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  • What are the TOP SUPERFOODS and how do they help our health and weight loss goals?

    What are SUPERFOODS anyway?

    What are SUPERFOODS


    We hear all the time about the TOP SUPERFOODS, but perhaps you are tuning into this podcast to learn more about SUPERFOODS in general. If you are like I was recently, you’ve read about superfoods but you may not know how or why to incorporate superfoods into your diet. Is green spirulina going to detox you and help you lose weight? What is the best cacao powder on the market? And what is the big deal with mushroom superfoods lately? (If these interests you, you may like this post I did about Maca vs. Cacao, which one is better for health? CLICK HERE)  Tune into this interview with Sage Dammers the co-founder of Addictive Wellness. In this interview he educates me and you on SUPERFOODS- we hear a lot about them but — we talk today about how they are proven to provide extraordinary health benefits– things you should know about. After I recorded this show, my man and I started making hot cacao drinks with reishi for better sleep and WOW– it works! Tune in to learn more! (I also put that stuff in my morning coffee every day! So good!)

    About Sage Dammers

    Sage Dammers

    Sage Dammers is the co-founder, CEO, product formulator, and chocolatier of Addictive Wellness.  Fueled by a passionate desire to help people live the ultimate life and create a better world, Sage began as a teenager seeking out information that no mainstream school could offer in the areas of nutrition and traditional herbal systems of indigenous cultures. 


    He built his knowledge of superfood nutrition and traditional herbal systems, especially Taoist tonic herbalism. He has worked with and trained under the world’s leading master herbalists and nutrition and longevity experts in Costa Rica, Australia, Bali, China, and America.

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