Productivity Hacks

  • How to tackle time management for success in fitness AND at work.

    Some people simply suck at time management. Accept that you might be one of those people.

    Is this you?

    • Do you find yourself getting to the end of the work day and you feel BEAT and tired and run-down, and you know you have been working hard all day but you are baffled at all you DIDN’T GET DONE?
    • Do you start the week with big goals for eating right (cooking at home) and working out, and then you get to Friday and look back and realize you did about 50-75% of what you intended to do? 
    • Do you get to Monday and often feel like you had no weekend because you spend all weekend running around doing STUFF and errands and fitting in everything you can’t during the week- and thus, by Monday you are more exhausted than you were heading into the weekend?

    I can relate to ALL OF THE ABOVE. And sadly I can say it’s been my life not just for weeks and not just for months but years. 


    I have read dozens of books and blog posts on time management. I understand all the concepts. I have bought more planners than you can possibly imagine, in addition to Todd Herman’s 90-Day Year, and I have completed maybe 10% of that. 

    Nothing has clicked for me. I have been challenged by (that’s professional speak for “I suck at”) time management for longer than I can remember, and I know it got the most out of hand when I left corporate america to run my first startup. 

    Holy Heck. Talk about being busy and understaffed! 

    I’m writing this blog post to tell you that I feel I may have found the answer to finally conquering time management and productivity problems. Read on.


    What's the missing link in becoming a productive goal-reaching person?

    Based on my own experience and some pretty epic A-HA moments, I believe strongly that the missing link below is what will help all of us make massive change in our unproductive, procrastinating, time-wasting days. 

    The Missing Link is this:

    You have to define your two primary lighthouses. (Watch out here comes a possibly bizarre but hopefully effective analogy). What do I mean by lighthouses — well, lighthouses help ships aim toward a destination when it’s foggy and/or dark out. In other words when they can’t see where they are going. They focus on those lighthouses to guide them.

    The problem with time management and getting the stuff done we need to get done is this- we focus way too much on the tactics vs. the bigger picture

    What do I mean by that? 

    We focus on “should I use an online calendar or a desk calendar?” or, “Sally swears by this program to help her get organized, I should use that….” or, “Everyone says it’s all about getting up at 5am so I should do that…!’


    These are tactics. Any of them might work for you. What you need to figure out are the 3 primary components of the YOUR big picture:

    • What do you ULTIMATELY want? (This is your to die for goal: I want to be a size 6, I want to be at 18% bodyfat, I want to be debt free, I want to start my own business) Far too many people haven’t taken the time to REALLY think about- in specific terms- what they want. They’ll say “I need to lose weight” – that’s great, we ALL say that. But- if you were more specific and said “What matters to me, what would mean so much to me would be to be able to wear whatever I want. I am tired of going in my closet and only being able to wear half of the clothes in there because some of them are too tight. I’m tired of feeling not 100% confident in my clothes. I work out hard and eat right, I want to LOOK the part”– that’s far more specific. And of course, you can take that further by enhancing those statements with only positive ones– what you DO want not just what you DON’T want. So you’d say “I want to be confident in my own skin. I want to rock my bikini, all times of the year, not just after a “diet”. I want to be able to wear any and all clothes in my closet and not feel fidgety in them because they are too tight.” Figure out what you really REALLY WANT in specifics and — you know what is coming- it’s recommended you write this down in a journal or a spot you can see daily. 
    •  What’s been keeping you from getting there? This is also something a lot of us miss. We might say- again, being far too ambiguous (are you picking up on this- that ambiguousness doesn’t help us reach goals…??) “I need to eat better” but hello how do you know when you are doing that? What exactly IS “better”? The other thing a lot of us do is we aren’t honest enough with ourselves to admit where we are really dropping the ball. In my world, I’ll give you 2 examples. I knew I was doing something wrong with getting to my fitness goals- I’d lost a good amount of weight earlier in the year but started to plateau again. I KNEW deep down that my food was off but until just recently, I did not get back on MyFitnessPal and start TRACKING MY FOOD. I just kept saying “I’m sure I’m not getting enough protein and I’m probably at too many carbs”. In my work-life, I kept getting to the end of the day frustrated AF because I’d be working hard all day but I’d always say to myself “what did I actually get DONE today??”_ and I’d look at my list of things to tackle and a lot of them were on my list in January (things like Continuing Education/Training classes I bought a LONG time ago– you know it’s bad when you are on a 6-month payment plan for a course and you are paid in full before you actually start consuming the content…..grrr!!) I knew I was not effectively managing my time but— I just kept doing it, kept working the same way. 
    • What do you need to do differently to make progress and reach your goals? Ok this is a KEY point. You might think this is the same as the above point but it’s not. When you are really honest with yourself and see how you have been dropping the ball, that’s part one. Part two is being VERY SPECIFIC in what you need to do differently to stop the bad trend: — For me, I realized I needed to 1) Schedule my workouts in my calendar and STICK TO THAT COMMITMENT to myself + 2) Religiously track my food in MyFitnessPal and do it in advance each morning so I’m not trying to catch up on macros at the end of the day + (in my business world) 3) I need to get back to writing out my top 6 most important TO-DO’s for each day and start with those, nothing else + 4) I need to SCHEDULE my day in chunks of time and schedule my priorities vs. just winging the day and going from one thing to the next to the next and never really finishing anything. If you don’t do this last part– and ideally announce this as a big commitment to yourself– share it with your partner or your bff or your online accountability partner– I’m telling you, sharing my new challenges/goals/commitments online keeps me going so much- if you don’t identify how you change your bad habits and then implement them while being accountable to someone for it– you will be back at square one shortly. 

    Why you can't 'BACK END' success into your day anymore.

    Watch this video I recorded on instagram live (are you following me on instagram? I’d love to know if this hits home with you and what changes you plan on making for greater success– starting TODAY!! Let me know in the comments below and be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter (you can do so in the sidebar) so you don’t miss a thing. Cool things coming up my friends!  It’s so good to be back blogging again! 

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  • Why you have to TRACK everything in order to reach your goals.

    Goal Setting Is Step One. To reach your goals, the secret lies in the TRACKING.

    Do you collect goals like hobbies? Be real- have you created lists upon lists of goals- for your body, for your relationship, for your job, for your business? Do you have more lists of goals than you do dates on your calendar where you actually REACHED THE FINAL DESTINATION of achieving what you wanted?

    You aren’t alone. I was that person for years, and frankly, I was that person– setting lots of goals and buying lots of pretty notebooks and fancy pens (don’t get me wrong, your girl still does that) and luscious organizers with stickers (don’t judge me) — and I’d fill the first few pages with my lofty goals. 

    I want to achieve my optimal body fat level. 

    I want to 10x my income.

    I want to meet the love of my life.

    I want to be debt free.

    Do any of these sound familiar to you? I’m certain you may have had similar goals. 

    Here’s the sad truth. I’ve had many of these goals for 10+ years. I’ll keep it real for you. With the exception of one (I DID meet the love of my life and that’s a manifestation story I’ll share in upcoming posts– be sure you are subscribed!) – I do not have a date on the calendar where I achieved those goals. 


    The good news is this: I now know why I have been in a familiar pattern of maintaining vs. progressing. I now know the bad habits I was embracing and the best practices I was NOT embracing are precisely what kept me holding steady…in the middle.


    If you are not progressing toward your goals, you are languishing. That's called being STUCK. And there's a solution for that.

    Being stuck in the “middle” sucks. There’s no easy way to say it. You have dreams and aspirations and you are working– right– you know you are working, but more often than not you have those a-ha moments of “Dang. Another December and I’m starting another weight loss resolution!” or, “OMG. I told myself I’d have this debt paid off by the time I was 30 and now I’m 33 what am I DOING??”.

    Cheer up, friends. I’m here to help. 

    The problem that most of us have when it comes to reaching our goals is we don’t anchor our warm fuzzy dreams and aspirations into a concrete PLAN.

    How many of you have thought about the big goal– whether it’s getting to your ideal body fat or losing 10lbs or paying off your student loans, or starting your own blog/website, or becoming an amazing photographer — and then you found yourself later frustrated AF because you realize you are always wishing for that goal but you haven’t gotten there?

    • But you- bought the gym membership and maybe went to Lululemon for some fabulous workout gear because you knew it would make you motivated. 
    • But you bought a camera.
    • But you read an article on paying off debt and then listened to a podcast about it.

    Yea. I’ve been there. I am RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED at….STARTING. 


    To reach your goals, you MUST have a plan. More importantly, you have to TAKE ACTION.

    People, trust me when I say, this quote above is so spot on it’s scary. Far too many of us spend way too much time, after identifying our fancy goals and dreams, in the PLANNING phase. That phase where you research EVERYTHING and buy books and listen to podcasts and watch YouTube video tutorials and buy 5 different online classes about complementary topics to help you….


    I have. It’s a place located at the intersection of PERFECTIONISM Street and FEAR Avenue.

    Yes. When you spend days and weeks and months in START mode– planning and researching and studying vs. TAKING BIG ACTION, you are likely operating from a combination of FEAR and PERFECTIONISM.


    Perfectionism is the enemy of progress.

    Take it from me, the Perfectionist Queen. If you are obsessed with everything about your goal- whether it’s reaching your ideal weight or starting a new business or attacking your debt– if you feel that everything has to be perfect before you take action — you will NEVER GET THERE.

    What does that look like? Let me give you an example of me and my fitness goals in the past. 

    I’d want to reach my own Ashley Horner version my physique. I’ve purchased pretty much every Ashley Horner workout she’s published. Then I’d start my RESEARCHING. I’d read through the program — convincing myself I had to “really do this PERFECTLY this time to reach my goal”– have you said that? I’d go to Ashley’s Facebook group and get caught up for HOURS many days reading success stories of other people and finding out everything they did so I could copy that. I’d shop at Lululemon for more workout clothes. I’d watch Ashley Horner videos on YouTube and then obsess about how I would do those programs at the gym without a partner. Then that would worry me, that I couldn’t do it perfectly so I’d research how to do the workout at home. Then I’d discover one move that required equipment I didn’t have. THAT led to- more research on equipment I could buy. Then I’d research all the recipes and then I’d shop for better protein powder and flour alternatives. 

    I’m telling you. The above is not an exaggeration. And each day while I was in this research mode I often gave myself a pass- to not work out because “shit is about to get REAL Kelly, enjoy your life now before this diet starts!!”– so I’d slack off and eat bad food.

    Do you see the big picture? I have big goals and then I settle into START/RESEARCH/EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT MODE and my progression toward the goal takes two steps BACK not forward. 



    ACTION and TRACKING are the best guarantees for reaching your goals.

    You see how this is a long road to nowhere. So what do we do, to effectively reach our goals and not take a decade to do so?



    That sounds simple and it is- but simple is not always easy. This takes time and effort and you must force yourself to be committed and accountable. Let me tell ya, I told myself for YEARS “I really should journal….people say it’s so good for you”- and I never stuck to it. Until I made A COMMITMENT to myself to journal every morning for 2-3 pages M-F. I’ve done this now for 3 months straight. When you make a promise to yourself and commit to it, it’s received by your brain more favorably than “you really SHOULD do this or that”– right?

    Identifying your goals and dreams is the easy part. 

    Figuring out your action plan to GET THERE (stay tuned, that’s a blog post coming up I promise) is the next big step. But the most important step– TRACK WHAT YOU DO EACH DAY. It can take whatever form you want. Some people track publicly on social media. Some like spreadsheets. Some like hand written journals. Make some form of RECORDED data– of all your activity. 

    Why? You do this for 2 reasons.

    1. WHILE you are pursuing your goals, tracking them in whatever form works best for you is a constant reminder that you are making progress– it’s tangible evidence for your brain to feel “I’m DOING THIS” and inertia occurs. A body at rest……you know the drill. Get your mind and body understanding that you are MOVING FORWARD and give yourself PROOF every day.
    2. AFTER you have achieved success- you keep your records because I guarantee you- down the road you’ll want to reference “How did I get so lean back in 2017?” or “How did I ever pay off $35K of debt in 3 months….I’m there again!”

    Friends, tracking your activity is a game changer. I’ve been tracking my workouts for years and it keeps me GOING. And I have used my books/records/calendars for reference more times than I can count. 

    Watch this video below to learn more about how and why I’m taking my TRACKING up a notch.

    So– did this post strike a chord with you? Have you been like me in the past– languishing in the middle and not getting anywhere? Are you ready to start TRACKING your way to success? Let me know in the comments below. And if this post was helpful for you, I’d so appreciate you sharing with your friends that need it– THANK YOU! See you soon- I’m back!!

    Below are some of the tracking/organizing tools I bought and am rather obsessed with. Please enjoy this shopportunity. 

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  • Welcome Back, Kelly

    Hello Friends. Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? 

    I get it. I hear you! 

    I stopped my regular blogging back in….geez, probably early 2016. Why? Because I was “so busy” (and I was, don’t get me wrong, but this will be a topic I’ll be covering in future posts, how being “busy” doesn’t count…being focused and organized and driven and deliberate DOES COUNT and makes your life a whole lot better!) — and little did I know that THAT YEAR, 2016 there was a storm coming. 

    There was a storm coming – more like a tsunami- and I was so unprepared for it, it almost wrecked me. Truthfully, it almost wrecked me. Many of you that have been following me online for years have heard me say that 2017-2018 were the two worst years of my life. 2016 was the warm-up. And I’ll tell you all about these years, the bad times, and most importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, what I LEARNED from them, and how I am forever changed and transformed by them and how now, I can genuinely declare….

    I AM THANKFUL for those worst years of my life. 

    I now GET IT. I get why they happened. I wouldn’t wish the experiences on my worst enemy (well….sometimes!!! LOL) but I am now the BEST version of myself. I’ve become a woman of excellence and substance, of tremendous competence and confidence, of experience and extraordinary talent. I am fearless. 

    And I’m just getting started. 

    So, the truth is, as I sat down to write my first blog post after a 3 year hiatus…..I was stumped. Not stumped by “what do I write about”– I’ve got PLENTY to write about and share on video (yes, I will be publishing vlogs again shortly!)- it was more about “What do I start with???”

    The past years have resulted in SO MUCH CHANGE and transformation and evolution — I want to tell you EVERYTHING and yet, I am overwhelmed by how much I have to share and explain. 

    ONE of the very great lessons I’ve learned in the past few years has to do with productivity, procrastination and performance. The three P’s. 

    And I decided to apply this lesson and new behavior to this blog post. 

    What’s the lesson? 

    This Practice Destroyed My Productivity and Limited My Business Results In the WORST Way.

    When I have a To-Do List that is biblical in length (pretty much all the time) or, in this case, when I have a notebook full of blog post topics I want to publish….the natural reaction for me (in the past) was to….freak out a bit, then assume “Well, I’ll never get anywhere on this list” or, “OMG this is just too much to attack right now”….and then, I’d PROCRASTINATE.

    I’d find just about anything to do except the task(s) at hand. I’d clean the house. I’d go on instagram. I’d go on Pinterest. I’d text or call my mom. 

    Self-Sabotage  at its finest. 


    No idea. But this practice has plagued me for years and been a HUGE HUGE HUGE stumbling block for my moving on up in my LIFE and certainly in my BUSINESS. I think I spent more time freaking out about my TO-DOs and then, organizing and reorganizing my TO-DO lists…rather than DOING ANYTHING…for years. 

    Hence, why I’ve always been “swamped” or “sooo busy” but yet, things never got better. I never got ahead. I never got anything DONE. 

    And for years- in fact 10 years, I took no vacation. I just worked all the time, letting all my employees take vacations and long weekends but not me. I was the martyr work-horse that kept thinking if I stopped, the money train would stop and all those people depending on me would be disappointed and angry (that’s a whole OTHER topic I’ll be covering– that People Pleaser Problem that can destroy us.). 

    What’s the solution?

    This One New Practice Improved My Productivity 10x.

    What’s the solution to being stuck and languishing in the land of procrastination and avoidance? 

    Pretty Basic. You just force yourself to do ANY ONE THING. 

    Yes. That’s the magic bullet friends. Just pick ONE DAMN THING on your To-Do list (ideally you’ve moved on to the productivity/focus practice of PRIORITIZING your To-Do list every evening for the next day– I’ll write about that in a future post.) and set a timer– and do that thing without allowing yourself to multi-task and do ANYTHING ELSE until that one thing is done. 

    It doesn’t matter how small it is. It will propel you into a “I did it!!” mindset of success vs. the dreaded “Holy S&&T another day I didn’t get that blog post/laundry/grocery trip/workout/homework done” feeling. 

    Those feelings suck. I get it. I’ve been there. And just like a salesperson launches into a new stratosphere of confidence after closing that first deal, thereby creating a perfect storm of additional closed deals… can YOU propel yourself into massive productivity by simply GETTING ONE THING DONE. 

    For me, when I get ONE THING DONE on my prioritized to-do list, I take one of my 700 Sharpie markers and I CROSS THAT PUPPY OUT. Do you know how much joy that gives me? Crossing out and knowing I’m ON TO THE NEXT ITEM??? 

    Immense amounts of pleasure my friends, immeasurable. 

    Watch the video below where I explain this a little bit more. 😉


    Friends, I have to tell you, there is a lot I’ve got coming up here on this new site….please be sure you are subscribed because this time around guess what? I’ll actually be doing a newsletter and everything that I didn’t do with my old blog! How bout dat?

    Secondly, just to wrap this topic up, I’m covering this productivity hack if you will because — when we are not running our life, and our life is running US and maybe running us over, we are in a state of massive STRESS. And STRESS has such a huge HUGE huge impact on our health and especially on our fitness journey- trust me. I’m learning how to undo all the years of stressing out about my body and stressing out about my workout program and stressing out about my diet. I’m also undoing years of being stressed about my business, my personal relationships and my place in life- because I was not in control of my life. I was not the director my life-movie. I was giving control away every day. And it hurt, a lot.

    Not anymore. I’m passionate about teaching you all the lessons I’ve learned the past several years because– when I learned them and changed my behaviors…..EVERYTHING CHANGED and I EVOLVED and my life began to BLOSSOM. I’ve never EVER been so excited and happy and fulfilled and this is what I want for you!!

    So– stay tuned. Tell me in the comments below what your biggest STRESS challenges are- and how they affect your health. And then what are your biggest productivity issues? Do you feel behind all the time?? Want a way out?

    I’ve got you.