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  • The Best Makeup For Women Over 50!

    Why Creme Makeup is the Best Makeup For Women Over 50.

    the best makeup for women over 50

    If you are looking for the best makeup for women over 50, I’ve got you covered. And don’t worry- if you are under 50 this makeup I’m talking about is ideal for you too, trust me. The best makeup for women over 50, in my opinion, is this creme makeup I discovered over the past year via instagram. To be honest, I wasn’t dissatisfied with the liquid makeup I was using, I thought it looked great. But I didn’t feel that I was using THE BEST makeup for women over 50 at that point. I just felt that 1) I had to use a lot of different products to get the desired LOOK and 2) the products felt heavy on my face- they felt thick and I’d worry about hugging someone and that makeup would rub off on someone’s clothes– you know what I mean? It felt like a lot on my face. That’s what I didn’t like, even though I didn’t PILE ON the product it still FELT like a lot of coverage and I didn’t like that feeling. So, over time on instagram, I kept seeing several women that I followed doing these makeup tutorials and they all seemed to be using the same type of creme makeup/foundation holder. I had no idea what it was but finally I was like ok hold up what is this. Then I was like WAIT I NEED THIS– and that’s when I knew this was the best makeup for women over 50,this CREME MAKEUP by SEINT, because one of them even said that in their makeup tutorial LOL and you know if someone says it on the internet it is totally true.

    Why I Made The Switch To SEINT Makeup

    There have been some pretty big shifts for me in my makeup life. The first shift was when I started getting my eyebrows waxed and shaped; THANK GOD for that. Then I learned – thanks to YouTube tutorials, how to really arch and define my brows and use Anastasia brow products to do so. Game changer. The next thing that upgraded my look was learning how to contour- thank you Kim Kardashian. I mean really though, do those women do anything that we all don’t inevitably copy? I also ran to YouTube to learn how to contour several years ago and bought all the products…..a lot of them. But after finding that I was tuning into to all these “Seint Artists” on instagram, I finally decided to go for it and I reached out to Michelle (who is now my “upline” or “direct report’ if you will, in Seint, I signed up as a distributor under her) and bought the full she-bang of Seint products- like all the makeup just about- and all the brushes– and I’m so glad I did. I mean, I’m so glad I did. This is the BEST makeup I’ve ever used. I have thrown away all the other liquid foundations, all the other stick contour products I was using, all the bronzers and highlighters and concealers and everything…….I SIMPLIFIED and focused on learning how to use this creme makeup and wow– talk about transformative! The thing is– you use such a thin layer of product on your face, it’s weird, but you get such great COVERAGE it is fantastic. As I talk about in the video below, I have a bad situation with melasma on my neck- just really bad damaged discolored skin and I just dab this makeup on it and it covers it up fast! And yet I don’t feel like I have a layer of mayo all over my face and neck, you know what I mean? It’s wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about it. I honestly think EVERY WOMAN I know should switch to this makeup, but particularly when you are age 40+– this is your dream makeup. And if you are my friend and in this age range, you better believe you’ll be hearing from me telling you about this this year- it’s that good. A little goes a long way so the value is there too! 

    Video: Let's Talk About the Best Makeup For Women Over 50: Why Seint Makeup is So Bomb.

    So – what questions can I answer about SEINT makeup for you? Are you ready to get started? I’m telling you ladies, this is game changing. Let’s get you rolling in some of your own — Text the word MAKEUP to 254-425-4450 to get started, we’ll get you color matched and on your way. I promise, you’ll be as obsessed as I am and you’ll never go back. Coming up on some of my next posts with a beauty focus: the best skincare for women over 50, my favorite lip products for nude lips, how to create the best arched brows, how to create the best smoky eye look, my favorite mascara/lash products, my secrets to thick healthy hair after 50 and more! Be sure to get subscribed below!

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  • My Daily Makeup Routine: VIDEO TUTORIAL.

    How I do my makeup every day- and what products are my absolute favorites.

    Ladies you have been asking me to do a makeup tutorial for a long time so here it is. This is a video “tutorial” below of how I do my makeup every day. Truthfully it usually takes me no more than 15-20 minutes max. Easy peasy. I learned about all the products from my favorite makeup ladies on youtube- I encourage you to follow some of your favorites but be ready to become addicted and start spending $500 every time you visit your local Ulta store. Seriously. 
    My next beauty post will be on SKINCARE– so let me know what questions you have for that one!! 

    All my favorite makeup products are here

    Makeup Tutorial Video

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