Why I'm Always Happy in Miami. #chevyfittrip

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Chevy with FitFluential LLC. I was provided with a Chevy vehicle for this trip in Miami at no charge. All opinions are my own.

Hey All! Are you shocked that I wasn't joking when I said I'm back? Yea. So-- those of you that know me and have followed me on my blog or YouTube or Twitter or anywhere love for Miami has grown with each passing year. And for me, it's not about South Beach and clubbing it up-- come on, I'm 45 years old those days are long gone for me. I get excited about things like naps on the beach vs. hitting some nightclub at 11pm. (for those of you in that age group, go nutty, I did my share of partying it up in my 20's and all I can say is thank GOD smartphones weren't around or social media. )

Say hello to my friend the Convertible Chevy Camaro. Sigh. I had quite a lovely time with this lovely lady. (My manfriend tells me that all cars are girls so I am calling it "her" ok? Trying to sound cool.) The folks at Chevy delivered this car to my friend Kelly's house in Miami and we got to drive around and explore my favorite city, while fitting in our fitness....and that's what our series, "Chevy Fit Trips" is all about. Getting out and about and having fun and fitting in fitness in a lot of cities all over the US. Tune in for more cities and more insider tips on what's fun to do-- not your typical tourist guides but the good stuff you might not know about..... #chevyfittrip

This is my friend Kelly- who has lived in Miami for 15+ years-- formerly of Pittsburgh. She was a client of mine yearssss ago but we became besties and she has just changed my life. CHANGED MY LIFE. I don't think I would have founded this company or quit my job to really build it big if it weren't for her insights. She brought out the true yoga love in me. And as a person I cannot say enough good things about her. She's a beautiful soul that I would do just about anything for. (other than maybe give up Diet Pepsi, no way). And she's been practising yoga for 10+ years. 

She's probably sleeping in this picture. She does yoga like effortlessly. And the books she reads...oh my inner book addict goes nutty when I am down there. What I love to do most when I am with Kelly-- we go to all the cool yoga spots. We eat at the best hidden local gems restaurants. We watch nerdy movies and documentaries. We beach. We chill. And it's awesome. 

One of the things that I loved about the Chevy Camaro is the XM radio-- I kept it on this spa or jazz channel all the time. It's a huge display and it is a tremendous audio system. Me Likey. Here is a peek -- we took the car down the neighborhood streets (some) in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables (my favorite areas):

And more:

Do you not love that spa music?? And do you see in both videos how the MPH speed you are going is displayed in the WINDOW? SO COOL. 

Aren't the streets amazing?? Again, this is Coconut Grove and Coral Gables area. But you can see why I had NO motivational problem getting up to go run every morning.

You DO want to watch out for cyclists cuz they will cut a b**ch if you get in their way. ;-)

The Standard Hotel Miami

The Standard Hotel Miami

So-- y'all know Yoga and Spa are happy places for me. In Miami there is no shortage of combos-- for example- check out THE STANDARD HOTEL in Miami- CLICK HERE they do yoga and spa night combos-- with specials for taking a class plus using the spa afterword.

Kelly told me that her bff was teaching here so we went on Friday night-- driving with the Camaro top down of course cuz we are chic like that.

Little rooftop Zen area for lounging and posing. 

Not a bad view right?? OMG. 

The yoga room was packed and then-- words cannot describe the spa experience. It's amazing and I must do this now everytime I am visiting Kelly. 

Things to note-- as you drive your Chevy Camaro or "Sigh I wish I was driving a Camaro" vehicle around Miami-- there are TOLLS to get to the beaches and you gotta pay for parking like everywhere-- but the options are pretty cool for parking payment- paying by phone etc. 

See what I mean- but-- check it:

Also. Know in advance that there is TRAFFIC in Miami. Often. Which is why a car with solid AC and awesome XM like my Camaro is money:

Now. If you are in to running- there are 8 zillion places to run here. I don't think that shocks you. Yoga-- in Chicago- if you are in the burbs there are like 2 spots. Seriously. In Miami there are a zillion yoga spots and a huge yoga community of cool people. Skanda Yoga Studio is another spot I love (that Kelly told me about)- you must visit Ken and his lovely Lena:

Kelly was teaching this day (Sunday) - and there is parking in a GARAGE right next door in addition to street parking. 

Now. Do you like to eat and shop? Holy Heck. There are so many great spots in Miami and what I love most- they are all local spots-- not chains (although you'll find them there of course). 

Kelly took me to my first Cuban restaurant - Sergio's (click the pic to see the Yelp reviews) --it was jam packed at 9pm one night. UNREAL FOOD. Cute spot to people watch. 

They do cappucino RIGHT> And they have a walkup cappuccino/espresso bar, outside!! LOVE.

The shot above and the ones below are just areas all over Miami, little neighborhoods within neighborhoods and they all have spots like this with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and a chill vibe- most with both street, garage and valet parking. 

This is what the restaurants are like-- totally unique and individual and all with patios and music....just awesome!

Oysters? Yes please.

Ahhh shopping and dining at Lincoln Road Mall. Just go there. Trust me. All outdoor cafes and shops-- although notably a lot more chains like Pottery Barn have wedged in here but still- you see the vibe. 

This is truly only a wee peek at Miami. Just take your ride and explore- the people are friendly and it is a community of -- it's a true melting pot of all ages, all backgrounds and I cannot get enough. 

Also- I currently drive a Chevy Cruze at home and after driving the Chevy Camaro all week, I decided that I need one. My 2nd fav car by Chevy is the Avalanche but the Camaro is like perfect for Miami especially. It drives smooth and fast, the sound system is awesome, it cools down fast and the seats are so comfy. 

Now- how many of you are wanting to visit Miami now??