Don't Like It? Change It.

Disclosure: Under Armour is a client of my company, FitFluential. All views expressed are my own. 


Happy Monday people! This is me leaving the gym today, barely able to hold up my phone for a car selfie (no I wasn't driving!) -- because I OWNED MY WORKOUT, holy OMG. I am going to be welcoming DOMS tomorrow in a big way, in fact, by the time I got to my third set of the legs part- my quads were like TOAST seriously I went to do a walking lunge and my legs felt as if they might explode. I thought it was best to not make a mess in the gym, so I stopped and went back to spend some quality time with the foam roller. I may or may not have been groaning like a fool. 

All this said, I am very excited. I am excited that I could leave my house and hit the GYM. I am excited because even though I now have to go get my ankles x-rayed.....

This is my scientific exhibit A, pointing to where the pain from Sunday resided on my ankle.

This is my scientific exhibit A, pointing to where the pain from Sunday resided on my ankle.

...because the whole issue- whatever it is, is NOT going away and my BFF Dr. Vic told me GET YO A** TO THE SPECIALIST. Ok, so he said it more politely than that, but essentially I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and got on the BIKE YES THE BIKE, I have never done the bike- but I knew with my ankle being sore that I should not run- so I made a new friend. 


I enjoyed it, although I did feel like I had to keep lifting up and sitting back down on the seat to not lean forward to much. I'll have to ask my friend @rangerdutch for some advice on the bike since he's a pro. (note, I will also be taking spin classes this year FINALLY after saying for years I wanted time like 2014 to dive in!). Then-- yesterday I hiked over to the stairmill and was doing that for maybe 5 minutes when the right ankle started to tell me this was a BAD IDEA. I sadly hopped off and pouted in the sauna. Then today, I assessed my pain level- NONE whatsoever, and went to the gym. I did weight training and the treadmill time was walking at an incline. I killed it and it felt awesome. But yea, I gotta get this thing checked out. Annoying. I'd also like to add two things I am obsessed with. You see in the photo above my Under Armour Spine shoes. OBSESSED-- what I like about these in addition to the badass LOOK is the stability- that's my personal favorite or preference, I like shoes that especially for weight training, hold me locked in and stable, I guess like a wider base. I bought a new pair in outrageous pink for a self-gift from Santa:

And I tried out...for the first time ever.....TIGHTS. I actually bought the Under Armour Cold Gear tights to RUN OUTSIDE like a badass but since Chicago has been actic lately, I haven't had that chance not to mention the fact that right now running is on hold ONCE AGAIN because of my ankle/Achilles/heel whatever the heck it issues. But today I wore these to the gym and felt LIKE A BOSS.

I am not lying. I came home and ordered four more pair. I mean, $50 each -- for something too you can wear INSIDE and outside in RIDICULOUSLY COLD temps-- and they are comfortable..and the fit is fabulous. I've worn Otomix bottoms for YEARS AND YEARS-- partially because I've always been so insecure that anything with a tight band would give me a muffin top. So what was my smart solution? Wear something that makes me avoid addressing that! DUMBA**. These are MY feelings people- not telling you what to do but I'm recognizing in myself DUMB HABITS that kept me from progressing. I told you about  in my ANOTHER DAY post, I have quite a selection of hot bottoms (LOL that sounds funny) in my closet with TAGS ON that I don't wear because you keep walking by thinking "oh next month I'll wear those-- my body is not right for capris or tights" or WHATEVER. I'm DONE DOING THAT. I want to wear what I want and helloooooooooooooooo that's my goal anyway-- reaching my ideal fat loss goal means no clothes go in the "another day" hanger area or pile. 


I didn't like that. I also figured out today- I got to the gym TOO Late in the morning. By the time I got home and get my shower etc. I'm working LATER....I'm sure a lot of this is about the fact that it's dark at 5pm currently but -- I want to be ideally leaving my office for ME TIME by 7pm....not needing to do 3 more hours of work. So I pondered......I have gotten used to going to bed late and getting up at 7, 7:30am.....and yet, I want to be done at the gym by even though in my perfect world, I could finish work by 7pm, go to bed at 11pm or midnight - that won't allow me to get the sleep I need and workout and work, so I am changing. I will change when I go to bed  I will change when I hit the gym blah blah blah. 

I don't like this Ankle/Achilles/Heel issue. It's annoyed the life out of me that this injury has sidetracked me the end of 2013. I'm over that. Taking action, moving on. I have way to much to be thankful for than to focus on the negatives. I'm learning from all this. 

Speaking of learning, one of my moves today was a compound row, love this informal demo from Ashley Horner (I bought some of her training programs in December, kind of obsessed with her, can you blame me, she's badass. I need her to be my bestie.) on how to use correct form. Today as I did this really slow, boy could I feel it. 

Every day, in every way, we should LEARN. 

Lastly I am back using MyFitnessPal app to track food and workouts-- what is your favorite app?


I love how you can get a pie chart view as you go to see your percentages/macros and adjust accordingly, they also have a new feature so you can scan the bar code on much easier than manually entering things like NEW SALSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Um. I am in love with this salsa (for my eggs or egg whites) -- you can get at Walmart. ;-) CLICK HERE if you want to buy in a pack of 6, how convenient. I'm always thinking of you. ;-)


The Devil is in the Details

Disclosure: Under Armour is a client of my company, FitFluential. All opinions expressed are my own. 


What's up people?? Happy Sunday! I am so excited- why?? Kind of crazy- because as I fell asleep last night my right ankle was really bothering me. And then I awoke several times with just shooting stabs of pain going up in my right calf- all night long. I had to get a pillow out and hope (I have no idea why I thought elevation would work in this case) that elevating my leg would help -- I took more Advil PM so I'm not sure if it was that or what, but I did fall back asleep. This morning, no shooting pains. I am slightly aware of the discomfort in the right ankle but it's not crazy. That said, the LAST thing I'm going to do is anything to make these things worse. I realize, as I have said before, that this Achilles situation is something I have to live with and deal with, so no whining. I also heard about these HOKA ONE shoes with outrageous cushioning so I think I shall get some. And I will only wear shoes for running, when I run, that support me like a baby. 

So-- I am planning to head over to the gym today because what I want is to ride the bike, maybe treadmill (walking intervals) and some sauna. That is what sounds really nice to me today and Yoga tonight. 

I put the title of this post as "The Devil is in the Details" -- for reasons specific to me, but probably to all of us. And I think I talk about this in the babble-on-a-thon below that I feature. (Forgive me I shot these videos a week ago, so I forget!) Anyway- I think when people say this phrase, they typically mean you need to pay attention to the details-- and often that's true. Right?? I mean, if you don't count -- in the case of calories-- all the calories at Starbucks every day, you could have an extra 300-500 calories a day which CAN add a pound a week to your body -- if you don't pay attention. If you don't pay attention to the happy hour or the couple of cookies and extra chips you do at the office every week and you are really trying to lose weight-- that can be the difference of 1000-3000 calories EASY. 

That's where the devil is one you must FACE, you must deal with. 

I'm talking about the Devil in the Details- the one that convinces you that you must keep studying, reading, reviewing, adjusting, planning, coordinating -- your diet and your workout plan and your schedule to THE ULTIMATE PERFECTION.......BEFORE YOU EVEN START.

I have been guilty of dating this Devil (among other ones IRL) in my past. No doubt. 

Let me give you an example-- and many of my friends if they read this post will raise their hand and say 'OH YEA KELLY WAS THERE ALL THE TIME I WANTED TO SLAP HER!"

I told you the first book I read about weight training was way back in the pre-cell phone days - Bill Phillips Body For Life. It prescribes if I recall working out 6x a week-- every other day HIIT cardio for 20 minutes ONLY and every other day weight training with circuit style and - gosh, I forget I think giant sets or some kind of max weight focus....then your diet was 6 days  of 6 meals all with protein and then Sunday was your cheat day- the "go all out cheat day" ---

I get in to this program and then I wanted to discover more recipes and friends doing this plan- this is when I found FORUMS -(frankly this is probably where the idea for FitFluential came into my mind-- in that, it was hard to find people, recipes, advice, etc.) -- and this is when UNSOLICITEDADVICE started to derail me-- WAIT, I allowed it to derail me.

  1. Someone said "You can't do extra cardio!! You crazy fool!! It must be EXACTLY AS BILL DESCRIBED!! I started to freak out because Bill said do intervals on the treadmill I had no gym membership or treadmill. 
  2. Someone said "You can't eat lunchmeat for protein! It has sodium, that ruins everything!" I freaked ut.
  3. Someone said "YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR CHEAT DAY!" "You can't do extra cardio!!" etc. 

Here is the thing-- IT TOOK ME YEARS AND YEARS of this (heck read my blog to witness it! LOL) -- freaking out about what is the perfect solution-- and I kept STOPPING EVERYTHING to buy a new book or "research"-- because "well crap, I'm doing it wrong, I cannot waste my time, let me research! I must find the ultimate answer!!

***Remember. I LOVE to workout. I was NEVER one to look for a reason NOT to- in fact anyone that knows me knows my biggest issue is forcing myself that I cannot workout 17 hours a day!! LOL***

I thought- I can't waste my time doing the wrong thing but then- I BEGAN WASTING MY TIME RESEARCHING. WASTING MY TIME OBSESSING. WASTING MY TIME WORRYING ABOUT WHAT A STRANGER THINKS of my routine or my diet.

You know why FINALLY last year I made kickass progress- the most progress in years and potentially in my whole fitness life?? BECAUSE I DOVE IN, I DID NOT STOP. I WAS ON PLAN, DIETING AND WORKING OUT AND NOT STOPPING -- even though yes, I made adjustments but I KEPT AT IT.

The DEVIL is the toolbag that will tell you there is ONLY ONE PENULTIMATE solution and the moon must be in alignment with the starts at just the right time for you to drink your pre-workout solution for optimal absorption -- etc. 

There are probably 100 books on my shelves RIGHT now that all contradict each other IN SOME WAY. These are written by doctors, nutritionists/dietitians, trainers, athletes etc. SOME SWEAR by intermittent fasting. Some preach that will make you fat. Some swear by  "If it fits your macros" some say that's insane. Some swear by a lot of cardio for losing fat- some say cardio is the devil. Some say you MUST eat every 3 hours others say that's a crock. Some say you have to do a cheat day some say no cheat days. Some say Paleo, some say Plant Based, Some say lo-fat some say high fat-- some say runners are a WASTE and anyone that runs is a crackpot. Some make fun of Crossfitters because they have no endurance (their words not mine). I could go on and on. One of the books last night I was leafing through said to separate cardio from weights- always. I'd never heard that before- he could be right, I could follow that and get great results. But thousands of others don't have the ability to hit the gym 2 separate times a day (I don't) and they get amazing results. 

Pick something. Stick with it- and when you find yourself drawn to the devil in the details like I've shared above- shake it off. 

I NOW KNOW-- consistency, intensity and eating right- that's how you get there. PERIOD. I don't care what your approach is. I kicked butt last year and now, I'm ready to take my foundation and do 100x more. I am so excited. And yes, I plan to change my approach so I can deal with our Achilles friend-- not injure myself but still enjoy what I want to do.....I will not obsess over what others contribute as far as THEIR opinions on my training and my diet and my life frankly. That's not my concern. My goals, My preferences, My safety, My way, FOR MY ENJOYMENT and my A&& KICKING.

Are you with me?? Look how much I  have turned things around so far- In November and December I blogged like 2x because I swore I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIME> guess what my workload has increased 10x and yet here I am blogging and getting close to every other day and soon, hopefully daily again- BECAUSE I CAN.