• Episode 143: Getting past disordered eating habits and starting to LIVE LIFE again. PART ONE.

    How to stop obsessive dieting and start loving food again. And yes, you can still lose weight doing so.

    If you are a fitness fanatic and/or someone trying to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, it’s very easy for your fitness LOVE to flip from a healthy obsession to an UNHEALTHY obsession. Exercise and even dieting can trigger a dangerous mindset where women in particular take things too far and begin to overtrain and undereat. I’ve been down that road before and it doesn’t lead to success.
    Eating disorders aren’t strictly the ones we hear about- anorexia or bulimia. There are millions of women who binge on a regular basis, experience emotional eating or stress eating, or are severely restricting their calories and negatively affecting their health.
    This interview with Taylor Kiser, creator of the very successful blog, Food, Faith and Fitness, is going to help so many of you ladies suffering from emotional eating issues or binge eating habits or just disordered eating practices in general. Taylor shares her personal story of breaking free from 10+ years of extreme diet behavior into a more intuitive, balanced and healthy approach to eating and living. Be sure to tune into both parts of this 2-part episode! This is part one- when you are ready to listen to part 2, CLICK HERE.

    About Taylor Kiser

    Taylor Kiser is the founder of the amazing blog, Food, Faith and Fitness. My favorite quote from her About Me page is this: “

    It’s less about what you eat and more about your why.  And my why is no longer to change my body or because I feel guilty if I eat something different. I chose food that nourishes my body mostly but sometimes it doesn’t. And that food nourishes my soul.

    You only have one life to live and you don’t want to look back on it and go “MAN I wish I would have just eaten that cookie.”

    I think everyone, including myself, should learn to love the Lord, eat yummy, healthy foods and find a type of exercise you enjoy.  I hope you follow along with me as I really try to practice what I preach.”

    If you want to satisfy your hunger for food, spiritual inspiration and fit tips- head over to Taylor’s blog- CLICK HERE. Follow her on the gram by CLICKING HERE.

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