If you landed here from FitFluential.com, welcome. I’m Kelly Olexa, and I founded FitFluential back in 2011.
After 7 years of running FitFluential and the FitFluential Radio Podcast, I needed a change– but don’t worry! Everything you loved when you tuned in to FitFluential.com and our podcast and our FB/Twitter/Pinterest boards etc. is still here– just new and improved!
Read on.
We’ve re-branded the podcast — it’s now called The Kelly O Show— you can catch our episodes here or on iTunes, Stitcher, IHeartRadio, Spotify and others. We have over 250 amazing shows live– and I’m now publishing 25-30 news shows each month! 
What kind of stuff are we covering on the podcast and here on the blog?
  1. Fitness: From diet tips to the low-down on popular nutrition trends to the best ways to work out- and how to avoid injury– we’ve got you covered. Check out posts like this one- “How not to gain weight during the Coronavirus” or “The Top 10 Home Workouts and My Top 20 Home Gym Equipment Recommendations“.
  2. Health: We are covering a lot more “big picture” health topics like Hormonal Imbalance- how to get hormonal balance, bio-identical hormones, cortisol, adrenal health, brain health, energy, gut health, microbiome, biohacking, anti-aging nutrition, stress reduction, sleep, holistic health therapies, and more. Check out posts like this one: “If you’ve tried EVERYTHING and can’t lose weight: read on.
  3. The Business Series: I’ve launched a whole series interviewing successful female business-women of all kinds. Why? Because I have come to understand – in my own life- that one of the worst intruders in our wellness journey is STRESS. And what are the top 2 contributors of stress? JOBS and INCOME– so — I want to encourage you ladies to leap out of a dead end, low-income job, and start considering entrepreneur life, where you are doing what you LOVE and earning a level of income that makes you HAPPY. That’s real health right there. Here’s a great recent post about “why women should start a network marketing business to earn money, working from home.”
  4. The Travel Series: Another contributor to stress: not taking time off or taking vacations. We all need to travel more and that’s what this series is about : encouraging travel and sharing tips of all kinds. Please review this Travel Post on Vacationing In Park City UTAH. 
  5. The Financially Fit Series: AGAIN– what causes STRESS? Money problems. This series interviews financial experts of all kinds to teach us how to eliminate debt and build wealth so we decrease stress and have more income to take care of our loved ones. 
  6. Beauty: We’ll be covering a whole lot of beauty topics: from skincare to anti-aging elective procedures to cosmetics and haircare. When you work hard on your body, you typically start to pay more attention to how you look and I love that. Let’s keep things looking as amazing as they feel, shall we? Here’s a great post on How to Get Great Skin At Any Age.
  7. The Love and Intimacy Series: REAL talk about finding love and keeping love delivering ROI for both partners. We’ll talk about everything from sexual health to intimacy and how to improve your sex life. More orgasms = better health. 
  8. Food: Lots of food and nutrition and recipes coming up!! Here’s a great one on my favorite Acai Bowl Recipe. 
  9. YOUR IDEAS HERE: What do YOU want to see more of? What did you love seeing on FitFluential back in the day that I’m not mentioning here? You tell me, I am here to serve you!! My passion is helping women see that they have every ability to become the healthiest – best looking, best feeling, best functioning version of themselves, at any age. Life should only get BETTER with each passing year, not be on the decline. I’m here to lead by example so that you can feel what I do- that every single year is going to be BETTER THAN THE LAST!!”

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