• Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING you can to utilize social media for your business, and yet you are coming up more lost than when you started?
  • Are you frustrated at the amount of time you spend on attempting to manage an influencer marketing program for your company?
  • Have you spent a solid amount of money AND time on social media and on sending out product to influencers, only to find your business NOT seeing a solid ROI on those efforts?
  • Do you wonder if all the news stories about the efficacy of social media marketing and influencer marketing are fiction?
  • Do you worry that maybe you and your business are the “only ones” not really GETTING IT, when it comes to digital/social/influencer marketing? 
  • Have you seen some success in reaching out to influencers and sending out product for “reviews”, only to find that the overall experience with the influencers didn’t generate any new sales?
  • Do you wonder if it is possible to effectively capitalize on digital/social/influencer marketing, resulting in improved brand awareness AND increased sales, without breaking the bank?

You aren’t  alone. In fact, you are one of thousands of businesses trying to figure out this monster project of Digital/Social/Influencer Marketing. I created Socially Fit Services after working with hundreds of brands and agencies (via FitFluential) on successful social media marketing campaigns, most of which used influencers and bloggers. After considering the needs of both the clients that we served, and the clients that could not retain us, due to budget limitations, I realized there was a HUGE opportunity present. 

Regardless of your company’s size or years in business, it’s highly likely that your Digital/Social footprint could be doing MORE for your bottom line. And that’s the key. Digital and Social Media are tools– but they are tools that can and should be used not just because they are cool and current, but because they connect you with your target customer and, when utilized effectively, can drive revenues up like no other avenue. This is why we launched Socially Fit Services. We’re here to help your business “get in shape” online so you can appreciate serious gains in profits every quarter. If your online presence isn’t doing that for you now, you’re in the right place. Read on.

Kelly Olexa is a high energy professional with a passion for helping her clients in every way. I met Kelly many years ago when I went into the space of fitness, health and wellness, as an executive for Sears Fit Studio, a leading fitness equipment retailer in the U.S. Kelly came to the table with very bold ideas on how to engage in social media using influencers. She knew precisely how to use influencers effectively to connect with their loyal audiences and ultimately go beyond just brand awareness, but move toward conversions. I always enjoyed Kelly’s vision and her energy and dedication to getting the job done RIGHT. I am pleased to recommend Kelly to any client interested in securing a true partner who can help them take their game to the next level. Kelly is a true professional with deep expertise and experience in digital marketing, social media and influencer marketing. She’s extremely adept at helping her clients make informed and strategic decisions that will benefit their brand and drive sales.
Jennifer Dominiquini
Chief Marketing and Digital Sales Officer, BBVA

What if you could...

…focus on your passion, on your company’s core competencies every day, and outsource the management of all this STUFF that is constantly evolving and changing, but yet is so important for generating new business? What if you knew that the money you spent for Digital, Social and Influencer Marketing would without question work for you and increase not only brand awareness but impact the bottom line– generating a lift in sales each month? 

This isn’t a fantasy. This is an absolute reality for you and is within reach. It’s not free. It’s not cheap. But this is your company, this is your baby. Are you going to go the clearance way to save on marketing the essence of your entire business? I think not. When something is important, it’s worth investing in. And when you invest in the right team, whether it’s employees or a team you retain on a contract basis, you get what you pay for. Pay well and enjoy an ROI that grows every month. Don’t’ take the cheap route – you’ll enjoy the compounding ROI of regret. 

I was introduced to Kelly in 2012 during my time with GNC to help us build & activate a strategy to connect effectively with fitness pros on social. What has transpired is a multi-year collaboration exploring the connection between big brands and creative & healthy people. As a brand manager and digital professional, it has been critical to understand how to reach this audience and then effectively and efficiently partner. In fact, it's a core competency in marketing. Thanks to Kelly's amazing connections with smart, talented people, and her keen ability to measure the pulse of digital trends, I can keep our brand promise alive and well with our customers. I would recommend her to any brand looking to build a marketing strategy around the most overlooked resource they have: influencers & brand ambassadors.
Chris James
Client when running Social Media, GNC Corporate

take this short quiz to find out where you are right now: your digital footprint.

  • Has your website been designed or updated in the last 3 years?
  • Is your website secure?
  • Do you have an email capture/lead generation strategy in place?
  • Do you have an email list that is growing weekly?
  • Are you currently marketing to your email list, and not just sending out discounts on your products?
  • Do you have a blog on your website?
  • Are you publishing content on your blog on your website every week?
  • Is the content on your blog driving shares and/or comments?
  • Are you amplifying the content from your blog to all of your social channels every time you post?
  • Are you partnering with other companies or influencers to co-promote products and each other?
  • Do you have a brand ambassador program in place?
  • Do you have an affiliate program in place?
  • Are you currently working with influencers?
  • Would you say that your current influencer outreach and engagement is successful?
  • Is your website traffic increasing every month?
  • Do you make it easy for your customers to contact you on all of your social channels?
  • Do all of your social channels cross promote the others?
  • Does 75-80% of your content have a call to action?
  • When you look at the content on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog, do you see a bunch of brochure-like images and messaging? Are the majority of your posts marketing pushes?
  • Do you interact with your customers on social media every day?
  • If your score is less than 10, you are losing sales every day. There is no doubt we can help you but it’s time for you to step up and invest in your business. We suggest reading through the get started tips in this guide and then make an appointment with a member of our team to discuss options on how we can help you.
  • If your score is between 10-15, you have a good start, but you are missing the big picture. Being on point with digital and social and influencer marketing requires a comprehensive approach and daily management. We suggest reading the get started guide tips here and then making an appointment with a member of our team to talk about where you can use our help the most.
  • If your score is between 15-20—you are close—and you are probably at the point where you have a good team internally doing the work. You may benefit from working with us on a contract basis to help you level up across the board and train your team to do MORE. OR, you may want to use your internal team for other efforts and outsource the management to us. Either way, it’s a good idea to consider both options and see which one makes more sense from a cost perspective.
  • If your score is 20—you are on it! It’s likely you are here and reading this guide because you’ve arrived at a good place, but you could be spending too much time on all of the above. You may want to consider outsourcing to an agency that specializes in your target consumer and knows your product. We obviously recommend US- and it’s more than likely we can take what you have been doing up many many notches and increase sales by tweaking and improving certain areas and practices.

Kelly and I first met over a decade ago during the very early days of social media when Facebook was still for college students. Since then, she’s built both successful programs for clients and successful businesses for herself and her partners. Kelly is one of the most dynamic and committed people I know. She blends her joint passion for both fitness and media in ways that are both creative and compelling. She understands how to cultivate loyal audiences and derive value from community. It’s no surprise that Kelly is looked to as both an expert and innovator in her field.

David Armano | Global Strategy Director, Edelman Digital

Kelly Additional -11

Hi! I'm Kelly Olexa.

I’ve spent over 7 years running a successful social media agency and the first of its kind fitness influencer network. During that time, we executed over 700 social media campaigns using fitness influencers across the United States and Canada. I’ve also been retained by many brands as an ambassador for their products, so I understand the influencer side of things and what works well, and what DOESN’T work well. Before founding FitFluential, I spent over 15 years working in sales and business development roles in corporate america, and this is where I learned how to SELL. However, a good sales professional is always learning how to sell better, and that’s something I’m committed to doing for the rest of my professional life. Bottom line: What I bring to the table is a unique combination of business skills and operational experience at the CEO level, sales talent, social media expertise, influencer marketing management and brand ambassador experience, combined with a network of tens of thousands in the fitness, health and wellness space and an in-depth knowledge of today’s fit-minded consumer. I’m a problem solver at heart, and I have found that I LOVE helping “make-over ” companies struggling in the digital/social/influencer marketing category. Let’s talk to see how my team and I can help YOU. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Email me directly:  kelly at sociallyfitservices.com. 


  • Influencer Outreach: If you have an event or a campaign you want to run for your product or service and want to keep costs down, you may retain us for influencer outreach. We’ll do the vetting and outreach to influencers and find the most appropriate and interested parties for your needs, and present you with a list of names and contact information plus rates that each influencer desires. At that point, you can either take the ball and run with it on your own, or hire us to manage influencers on that project for you.
  • Content Creation: Blog development, professional photography, video production, webinar development, you name it. 
  • Email Marketing
  • Website + Social Media Audit
  • Website Design*
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Social Media Management: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube etc.
  • Sales and/or Social Media Training for your internal staff.
  • Brand Ambassador Program Development 
  • Brand Ambassador Program Management


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