more of the same thing won’t work. You got to take it up a notch.
    • Raise your standards, especially in clean eating. Don’t fall off because of M&Ms. It’s alright to get cravings, but you have to fill yourself with clean food as much as possible. So even if you fall from your goals, you won’t fall far.
    • Planning your meals can be a great deterrent to snacking. Don’t leave your nutrition to chance.
    • Excessive cardio makes them so hungry and ends up ruining their diet.
    • The more you eat clean food the harder it is to eat junk.
    • The body adjusts to new habits and ends up preferring it. It becomes your new standard.
    Key Takeaways:
    • The difference between who gets results and someone who doesn’t is the person who’s willing to do the work even when they don’t feel like it.
    • We change our lives through changing our bodies and it starts with fitness.
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    About Valerie Waters

    From her online bio:
    Hi, I’m Valerie and I love changing lives through fitness. I’m a personal trainer, food coach and body transformer, but my clients just call me the body whisperer. Give me a goal and a deadline and I can help you get there. My style is very effective without being overly restrictive and extreme. I will lovingly hold your feet to the fire while also showing you that making a change doesn’t have to be so hard!
    Having worked with Hollywood’s hottest talent for the past 20 years, I know how to produce results fast, but I also know how to make it sustainable. I will make sure you work hard enough to get results, but not so hard that you want to quit! Remember, there is no such thing as maintenance because a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle choice you make for life!
    When I’m not training clients (or myself!) I love to bury myself in a good book, get outside to hike, surf, run stairs or just see the sun, go to the movies and get lots of snuggles from my dogs Cody and Lexi who bring me endless joy. I also LOVE sharing on my new favorite finds or things of inspiration on Instagram.
    My Motto is: “You’re are one workout away from a good mood”.
    My Life Code is: Be nice. It matters.
    My Favorite Foods: Breakfast burritos and movie popcorn
    My favorite foods when asked by a fitness magazine: Baked salmon and green smoothies
    My Favorite two exercises: Valslide Reverse Lunge and the Valslide Bodysaw
    My Favorite Movies: Crazy Stupid Love and Blue Crush”

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