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  • My Favorite Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss: Easy to make, DELICIOUS and Low Calorie!

    Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss You'll LOVE!

    If you are looking for healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss– I’ve got your back. This blog post is filled with numerous healthy breakfast recipes – all easy to make and low calorie- many that can be taken on the go- and all that will help with weight loss. We all know the most important part of weight loss lies in our diet. So, healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss should make you very happy am I right? I hope so.

    This blog post is not going to lecture you on “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”– nope. This is not to debate about whether to skip breakfast or not — either one is fine (did I just say that in a post dedicated to breakfast recipes? Yes. I did. Read on– ). If you are on a fitness journey and want to lose weight, the most important thing you need to do is be in a caloric deficit– however you do that is up to you. (P.S. to understand why caloric deficit is the single most important factor for weight loss- CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with Jordan Syatt– life changing.)

    For what it’s worth, I typically DO practice intermittent fasting, and have done it for years– but I use it as a tool- and I’m wise enough to not be obsessive about it. Because you need to know, there is no miracle that happens when you fast a 16:8 protocol or whatever: you are simply shortening your eating window and thereby eating less. It’s easier to eat less when there are less hours to stuff your face. 😉


    My Top 7 Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes: for the time crunched and fitness focused.

    So, now that we realize- whether you are in to intermittent fasting (and thereby probably NOT eating breakfast regularly at breakfast time) or NOT- but if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight and build muscle- then you will LOVE these healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss– and I’ll tell you right now- for sure- I’ve made all of these at one time or another (or many times) for LUNCH or dinner. None of these take longer than 15 minutes to make and all are macro and calorie friendly. You’re welcome.

    My Favorite Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Making Healthy Meals- FAST.

    Before I share some of the healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss– these are some of the gadgets that I’ve bought that I swear by. My friend Hannah told me about this gadget from Hamilton Beach— OMG it’s brilliant and I also make pancakes from Birch Benders in this bad boy. It’s killer. CLICK HERE to get yourself one via 

    I blame Hannah for this one too- this single egg maker is LEGIT. You can cook an easy over egg in like 75 seconds. It’s $15!! Get yourself one. CLICK HERE.

    We are obsessed with this Ninja Blender kit. Seriously it’s 1/3 of the price of Blendtec or Vitamix and IMO it’s just as legit. You’ll use this for acai bowls and protein shakes and smoothies– then later for salsas and nut butters. GET ONE NOW! 

    The Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss.

    Avocado Toast.

    This is a repeat meal all the time in our house- my man loves it. So easy. How do we make ours? I toast Ezekiel bread then in a separate bowl I usually have the man simply MASH UP a whole avocado — we add Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and some pepper. That’s it. Spread that on your toast. Then I use the Egg Maker (above) and make one egg per piece of toast- slap that on top- cover with some hot sauce of your choice– we like Cholula Hot Sauce— but you can do any- and that’s it. Some people add tomato and some go nutty and level it up with LOX– MMM. This is – if you are careful- also potentially portable but I recommend eating it at home with nice cappuccino. 

    Protein Shakes and Smoothies.

    This is a no-brainer and one of the fastest meals- full of (obviously) protein. It’s also an easy way to throw in some vegetables like spinach or kale and cucumber and some herbs…when you have some fruit in there it balances out the bitterness. 

    One of my favorite combos is a chocolate peanut butter shake:

    1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder + 1-2 Scoops PB FIT + crushed ice + Almond Milk (I always use Blue Diamond) + MACA or CACAO powder (read this post to learn the difference)  + Cold Brew Coffee (this latest addition makes the world go round) — add sweetener if you need it. MIX IN BLENDER.

    What’s your favorite combo? 

    Overnight Oats

    I am an overnight oats obsessed addict. There are soooo many different combos out there but this is my GO-TO favorite- soooo refreshing!!! And about 350-400 calories. 

    Take 1/2 cup oats (please note — stop buying cheap oats- I was using Quaker until I found out how much ROUND UP is in them!! and I was getting a tummy ache every time I had some– not lying- we now use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free–it’s more expensive but our gut health is worth it!!) — add to a bowl. Add 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt and 1/4 cup almond milk (if you want your oats more liquidy — add 1/2 cup milk vs. 1/4 cup- I prefer my oats thicker). Mix up- I then add in NOW FOODS STEVIA. You can add sugar or honey. Then I add in whatever fruit I like- for me it’s usually chopped strawberries blueberries and blackberries/raspberries. MMMM. Stick in fridge. That’s it. My man adds granola on top- can you blame him? I’m truly obsessed and will have this for a lunch- to break my fast– a LOT!! What’s your favorite overnight oats recipe? 

    Protein Pancakes

    I’ve been making protein pancakes since the days I first got into weight lifting and Bill Phillips had a recipe in his Body For Life book. This is the recipe I used back then- CLICK HERE to see it. 

    Since then, my friend Jenny Lynn has a recipe I use a lot and it’s so simple: take out your Ninja Blender. Add about 6 egg whites (I think it’s about 1/2 cup) + 1/2 cup oats + Stevia and a ton of cinnamon- + Protein Powder- + water if needed to thin it out– it’ll be a THIN batter, not very sexy. Add to a pan with PAM (no judgement please) and let cook- then top with butter spray and real maple syrup- you don’t need a lot. Easy Peasy. 

    If you want to take the easy route– BUY SOME BIRCH BENDERS PALEO PANCAKE MIX

    Acai Protein Bowls

    I LOVE me some acai protein bowls and so does my man. We make these typically on the weekend– CLICK HERE for my whole blog post on how to make them easily at home.

    Egg Skillet

    Looks complicated but not. Here’s our favorite- and we use a huge cast iron pan and this makes one HUGE egg skillet that we cut in half. 

    First– add some butter (grass fed) and cook MUSHROOMS til at that yummy phase. Then add a TON of fresh organic spinach. Let it wilt/cook. Add chopped up grape tomatoes (not too many or your skillet will get too watery). In separate pan- if you do pork- cook thick bacon- drain. Chop up and add to the mushroom/spinach/tomato situation. You could also add peppers and onions here, Then in a bowl mix up 6 pasture raised eggs– season with garlic salt ( we only use and are obsessed with Lawry’s Garlic Salt) and pepper. Pour right over the veggies– and then BE PATIENT just don’t touch it- let it cook. When most of the liquid seems to be cooked– add shredded extra sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese. We also add jalapenos cuz we like it hot. 

    When it’s done, cut in half and enjoy. It’s divine. While this does take up more pans/dishes/chopping boards – it doesn’t take a lot of time. 

    Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches

    Who doesn’t love biscuits?? Come on. So- what could be better than a biscuit breakfast sandwich? We learned about these Carb Quick Biscuits and are– you guessed it- obsessed. SO fast and easy to make. 20 minutes. Make a bunch in advance. Then when you are ready- cook an egg in your egg cooker (listed above) and top with cheese of choice and maybe ham or canadian bacon. Warm up in a panini grill or in the microwave so it all melds together. You’re welcome. 

    So- which one of these breakfast concepts appeals to you most? Did I miss anything that you swear by? 

    Let me know. 

    Also- some other posts you might want to check out — if you want to be able to eat all the yummy food and still stay on the weight loss track. CLICK HERE on how to lose weight working out from home, even in quarantine. CLICK HERE for how not to gain weight during the quarantine times. CLICK HERE to read how I’m getting fit and losing weight during quarantine times. Want to know the Top 20 Reasons Women Don’t Lose Weight? Finally CLICK HERE to read the real secret to losing weight and keeping it off. 

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  • The Best Acai Protein Bowl Recipe EVER.

    Acai Protein Bowl Recipe

    Acai Bowl Recipe

    Once you’ve had an Acai bowl at a local juice or smoothie bar, you are likely obsessed. Me too. I mean, what can be bad about a bowl of deliciousness like that? The health benefits of the superfood acai are endless and there are so many tasty combinations of flavors…..but, oh how the price can add up if you go OUT to get an acai bowl every day. This post will show you how to make an acai protein bowl with coconut at home. This recipe for an acai bowl can easily be altered up to make 2 acai protein bowls, and you can vary the toppings as per your personal preference. I love the convenience and both my man and I love the taste. Just track your ingredients as you add them, as an acai bowl with protein AND toppings can get calorically dense so just be mindful. My biggest problem has always been making a smaller portion- I usually end up making enough for TWO acai bowls so — just note that as you begin.

    Ingredients for the Acai Protein Bowl With Coconut

    You’ll need the following ingredients: 

    • Acai Powder
    • almond milk
    • Frozen Berries (we get a big bag that has frozen strawberries and bananas, and another bag with frozen blueberries and raspberries)
    • Banana
    • Optional: Honey or sweetener to taste
    • Shredded coconut
    • Fresh berries for toppings
    • Granola for topping
    • Vanilla Protein Powder (we use Isagenix Undenatured Whey Protein- ping me if you want to order: it’s sucralose free which is why I started using it)
    Sunfood Acai Powder

    I wanted to make an ACAI bowl badly one night– and I had no time to run to the grocery store and pick up frozen ACAI so I ordered from Amazon Prime Now and got this ACAI Powder. I strongly recommend it– it’s a little pricey but so worth it. CLICK HERE to buy on 

    I pull out a Nutribullet large cup — and seriously, if you don’t have a Nutribullet yet, get one. It’s truly one of the most used appliances in my kitchen. I even pack my Nutribullet for business trips– for bulletproof coffees or to make smoothies/protein shakes in the room. #diva 


    So in the picture above, I use one of the tall cups. I first put in one frozen banana or a non-frozen one if I have them handy. Then I add in a serving of frozen mixed berries (we buy big bag of blueberries/raspberries/blackberries/strawberries) and sometimes I add in a serving of frozen mango too. No rules here, you’ll learn to experiment. 

    NEXT UP– add a serving of the ACAI powder, I think it’s 2 TBS. I add a scoop of my favorite protein powder- it’s undenatured whey protein from Isagenix (you can order from me, and I’m happy to make other recommendations on their other amazing products, I’m obsessed. The highest quality nutrition you can imagine).

    Then I add Almond Milk, I use Blue Diamond 30-calorie almond milk. THIS IS A KEY THING TO CONSIDER. I add a LITTLE BIT OF ALMOND MILK AT A TIME- AND BLEND A LITTLE BIT AT A TIME. Why? If you put in a lot of almond milk, you get ACAI SOUP or an ACAI SMOOTHIE– maybe you are ok with that but I like my ACAI bowls to be THICK. Just personal preference. If you want your ACAI bowl to be thick — add little bits of almond milk, then blend, then open the Nutribullet and – you may have to use a sharp knife to chop up the frozen chunks of berries and banana to mix better– then blend again and add just a little almond milk as needed. When it’s done, it should not be in my opinion, soupy– you should need to use a spatula to spoon it out in a bowl. 

    Let’s be real. If you goof up and make it too runny, IT STILL TASTES AMAZING.

    Top the acai bowl with layers of fruit– I do banana then berries- other folks add seeds– I add Paleo Granola on top- my favorite brand is below: 


    Gluten Free Granola

    You can buy 100 bags of this stuff on by CLICKING HERE. I am obsessed with them you have no idea how good this stuff tastes. 

    You may also want to try topping off your ACAI bowl with shaved dark chocolate or coconut!! What are your favorite toppings?? 


    Please note: this post contains affiliate links.