Podcast Interview with Bethany Thompson

In this 2-part episode, Bethany Thompson shares her journey from ‘I hate running” to “I LOVE Running”. Bethany has learned to love running so much it is now a significant part of her income- she’s become a running coach to hundreds of women and taught them how to prep for anything from a 5K to a marathon! You’ll learn a lot from Bethany in this 2-part interview, including how she conquered an early eating disorder on her own! She’s a remarkable young woman who will leave you totally inspired and READY TO RUN! 

You can listen to PART 2 of this episode by CLICKING HERE.


About Bethany Thompson

From Bethany’s BIO: “I’m Bethany Thompson, the blogger and run coach behind Lulu Runs. I help women run their strongest, fastest, and healthiest. I love whipping up healthy (and not so healthy) recipes in my kitchen and am passionate about Jesus and my family!”

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